Saturday, May 11, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-10-19

 The Flavors Of The Day

 Team Dark=4Th Reich=Cabal=Illuminati=Hidden Hand=Sons of Belial; enough re-cap for today:

An Anon on VOAT put this great thread together exploring historical New World Order [TD] quotes:

It's time to corral Big Pharma; they been ridin' humanity too hard for too long; Basta Finito:

Yes, the dark pattern of manipulating the Sheeple into self-poisoning through F.E.A.R.:

These UN/Rockefeller Medical Mafia folks are sociopathic and pathetic, all at once:

Our most revered authority figures are relentlessly pushing the dumbing-down of the Sheeple

Propofol was Michael Jackson's way of dealing with his Hollywood/Illuminati upbringing; sad:

Slowly our almost completely corrupted Judiciary is being restored to sanity and effectiveness:

Life Long And Prosper with The Five Tibetans Et al.; thanks to Stillness In The Storm for this:

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