Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Update From The Galactic Federation Of Light And The Spiritual Hierarchy On 2-28-17

Via Sheldan Nidle

9 Ix, 17 Zac, 13 Caban
Gort, Klatu Nikto Baratu!
Dratzo! The horror of the present is becoming quite clear. Those who long fought and defeated the dark and its seemingly ever-present minions are in for a very sad surprise. The dark’s resilience is ready to be revealed and discovered. This realm is ready for its most crushing blow. The Light knew from the start that it was to take a special strategy to ensure its total victory. This time of triumph is at hand. In this, the dark is to be totally caught unawares.

Long ago, Heaven sent forth the warriors of the Light with a single aim. This was to be able to make the dark feel that it truly was in charge of this most sacred place. This plot is now hatched and the dark’s minions are finished! These useless entities are to be in shock as they helplessly leave. It is time to put those of the Light in charge. Time to bring in the promised moment of freedom. Time to terminate dark beliefs that allowed hate and separation to rule you. Time to live in Dignity and Love. It is the sacred moment for life’s unity to push to the forefront. Let all be so done!

We come now to finish what the Light began 13 millennia ago. The dark was given its temporary moment and it quickly dissolved into arrogance and tyranny. This ill-placed amalgam is now over. Its last vestiges are quickly to become what bad dreams are made of. We gladly move forth in a meaningful manner to assure that dark is finished. The Atlanteans and their ilk ruled for far too long.

Archangel Michael On Dimensions And The Transcendental, Bliss And Love

 Posted By Steve Beckow On 2-28-17

In our reading on Feb. 17, 2017, Archangel Michael and I discussed the fact that the sages could not speak about dimensions 50-100 years ago.
Added to the new knowledge of dimensions is the ultra-new knowledge that we can flow back and forth between them.
He discussed the spiritual significance of stillness. He discussed how bliss can manifest as peace, an experience of which I had and wrote up a few days ago.
He described bliss as the experience of love and love as I used the term as the expression of love. “Bliss is the internal experience that love tends to express externally,” he said.
I asked AAM if the Transcendental had subplanes. After all, Sri Ramakrishna reported seeing his disciples happily living in the Transcendental. He confirmed it. Where else could one ask these questions and get answers like these than from the celestials?
Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Archangel Michael: There was not earlier, in the time of these sages, who are very sacred individuals, the same framework of understanding of inter-dimensionality or multidimensionality. It was more the sense that there was the self and then there was the universe and the bridge of enlightenment.

So it was not viewed as a complete unified field through which human beings and all realities had access. It was considered a somewhat arduous undertaking and it was not termed “shifting dimensions” because the science, the culture, the framework within which one operated, even in the higher states, shall we say, was not open and available.

Heavenletter #5939 - A Soul In Costume

Channelled By Gloria Wendroff On 2-27-17

God said:
There is such a thing as Destiny.

You are destined. You grow to your Destiny. Ultimately, you are destined for Greatness. You are destined for Greatness right now.

You may be destined to be an artist, or you may not be destined to be an artist.

You may be destined to be a schoolteacher, or you may not be destined to be a teacher. You may be destined to learn.

You may be destined to do what you are doing right now -- a bookkeeper, a truck driver, a politician, a writer, even a Godwriter. Remember? There are no accidents.

Your Destiny also can change of its own accord, or it may not.

It seems uncanny, yet where you are right now, comfortable or not, is where you are destined to be, short term or long term.

Your ultimate Destiny is your awareness of Our Oneness, often named Enlightenment.

The fact that Destiny exists does not make you helpless. In Life, you are swimming to shore.

Everyone has his own way of reaching shore, some direct, some all around the block or all over the world. You are the one swimming.

Monday, February 27, 2017

WWCCof9 - Interference To Illuminati Strategic Movement (Green Ray Completion And The Rainbow Body Of Light)

Magenta and The Nine tell us of the Cosmic Green Ray energies we now embody. This green ray, the very fabric of the fifth dimension or what we may also term 'geological fourth density' reached critical mass point around your solstice point December 21st 2012. Time to Git Sum!

By Magenta Pixie On 2-26-17

 (This video is available on arcturiantools.com)

Disclosure Digest 2-27-17

 Wishing You All A Cheerful Shanbhala Day 

And A Very Auspicious Losar/Tibetan New Year

 Fire Bird Year 2144


 And here's Cobra with some great news from the Etheric Liberation Front:

Don't let the title put you off here, lots of good info inside:

It's good to know that Spanish banksters are finally being held to account:

 Well let's check in with the folks at dinarchronicles for an update on the Reval:

 It looks like One Who Knows is convinced that GCR has started here's why:

 No wonder her Momma named her after a powerful healing herb:

I must categorically state that IMHO HH The Dalai Lama is, and has been for 14 successive 
incarnations, a White Hat operating firmly and compasionatly on behalf of All Humanity 
and All sentient Beings in the Multiverse. Get over it, Ben:

Arcturian Group Message 2/26/17

Dear readers, we meet with you in love during these times of so much seeming turmoil. Be not afraid, as all is as it needs to be for the evolution and growth of the majority. It is a time of confusion even for you who are awake, leaving many of you to question whether or not there really is an ascension process happening.

You are witnessing the baby steps of awakening for those who have up to now accepted as truth everything they were told by governments, churches, and so called experts. Inner eyes are starting to open and with it, tiny buds of awareness are beginning to unfold. Many are suddenly realizing that much of what they have accepted without question has not been for the good of the majority, but has been instead for the good of a few.

Observe the many beginning to stand up for themselves and demand answers. The Light is beginning to shine on those comfortably hidden within self serving agendas and they have no answers–the emperor (world illusion) is finally being recognized as having no clothes.

Accustomed to blind obedience, many in positions of power are not prepared for questioning nor do they feel any obligation to answer. Obedience without question is facet of old energy that is quickly dissolving in the presence of the higher frequencies of Light now bringing the truth of individual empowerment to world consciousness.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Disclosure Digest 2-26-17

The Eclipse Portal Is Open 


 I'd like to lead off with this message from my favorite Galacti-Jew, Saul:

Kryon makes profound predictions and describes some new systems Hue-manity will develop:

This is what institutional pedophilia looks like in the California government:

This story has 'sad' written all over it, for all involved:
 Some tips on expanding your network of copacetic contacts by simply 'Being" you:

Here's more proof that the veils of unknowing are indeed lifting:

No, we haven't forgotten about you recovering Papists, here's Patricia Cota Robles' latest:

Zalishia Of The Pleiades: RV And Disclosure Tied; Disclosure By A “Synod” Of Leaders

 Channelled By Linda Dillon On 2-18-17

In a reading with EBSS through Linda Dillon on Feb. 18, 2017, Zalishia of the Pleiades shares her perspective. Thank you, EBSS, for sharing her comments with us! Steve Beckow

Zalishia: Go forth bright one in the anchoring of truth, in the anchoring of love, and the anchoring of peace, and act as anchor and beacon, transmitter and bridge. The old has faded away and there are those who wish [to] grab at the vapors of what no longer exists.

They do not have the wherewithal to recreate that old paradigm. Yes, they may be trying, difficultly, to do that, but it will not succeed. It is not that they do not have the creative energy, it is simply that it is not in accordance with the will of the Mother.

It is not that She overrides free will, but the free will of the collective is of the nature that collectively is over-riding the desire of those who wish to pull humankind back into the old 3rd – and it is simply not going to happen.

So is there a great deal, upon your planet, that is at the surface, at this moment in time, in what you think of as time, and what we know as time… But it is necessary. Whether it is of hatred or greed or control, it has need to be seen.

Now, not every particle of that has to be seen, but can we say the broad strokes have need to come to the surface. And they have need to come to the surface not only for healing, and elimination – but for reconfirmation by the collective – that this way of the old strategy, the old way of being is not what they choose. It is not what they desire, and it is not what they bring forth in their daily creation.

Prophetic Dreams May Come: Activating High-Vibrational Timelines With The Pisces Solar Eclipse


 By DL Zeta On 2-26-17

The Pisces solar eclipse has the power to bring prophetic dreams, helping us activate timelines aligned with our highest visions. During this period portals to higher consciousness are more accessible. Those most strongly affected by the eclipse will enter levels of heightened sensitivity and psychic awareness.

Most intensely affected by this eclipse are those with significant planets and points in Pisces. Lightworkers, Intuitives and others highly attuned to universal energies may reach new levels of clarity and downloads. Profound endings and beginnings can take place at this time. This is a turning point that we may look back upon years later and perceive as a moment from which significant new directions flowed.

This is a period when intuitive visions arrive with the power to carry you to high-vibrational timelines aligned with the new time. The Feb. 26 solar eclipse’s emphasis on spiritual development complements the Feb. 10 lunar eclipse and its mystical influence. The energies of this pair of eclipses will be felt most intensely over the next couple of weeks but will wield a strong influence throughout the next six months.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Angelic Guides: When You Feel Stuck, Your Work Is Vibrational, Not Physical

Via Taryn Crimi On 2-22-17

As we often say, what you focus upon will always expand; regardless of whether you are focused upon the problem or the solution, the challenges or the inspiration, your focus dictates what vibration you are pulsing out at any one time. Though many humans allow much of their daily thoughts to be a bit more reactionary than deliberate, you always can gauge what your pulsing out to the Universe by the emotions and feelings that you have at any one time.

So, you have a goal in mind. Perhaps it is a goal you have been forming for quite some time, but you are unsure how to attain it. This is what we desire to assist you with. You see, everything in your reality manifests in the same exact way, whether you deem something as a good manifestation or a bad manifestation really makes no difference. In other words, everything manifests as a result of your most dominant vibration.

Disclosure Digest 2-25-17

 Welcome To The "Ring of Fire" 

Solar Eclipse Portal

"My God, It's Full Of Stars." Astronaut David Bowman

Let's start with Sandra Walter on Stargate Activated: Gateways Open for Embodiment

And here are some timely Eclipse Insights from Master Astrologer, Stephanie Austin:

Multiple Mike Quinsey has released a new message...here goes:

Tribal Chiefs report from Standing Rock reservation...Git sum!

Oy! another unraveling Matrix...Whose gonna clean this mess up?

Don't forget to get yer Eclipse On at SpaceWeather.com:

And lastly, Meline LaFont from Belgium with a couple of sweet channellings:

GaiaPortal: Preliminary Constructs Become Clear And Are Manifested In Fullness

Channelled By ÉirePort On 2-25-17


Preliminary constructs become clear, and are manifested in fullness.

Heavens of the masses are unveiled for the nothingness they are.

Portals of Levitations come to all who request.

Mortification paradigms are recognized, and dissolve.

Time shares are granted.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Disclosure Digest 2-24-17

 Sheldon Adelson - Thank You 

For Buying American

This is what a major Kazarian mob boss looks like...
 There is a dark Khazarian/Zionist shadow government in Israel, which includes this Chief Rabbi:

Now let's take a peek at our own Shadow Swamp situation:

Thanks to Ron Head for this timely and concise message from The Council

What would a Putin/Trump detente look like? Perhaps a scenario bringing Peace to this planet:

"Call any vegetable and it will respond to you!" Frank Zappa

A really sweet Inter-Species video for a change:

If you can't do the math on this problem, you've been drinking too much fracked water:

Wow, if this 'binding spell' works The Donald will need some spiritual Dulcolax...

Transform The Shadow Of The Collective

Via Peggy Black On 2-23-17

We are here to honor and to celebrate your awakening. These are the times of a new cycle, a new beginning. We invite you to commit to the process of ascension that is unfolding. Yes, we understand that what you are witnessing and observing does not meet your ideal of ascension. Yet we remind you that this planet will not and cannot ascend until the dense mis-qualified energies have been transformed.

We can almost hear the collective moan when this statement is read. We know that you have been actively doing your best for many experiences on the timeline to shift the collective consciousness and anchor a reality that is life sustaining for all.

We acknowledge you for your true dedication and continued service to this global process. It is that focused dedication and service that has flushed these hidden, often suppressed, mis-qualified energies to the surface.

These emotional patterns and attitudes of fear, self-righteousness, prejudice and anger have always been an aspect of the human energy field, as have a sense of lack, of unworthiness, not good enough, less than, hopelessness and helplessness. 

Now more than ever these very energy qualities are being brought to the forefront, to center stage of your current time. Most of these mis-qualified energies and patterns have been hidden, denied and suppressed by each and every individual. There are those who will act out these emotional energies in a covert, manipulative and often unconscious manner. In doing so, they truly distort and use their creative abilities in harmful and life suppressing actions.

Disclosure Coming With February New Moon & Solar Eclipse

Channelled Via Morag

February 24, 2017

Cosmic activations upgrading our DNA, accelerated through 2016, recalibrate us into lighter beings, preparing us for higher frequencies. This process is reaching a peak, a point of critical mass in February 2017. 14 months of accelerated awakening has prepared us for what is to come.

Disclosure friends. We are closing in on some big higher frequency energetic activity. Solar eclipse propulsion, with new moon cosmic waves of awakening, will thin the veils dramatically.

We are seeing through the illusions in our own lives and on the world stage. Truths are being exposed. Kansas is going bye bye. High winds, weird weather brings restless energy. Chaotic vibes. Choppy waters to surf on.

We can breathe into this. We can center and align ourselves allowing activations to flow through us. The cosmic waves are bringing more upgrades to our throat chakra. Channeled through our heart chakras we can ride these waves cocooned in love.

Ask guides and higher self for help and guidance if faced with tricky situations. Seek their reassurance if deep emotional responses are triggered. It all has to come out in the wash.

As our throat chakras recalibrate, come online, we shed our matrix avatars and begin to find our true selves. This authenticity activation flows through all of Gaia. Deceptions, deceit and darkness will be exposed. Be prepared to see the bigger picture. Honor the Aquarius moon and the Age of Aquarius, expand our consciousness and raise our vibrational frequency.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Third Message From The Golden Ones – Creating New Earth

 Through Sue Lie On 2-19-17

We are the Golden Ones, here with you all within this NOW. As you may remember, we are Gaia’s highest expression of SELF. We maintain the frequency spectrum of Gaia’s many versions of reality while she continues Her Ascension Process.
From our perspective on the Threshold into the fifth dimension, we can see the entire spectrum of our dear, Grounded One’s collective ascension experiences. This “spectrum” represents a huge spectrum of light/realities.

From our multi-dimensional perspective, there is NO difference between “Realities” and “Light” because all reality is light and light creates all of reality.

All reality is created by projections, angles, and frequencies of light that are magnetized into your Third Eye and High Heart to be fully transmuted into the illusion of an “external reality.”

While you are wearing your third dimensional Earth Vessel, it is easy, and natural, to perceive your self as a human who has a Soul. However, from our perspective of the Golden Ones, we perceive all reality as various configurations of swirling light.

This swirling light is multidimensional. The variations of color and the forms created by the myriad light projections are beautiful to behold. Within this NOW, we wish to inform you that we also have another Service.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Restoration: A Hathor Planetary Message


Through Tom Kenyon On 2-22-17

In February of last year, we gave a message entitled Destabilization. As you enter 2017 the global destabilization we discussed in that communication is accelerating at a much more rapid rate.

The focus of this message, however, is not on the destabilization process but rather a new sound meditation that we wish to impart to you. It is an energetic antidote that can help you to counter the negative consequences of destabilization on your body/mind and spirit.

This new sound meditation is called Restoration. It is, in fact, a celestial chorus from the higher realms of light that can impart to you deeply nourishing and restorative energies.

In order for you to derive the greatest benefit from Restoration, we wish to discuss briefly the holographic nature of your universe, including your physical body.

From our perspective the entire physical universe is illusory in nature, a holographic projection of light.

Your physical body is also a holographic projection and is part and parcel of a greater hologram you call the cosmos. Thus, there are strings of energy that connect you to the universe as well as to the highest realms of light. These connections between you, the cosmos and the realms of light are part of your innate nature.

When you attain higher states of consciousness the illusory nature of physical existence and your reality as a being of light becomes more clear. But as an embodied being your consciousness is anchored in sensory perception. Thus you live in two worlds simultaneously—a world of exquisite freedom, unbounded by time or space and your embodied existence that binds you to Earth.

As your Earth morphs into new realities and enters more chaotic states your body/mind complex is being deeply challenged.

Even those of you who are clearly on the upward path to higher states of consciousness may, at times, find the challenges of global destabilization difficult to contend with.

The Restoration sound meditation can help you restore yourself in the face of personal and global challenges. But for you to benefit more deeply from this sound meditation we wish to elaborate on what is occurring when you listen.

Link HERE to the rest of the message...

Disclosure Digest 2-22-17

Am I The Only One Who's Hot In Here?

Well, the Dark Draconian influence in Africa is finally coming to a fiery end:

I always knew that a lot of hot air came out of Texas...

A very insightful commentary on Ben's posts by David Wilcock follows the Full Frontal Fulford:

Update From The Galactic Federation Of Light And The Spiritual Hierarchy On 2-14-17


 Via Sheldan Nidle On 2-21-17

2 Manik, 10 Zac, 13 Caban
Dratzo! A slowed but steady pace is now in effect. Processes continue that put security over delivery. Those who represent the old cabal are fighting hard, and producing a series of worrisome protracted delays. It is a strategy that is returning our allies to a more cautious attitude. We are reminded of how well the dark likes complexity. It is the last stand of these dark ones and the last means of further delaying our strategy. Yet part of a new timetable is shortly to meet with success.

A number of old items currently require our attention. All of the other pathways are to be reopened. The dark minions are finally to be arrested, their activities revealed and a prosperous reality unveiled. Until then, we need to ask you to be patient. Your grand reward is close to fruition. Those who have been in power for so long are shortly to be vanquished. Although our progress has been slow it is nevertheless succeeding. This corrupt and tyrannical, illegal governance is being squeezed out. A new time is nearly here!

A wondrous scenario is readying a new global financial system. It is something that is truly worth its present and surreptitious nature. Continuing the current operation in such a peculiar way assures its overall success. At present, we are awaiting a number of key steps that still need to be announced. Once these tasks are finished, we are to finally terminate the Federal Reserve Bank. This one major step legitimizes the new gold-backed global monetary system!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Disclosure Digest 2-21-17

If Momma's Not Happy,

Ain't Nobody Happy...

Git sum Enlightenment in Female Form, good, clean fun for the whole family:

It's time again to check in with Sue Lie and the Arcturians:

And while we're visiting the goddesses let's check in with Sandra Walter, Our Lady of Mt. Shasta:
Here's Linda Dillon and Suzanne Maresca hosting Galea Of Neptune on the Heavenly Blessings radio show, presented by InLight Universal Radio in conjunction with The Golden Age Of Gaia:
I think Brenda's got it right in this piece, well worth a look: 
O.K. grab your Reynolds Wrap Beanies...we're goin' Quantum:

And we finish with a newcomer to this blog, Rick Jewer, and his refreshing channelling style:



Monday, February 20, 2017

Creative Evolution News - Stargate Activated: Gateways Open for Embodiment

Emanating From Our Lady Of Mt. Shasta
On 2-20-17

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
Our Gateway week is upon us. Gatekeepers opened for the influx on SUNday, and the energies increased immediately. This is a powerful and transitional stargate for HUmanity, which will greatly affect those engaging with Solar Cosmic Christ embodiment. This massive stargate portal from the Great Central Sun is a highly encoded geometric template.

The Gateway of this week – beginning on the 222 (February 22) will trigger aspects within the new HUman templates, and launch many of you into a stronger experience of the Cosmic Christ.
In December we received the vision of a timeline division this year, which appeared as DNA splitting the higher and lower realities. The 222 also presented as a turning point – a cosmic click in the combination lock – and our first trigger that would align us, prepare us, for the March Equinox shift.

The split appears as DNA because our activated DNA is the key to shifting dimensions on a personal and global level. During this Gateway, your current timeline trajectory will become clear. Embodiers may experience a dramatic blissful state of consciousness as the new HUman crystalline templates activate to a new level.

Disclosure Digest 2-20-17

Preparing For The Particle Convergence

Tiara Kumara...

Om Mani Free Energy, Om Mani Free Energy, Om Mani Free Energy...

I am SO proud of my county government here in The Peoples Republic of Boulder Colorado:

Please circulate this video far and wide - this interview aired on FOX!

This Antarctic 'E.T. Disneyland' stunt is so blown already, it's time for the MAD Magazine parody:

Add this to the ongoing de-construction of the NWO/Shadow US Gov't as Trump lets go of NATO:

Yup, New York is full of all kinds Jews and they know a crooked mob boss when they smell one:

One can only sigh audibly and visualize Monsanto dragging Bayer along with it into the abyss:

Now let's lighten-up, kick back and self-medicate w/MMJ and read about the benefits!

Stargates, Trumpocalypse, And The Tribal Space Age

Channelled By Morag On 2-19-17

Guest writer, In5D.com

Stargates and portals are opening more and more frequently. The return of the divine feminine spreading her wings, activating upgrades in our heart, solar plexus and throat chakras. Creating the desired energetic space for quantum realignment. More of us coming online with Gaia’s transition to higher frequencies.

People are waking up everywhere, everyday. At an accelerating rate. The internet, a big player in this evolution of consciousness, restores a village, tribal culture to a disparate, captive and lost civilization. Like minded people can find each other, resources can be exchanged fairly. We can communicate without a middle man. A greedy man. A deceptive man.

Common courtesy, dignity and respect can be restored. The fifth dimension on Gaia will be tribal space age. It will be cleaning our seas, restoring our land, redesigning our cities. Bringing the mind body spirit system back online, interconnected with Gaia.

The surge in awakening energy emanating from people is fusing with the cosmic waves of awakening from the universe. Combined with Gaia’s own transition to higher frequencies, we are surfing some truly stormy seas!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Disclosure Digest 2-19-17

If Momma's Not Happy,

Ain't Nobody Happy...

Git sum Enlightenment in Female Form, good, clean fun for the whole family:
It's time again to check in with Sue Lie and the Arcturians:

And while we're visiting the goddesses let's check in with Sandra Walter, Our Lady of Mt. Shasta:

Time for a few survival skills you didn't learn in kindergarten:

Here is some more really good news from law enforcement agencies dealing with Pedophilia:

This Digest was brought to you by the Letter P - for presstitute, politician, pharamceutical...

The bad news is you're falling helplessly through space, the good news is there's no place to land: