Friday, February 24, 2017

Disclosure Digest 2-24-17

 Sheldon Adelson - Thank You 

For Buying American

This is what a major Kazarian mob boss looks like...
 There is a dark Khazarian/Zionist shadow government in Israel, which includes this Chief Rabbi:

Now let's take a peek at our own Shadow Swamp situation:

Thanks to Ron Head for this timely and concise message from The Council

What would a Putin/Trump detente look like? Perhaps a scenario bringing Peace to this planet:

"Call any vegetable and it will respond to you!" Frank Zappa

A really sweet Inter-Species video for a change:

If you can't do the math on this problem, you've been drinking too much fracked water:

Wow, if this 'binding spell' works The Donald will need some spiritual Dulcolax...

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