Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Disclosure Digest 2-21-17

If Momma's Not Happy,

Ain't Nobody Happy...

Git sum Enlightenment in Female Form, good, clean fun for the whole family:

It's time again to check in with Sue Lie and the Arcturians:

And while we're visiting the goddesses let's check in with Sandra Walter, Our Lady of Mt. Shasta:
Here's Linda Dillon and Suzanne Maresca hosting Galea Of Neptune on the Heavenly Blessings radio show, presented by InLight Universal Radio in conjunction with The Golden Age Of Gaia:
I think Brenda's got it right in this piece, well worth a look: 
O.K. grab your Reynolds Wrap Beanies...we're goin' Quantum:

And we finish with a newcomer to this blog, Rick Jewer, and his refreshing channelling style:



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