Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Disclosure Digest 2-14-17

Wishing One And All A 

Cheerful Valentines Day!

Lifting the Veil – How to Strengthen Psychic and Intuitive Abilities by Deidre Madsen:

We consumers ultimately hold the most power in  our form of corporate capitalism; let's use it:

Go git yer meds folks, it's time for another Full-Frontal Fullford Rapport (uncircumcised):

Archangel Metatron shares some hard-won insight about The Truth of Enlightenment:

Heavenletter #5925 via Gloria Wendroff: A View of Life in the World
(this should quell the panic attacks...):

Special World Sound Healing Day Radio Show--Feb. 14, 2017 with Jonathan Goldman:

We finish today with a short, powerfull video from Matt Kahn - Let Heaven Enter You:

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