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Angelic Guides: When You Feel Stuck, Your Work Is Vibrational, Not Physical

Via Taryn Crimi On 2-22-17

As we often say, what you focus upon will always expand; regardless of whether you are focused upon the problem or the solution, the challenges or the inspiration, your focus dictates what vibration you are pulsing out at any one time. Though many humans allow much of their daily thoughts to be a bit more reactionary than deliberate, you always can gauge what your pulsing out to the Universe by the emotions and feelings that you have at any one time.

So, you have a goal in mind. Perhaps it is a goal you have been forming for quite some time, but you are unsure how to attain it. This is what we desire to assist you with. You see, everything in your reality manifests in the same exact way, whether you deem something as a good manifestation or a bad manifestation really makes no difference. In other words, everything manifests as a result of your most dominant vibration.

As you look around your room, the chair that you sit upon, the desk that you write on, the table that you eat from, the trees that appear outside your window, are all simply vibration. However you have become exceptional at translating vibration into a physical sense; a sight, a sound, a smell, a feeling or a taste. Your world appears to be physical and as a result you have equated something that can be detected with your physical senses to be more real than the thoughts, concepts, images and imaginings you conjure in your mind. However, those are also vibrational realities.

The very simple reason why you can translate what you have in front of you into a physical sense is because you have matched the rate at which those vibrations are resonating. But everything you have in your physical reality was once a thought in your mind, a concept or an image in your imagination before it became translatable to your physical senses.

We are not explaining this to convince you to be satisfied with the non-physical realm. We know that you are temporarily experiencing a physical reality and you desire very much to have your dreams actualize in your physical reality and we want that for you as well. We are sharing this concept so that you understand the realness of the dreams that hold in your mind. They are not far off somewhere in another galaxy, they are not just silly imaginings, they are right here, right now.

But you only have access to translate what you resonate with vibrationally. They are just as real as everything you see before you, you just haven’t quite matched the vibration of those desires yet. Ahhh, but when you do it will be magnificent. It is so incredibly satisfying to desire something and then align with it vibrationally so it can then materialize in your reality, is it not?

We titled this message to you, “When you feel stuck, your work is vibrational, not physical” and now that we have briefly discussed the vibrational nature of your reality we can share with you our perspective of how you can free yourself of the feeling of being “stuck” and move more enjoyably towards attaining any dream that you hold.

When you do not know which action to take, or you begin to feel too overwhelmed by the mountain of “what if’s and should do’s,” we recommend that you take a step back and walk away. The reason is so incredibly simple but also tremendously effective. All of those thoughts center around what you should be “doing,” but almost all of your work is done through synchronizing your vibration to what you want to accomplish.

Allow us to further explain as this is an incredibly effective tool to assist you in moving forward towards any dream, any desired outcome.

Walking away and shifting your focus onto something else that is working, or that you appreciate, or that you find to be peaceful is so effective in assisting you to allow the energy to flow again. It doesn’t really matter what you use as your excuse to feel good, all that matters is that you find something that appeases you for the time being.

When you do this, you literally shift your vibration from one that was focused on feeling stuck, to one that is at peace, or in joy, or feeling creative or optimistic. When you shift your focus and therefore your vibration, you allow for new information, new ideas, new creative inspirations to flow in unhindered because you are a vibrational match to joy, peace and creativity.

You do not need to be focused upon your dream or the solutions to your problems in order to be a match to the inspirations that will effortlessly flow in, you simply need to find anything in your reality that helps you feel differently and you literally tune yourself to a new frequency, a new radio station that allows for the information that felt blocked or stuck before to now freely flow in.

We hope that this helps you in some way and that we have served you in some way.
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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