Saturday, February 11, 2017

Disclosure Digest - 2-11-17

This Full Moon Eclipse Brought Eighty 

Degree Temps To Boulder - In February!!!

Let's start with Sandra, Our Lady of Mt. Shasta, as she gets her eclipse on:

 Al-Jazeera did a great job on these documentaries -The People vs America - git sum!

Practice this breathing regularly and you, too, will have strong Kung Fu:

The only real goal the Gates Foundation and it's clones pursue is planet-wide eugenic genocide:

For his comments regarding the GCR and ReVal start at the 26 minute mark:

I visualize worldwide class action suits generating monthly money-in-the-mail for everyone:

 And now some PSA's from Colleen at PAO:

I see this as Australia beginning to clean up it's own 'swamp':

This shit be gettin''s time for some soul-soothin' angelic upliftment:

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