Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Lightbringers: An Expanded View Of Time

Channelled By Nancy Van Domelen On 2-15-17

We welcome you, our dear friends. As we said last month, inhabitants of Earth are on the verge of a massive shift in consciousness – one long awaited and prepared for by earlier people of your planet. For eons, incarnating souls have experienced life within the confines of three dimensional realities. This period of soul advancement is drawing to a close, and a new framework for soul growth is emerging.

In this transmission and in the coming months we will be drawing content from our second book The Higher Dimensions: Our Next Home. The information in this book has existed within the vibrational field of Earth in a quiescent state preparing itself for greater scrutiny at the appropriate time. That time is now here. There is much greater receptivity now than there was twelve years ago for spiritually advanced concepts and realities.

Human consciousness is expanding at a rapid rate. Much of what is occurring worldwide is causing turmoil and disruption on many different levels. This chaotic turbulence is providing the perfect backdrop needed for spiritual growth. How can this be you ask? It is necessary to break up long established patterns of behavior in order for evolutionary growth to emerge.

An increasing number of incarnating souls are moving into fourth dimensional consciousness. One of the real differences between the third and fourth dimension can be found in the concept of time. “In the fourth dimension, time as it is experienced on Earth takes on a very different perspective. One of the first sensations that will be noticed is that time expands beyond what is known on the third dimension.”

“Residents of your world think that time follows a line from past to present to future. That is not the case when one rises into the vibrational field of the fourth dimension. It is as if one goes through a vortex of energy at warp speed and suddenly emerges into a greatly expended field of the Now where all events are occurring simultaneously.”

“One feels as if all that exists is within the vision of the viewer. This does not mean that that one sees everything that has occurred, is occurring, or will occur throughout time and space. It simply means that whatever the viewer turns attention to will be seen in a much wider context of time.”

“It will become readily evident that every event is interrelated to every other event in a tangible and connected way. Once one acquires this elevated view of time and returns to the third dimension, then words, deeds and actions will be seen in a totally new light.”

“Once a human being experiences time in this totally different construct, the physical brain’s pathways expand significantly. The ability of the human brain to quantify existence moves onto a much higher level of comprehension. This new experience of time will become increasingly familiar to the people of Earth as they start to move into the next higher dimension.”

“The journey will provide the first in a series of startling changes regarding how life is perceived. Inhabitants of the Earth are living in a restricted and incomplete way. Matter is confining, not allowing those enmeshed in it to truly see what exists all about them.”

“We ask that you reflect upon the ideas we have introduced regarding this new view of time. One must release all preconceived concepts about time. For time never has been as you have been taught. It is an energy field that is all inclusive. Nothing exists outside of this field of the Now.”

So it is that we ask that you begin to perceive time in a more expanded way. Start to recognize if you are seeing time differently. Is the perception of time speeding up or slowing down for you? Are you suddenly aware that events in your life are eerily reminiscent of earlier experiences you had or are you beginning to have glimpses of probable futures waiting to unfold?

In the months ahead, we will be addressing specific ways in which you can prepare to access higher dimensional consciousness. We ask that you absorb what we have said here regarding time. Start to think of what we have presented and make a commitment to a daily meditation period. Breath work and meditation will greatly assist you as you explore an expanded concept of time.

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