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Saul: But Of Course, Life On Earth At Present Is Far From Normal

Via John Smallman On 2-6-17

Humanity is preparing itself for a massively inspiring and uplifting occurrence, a general spiritual awakening that is available to all, offered to all, But imposed on no one!

You have free will, which is an essential aspect of your divine nature, the absolute freedom to accept or reject the Love that surrounds you in every moment of your eternal existence.

Love is freely offered and bestowed upon you by God, our divine Source, the Center from which all consciousness, all awareness flows constantly and without interruption. It is the Life Force, the field in which all experience occurs. It is eternal, without beginning or end, and It is Indestructible! There is nothing beyond It, because all is contained within It, safe, secure, at peace, while beautifully and harmoniously interacting with Itself in every moment.

And yet, because Love is infinitely gentle, constant, unforced, and accepting, each individual field of consciousness, each conscious living entity created by God in His infinite Love and Wisdom, is absolutely free to accept or reject It. The games of separation that you have been playing for eons absolutely depend on that freedom. Without complete freedom there could be no experience of separation.

Separation is impossible, nevertheless you are completely free to construct such an imaginary state and play imaginary games within it, games that to you seem intensely real. That is what you have been doing since time began – time being an essential aspect of the illusory environment you built in which to play your seemingly endless games of separation.

Therefore your awakening is both individual and collective. That doubtless sounds paradoxical, and, within the illusion where you will first experience it, it is. Most of humanity has been crying out for awakening, for Heaven, for a very long time, and now the collective decision to awaken has been made. However, as stated above, you have free will. Consequently your awakening is dependent on your individual attitudes.

As humans you all have been hurt and damaged over the eons, and this has resulted in ingrained, and frequently deeply buried, feelings and emotions of bitterness, resentment, anger, and fear. Your natural state, as you were created, is pure Love, and to awaken is to return to full awareness of that state.

In your natural state feelings and emotions that are not in complete harmony and alignment with Love are impossible. But many of you, due to experiences of pain, suffering, and betrayal within the illusion as humans, are not yet fully willing to release the detritus of those feelings and emotions. Therefore individual moments of awakening will occur as you each, in your own perfect now moment, choose finally to release and discard the “stuff” that is holding back your awakening.

Many of you are very much aware of the enormous cleansings that people are undergoing as 2017 develops. There is a lot of sickness and emotional turmoil going around as more and more of you choose to address and release the deeply buried “stuff’ that you have been carrying within you from lifetime to lifetime.

This is an age of enormous change, and everyone incarnate on Earth at present is beginning to personally feel the intense discomfort that continuing to carry this emotional residue causes them. The problem for many is that they remain unaware of the reasons for this intense discomfort.

Those of you who are aware are incarnate to assist those many others to deal with this ugly and unsettling “stuff,” “stuff” that seemingly arises from nowhere causing intense emotional pain and fear. Many are wondering if they are perhaps going insane. They are not! But, what is arising is bringing with it a sense of non-specific anxiety, an anxiety which appears to have no source, as otherwise their lives seem to be basically quite normal.

But of course, life on Earth at present is far from normal. Signs of chaos and confusion are rising up everywhere because that buried “stuff” is demanding attention from everyone on Earth. And everyone has the strength and forbearance to deal with it, it is just a question of letting go of the strong and counter-productive reluctance to deal with it.

So, we are back again to the essential need that everyone of you has to go within daily, to your holy inner sanctuary where the Light of God’s Love for you burns incessantly, and open your hearts to allow yourselves to accept and feel that Love embracing and reassuring you.

You are all, without any exceptions whatsoever, the dearly beloved children of God. His Will for you is eternal Joy, and He has provided you with absolutely everything that you need to awaken from the dreams and nightmares of the illusion into the glorious and brilliant Light of His eternal day.

Now is the long-planed moment for your awakening, so go within, open your hearts fully and allow the divine Love that is your true nature to awaken you into the Presence of God, into Reality, into your eternal heavenly Home. And as you awaken, as you all surely will,

R E J O I C E!
With so very much love, Saul.
“Saul: But of Course, Life On Earth at Present is Far From Normal,” Channeled by John Smallman, February 4, 2017, at

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