Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Heavenletter #5939 - A Soul In Costume

Channelled By Gloria Wendroff On 2-27-17

God said:
There is such a thing as Destiny.

You are destined. You grow to your Destiny. Ultimately, you are destined for Greatness. You are destined for Greatness right now.

You may be destined to be an artist, or you may not be destined to be an artist.

You may be destined to be a schoolteacher, or you may not be destined to be a teacher. You may be destined to learn.

You may be destined to do what you are doing right now -- a bookkeeper, a truck driver, a politician, a writer, even a Godwriter. Remember? There are no accidents.

Your Destiny also can change of its own accord, or it may not.

It seems uncanny, yet where you are right now, comfortable or not, is where you are destined to be, short term or long term.

Your ultimate Destiny is your awareness of Our Oneness, often named Enlightenment.

The fact that Destiny exists does not make you helpless. In Life, you are swimming to shore.

Everyone has his own way of reaching shore, some direct, some all around the block or all over the world. You are the one swimming.

You are destined to travel, for instance, or you are destined to stay home. No one is a pilot by mistake. Or soldier, sailor, tinker, tailor etc. No one is where he or she is by mistake. Of course, you may see error, yet what you see as error is leading you or pushing you on to your furthermost Destiny.

You have often wondered where you would be or what your life would be like if you had veered in another direction instead of the one you did go in. You do have some choice along the way. For one thing, you have the choice to smile.

Since Destiny exists, you might ask: "Where is Free Will? Can both Free Will and Destiny exist?"
Yes, they can both exist. They co-exist.

Do you consciously know your path or your many paths ahead of time? Maybe Yes, maybe No. Probably not.

Regardless, you are somewhere.

Of course, time and place exist in the world, yet where you really abide is in Infinity where time and place are not.

In this Heavenletter today, We are speaking of your Life in the world as it is as you think of it while you are on Earth, a Soul in Costume, running around, carrying an ID that calls you human Being. The Truth is that you are Being. You are a Being with the illusion that he is an individual with an ID. You masquerade on Earth. You dance to one certain tune or another.

Do not think for one moment that you are wasting your so-called time on Earth. More is going on than you can even contemplate. You matriculate on Earth, and one day you will graduate, even as, all the while, you are contemporary in the Consciousness of Heaven. You are in two "places" at once – or in more than two places, it could also be said. Nevertheless, all the while, you are settled with Me, for We are inseparable. In ignorance, whatever you may think, Our Connection stays and cannot be severed. NEVER.

The world seems like a strange place to be in. How many times have you wondered what you are doing here seemingly confined on Earth, presumably filling up space as if you had nothing better to do.

You may have no idea of the heights you reach even as you are in a body as you are presumably tied to Earth.

At present, under the spell of gravity, you don't know how to flap your wings and to take off for other seemingly-far-away-galaxies.

You don't even know where you have been and where you will yet journey to, even as, all the while, you are in My Heart and in Infinity where Heaven, as it is referred to, blooms.

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