Friday, September 30, 2016

Disclosure Digest 9-30-16


And A Bully Black Moon To Ya!


Sandra Walter sends black Moon greetings from Arkansas:

Standing Rock SITREP: 21 more prayer/protestors arrested today by local SWAT Team: 

Multiple-Mike's latest report:

Hrmph...and I thought Sugar was a legit food group:



The Creator Writings,  9-30-16

Preparing For First Contact - Ch 25 - Those Nightly Journeys

Dear Readers,
We are receiving information that is supplemental to our Interdimensional Life Experience process. The Arcturians and Pleiadians are weaving it into our Preparing for First Contact chapters. - Sue

By Sharman the Pleiadian

Through Suzanne Lie

 Chapter 25 
I, Sharman, wish to remind you that if you awaken feeling tired or feeling as if there is something that you can’t quite remember, please consider the possibility that you were busy on the Ship the night before.

You will usually forget those experiences, except when you “document them,” because the knowledge of being in a reality which is completely safe and totally loving makes it very difficult to return to a reality that often appears to be on the verge of the latest disaster.

Fortunately, many, but not all, of these “disasters” are yet another brainwashing technique that is sent out via low frequency/fear-based energy patterns. There are actually vans that drive through neighborhoods looking for those who are resonating to the fifth dimension.

Once they find someone with a higher dimensional consciousness, they send a low frequency beam of directed fear, sorrow, and anger in an attempt to lower those persons' consciousness. If you are in the process of reminding people that they are ALL higher dimensional beings, you may be being targeted.

However, we your Pleiadian, Arcturian, Antarian, Sirian and Venusian friends and family members, (“family members,” is what we would call you on the Ship) remind you that you, as all of our “away team" to Earth, are surrounded by constant, higher dimensional protection.

SITREP From JC On 9-28-16

Truly, despite all the conflict and confusion arising in the world, all is well. Jesus.

Channelled By John Smallman

Chaos and confusion appear to be increasing across the planet, but in fact what is happening is just the rising to the surface of humanity’s consciousness many long held beliefs and judgments which are being acted out; it’s just part of humanity’s awakening process. All the negative and judgmental ideas and concepts to which humanity has been clinging for eons have to be released in order for you to awaken, and in some cases, as you can see, they are being engaged with and acted out, often very violently.

Many of you Light holders have become aware of this and are working steadfastly to let go of all your own unloving thoughts and beliefs that you have discovered buried or denied deep within yourselves, which are now arising into your awareness and, in many cases, shocking you. All humans have buried and denied unloving thoughts and desires, they are all aspects of the illusion, of the state of separation from Source that you chose to experience.

The state of separation – which as you have so often been told is purely illusory, unreal – by its nature sets you against each other as you struggle for survival in a seemingly hostile environment. But in this incarnation, where it has been your intent to be loving and assist in humanity’s awakening, it is extremely unsettling for you to have thoughts, even desires, to harm others. You judge them unacceptable. But remember, you need to stop judging, especially yourselves. As these inharmonious thoughts or desires arise just observe them: “Wow, I didn’t realize that I had so much buried hatred, anger, and resentment against . . .” and release them without judgment!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

GaiaPortal: Fluorescents Ignite The Show

 Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-28-16

 Standard bearings are inspected and cleansed.

Night missions are completed.

Messianics are released.

Fluorescents ignite the show.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Disclosure Digest 9-28-16

Be Sick, Be Sick, Be Very, Very Sick

 Truth-out in Brazil - Big Pharma scam unraveling:

Update From The Galactic Federation of Light And The Spiritual Hierarchy 9-27-16

Through Sheldan Nidle

11 Ahau, 3 Tzotz, 13 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! This weekly report, like the previous one, rests on the simple fact that we are entering a point where a time schedule is in place. We feel strongly about this and welcome at last the chance to see the first stage of a long-awaited program finally begun. Those who are in charge of this vast global change are doing what is now necessary to implement it and ensure that this new reality comes to fruition. It is no longer important how the order of payments is achieved. The Courts have ruled that the RV or the Prosperity Program payouts are not a point of contention. It is vital that these monetary abundance programs pay out.

This set of payments is to lead, on schedule, to the American NESARA republic and quickly after, to a global governmental reform, the so-called GESARA. Those in charge of these new governances are now busily readying their legal establishment. The time frame is anticipated to be quite short, and we are using our security liaisons to carefully permit all of this to happen as planned. All is currently expected to manifest without a hitch.

The present version of what is now developing has taken a long time to be put firmly in place. First, the cabal needed to be set aside, without any chance to rebound. This dark group is presently under full and constant scrutiny. They know that, at the right time, they are to be arrested and isolated from all of you. Each of them fully realizes that any leeway for mischief is no longer available. The new NESARA government has roughly 120 days, or four months, to completely return to Constitutional roots.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Brenda’s Blog - 5D Puberty

Wherein Brenda gets down to the nitty-gritty of Ascension coaching...Git Sum!


Channelled By Brenda Hoffmann

Dear Ones,
You likely feel depleted, tired, angry – even hopeless. For all you have worked for throughout your transition seems to be outside your capabilities.

Others are reporting the completion of their dreams. And promote that if you do exactly as they did or do the same will be true for you.

Such was the case in 3D. For many of your teachers and gurus tip-toed into unearthly-like skills that worked for them. Perhaps they were able to channel, create financial abundance or ongoing joy.

Something you believed, and rightly so at the time, that you could attain if you followed their directives.

This is a different time, and you are a different you. It is no longer about tip-toeing into capabilities, nor can anyone copy you and expect the same results.

You are a unique being with unique skills that cannot be transferred to anyone, nor can you expect to be like anyone else.

This energy burst time that most of you label September is to help you better understand and accept who you are without thoughts of being like anyone else.

Self-love is a concept you are just beginning to understand. That self-love means you are a unique being with unique skills unlike anyone else.

Archangel Michael: Becoming An Emissary Of Light

Via Ronna Herman On 9-26-16

Beloved masters, as surely as you live and breathe, you are helping to create either Heaven or hell on Earth—or many of you may possibly feel that you vacillate somewhere in-between the two. No matter what you believe or how you interpret the ancient teachings, Heaven is a state of mind/consciousness, and not somewhere “out there” in the higher dimensions.

It is not a final destination or a place you may be eligible to go to when you transcend and leave your present physical vessel.  It is a state of consciousness that you create and exist in no matter where you have been, where you are now, or where you are going in the future.

You came from a heavenly place, and you brought Love/Light with you, along with the ability to create a heavenly environment, no matter what dimension, world or reality you have chosen to experience.

Hell on Earth is what many of you have been experiencing over these many thousands of years since humanity’s fall into a semi-conscious state. You have been living in an unreal world whereby you are steeped in fear, superstition, feelings of shame, guilt, and of not being worthy of love or abundance.
You have allowed others to tell you how to think and act, and you have allowed those you thought were wiser than you to take away your power and control your lives. A maelstrom of negative thought forms created by the masses has kept you imprisoned in a world of illusion.

Your real world was designed to be crisp, clear, free-flowing and harmonious, whereby you would traverse the middle path with a few obstacles and challenges in your way: a beautiful world of peace and plenty where you would be free to co-create in cooperation and harmony with your fellow brothers and sisters on the journey; a place where you would be connected to all levels of consciousness while attuned to all the Facets of Creation within the first Four-Dimensional levels; a place that was designed to provide a Heavenly existence on the material plane.

Monday, September 26, 2016

"EXODUS" - Intel SITREP - September 22, 2016

SITREP is military-speak for a Battlefield Situation Report and this one focuses on the final stages of liberating planet Earth and it's Humanity from Team Dark.  Bear in mind that this comes from the RV blog-o-sphere as you will see many references to the imminent roll-out of the new world economy. Overall, I find the info to be of high quality and suspect that it originates with alphabet-agency White Hats. - DT


1​4:00:00 EDT
September 22, 2016


​Good afternoon currency community,

Ok, here's what we know after last nights intel drop…

The final military special ​forces ​ops and ghost ​tactical sweeps have begun​, we are hearing the mission is casually being called "Operation Catch & Release​" for obvious reasons. This ​sweep ​includes corporate bad actors of the cabal as well as military and government ​high profile ​targets​, basically anyone on the ​"​super naughty list​"​ is ​now ​being ​permanently terminated--no questions asked​, no arrest​s, no courts, no stinking badges.

Sadly​,​ this ​is the ​​ultra aggressive military action many have been asking for. ​It's coldblooded and comes without warning. It also was ​astrologically and strategically ​begun ​after Mercury ​Retrograde went direct in Asia​, as this is what the Chinese believed was the optimum day and time to start the final phase of execution. Know they are very precise with everything they do and say. So as arrogant and entitled Westerners, it's wise we listen to what the Chinese have to say now… as they're running the world's finances just as Russia is now the new international super ​cop on military scene. Ears open, mouths shut 'cause there's a ​few new sheriffs in town.


Disclosure Digest 9-26-16

Heee's Back!

Oh goody, just in time for Halloween:

Not a promising development if you are fond of food:

Well, at least the Cabal is also on the extinction list:

Hilarion's two cents worth for the coming week here:

Ditto that for Saul, my favorite Galacti-Jew:

And we finish with some survival tips for dimensional shifting from our Arcturian friends:

Sunday, September 25, 2016

GaiaPortal: Partisans Are Completed As Unifieds Arise

Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-25-16

Partisans are completed as unifieds arise.

Star seeds come to the fore.

Elements of Higher Light illuminate the hu-being.

Marchers arise.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Disclosure Digest 9-24-16

Welcome to Prime-Time Ascension Earth!

Shuffle off to Buffalo and shift some timelines with the lovely Lisa Renee:

Secret Space Program truth-out courtesy of Project Camelot (bring lots of popcorn):

This could be a harbinger of the immanent collapse of the cabal drug empire:

Some insight here into the timeline fractals currently being resolved and balanced in the Mid-East:

From our Sympathy for the Devil Department. - Assad tells it like it is:

 Maryanne Rada recently posted this message on her new blogsite - good stuff:

Recipes for an Autumn Dinner by Edward Espe Brown, author of The Tassajara Bread Book:

Friday, September 23, 2016

Channeling His Higher Self - September 23, 2016

 By Multiple-Mike Quinsey 

All over the world there are confrontations and battles as the dark Forces try to stem the losses they are experiencing. It will be to no avail as their power is becoming fragmented and they are losing control of the outcome of events. Their days are numbered as their leaders are no longer able to command their supporters to achieve the outcome they planned. The end of their power and influence is in sight and there is nothing they can do to change the outcome.

Viewing it from the outside you would not know the true facts as so much is happening at the same time. However, those working for the end of hostilities and world peace, are placed where they can influence what is taking place and more importantly the outcome.

There is quite a way to go before it will become obvious that major changes are on the way but once they start matters will quickly change. All that you have been promised will become manifested in relatively quick time, as the preparations have already been made.

The consolation of having to wait so long for action will be that many more souls will have awakened to the truth. The Light quotient has risen and a considerable increase in vibrations has taken place. You are unassailable and nothing will change the result that will see those of the Light ascend. Finally you will commence the journey that takes you back from whence you came and you have always known it subconsciously, as you knew the outcome when you chose to drop down into the lower dimensions to experience separation.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Message from Archangel Metatron On 9-21-16

  This is a gem! Timely information presented in a user-friendly manner with archangelic style...Git Sum!

 Via Shanta Gabriel 

Archangel MetatronIllumination is mine, expansion is thine. Through these teachings, your Earth plane becomes enlightened with the pure Source energy.

The fields of Transcendent Thought are a reality that can bring new levels of Harmony and Joy into your life. As you access new fields of high-frequency connection, your evolution as Source Energy Ever Expanding into the New Dimensions of Earth increases.

Through your personal work in aligning the chakras, you have been growing more deeply connected to the spiritual core of your being. This then allows you to use this focus on the chakras as a meditation tool to bring more alignment into every area of your life.

When you open yourself to the currents of Divine Light from Source energy through your Crown chakra in meditation, you prepare your body to receive greater frequencies without damage or upheaval to your nervous system. In fact, meditation with Light is one of the most soothing general tonics you can use for an overstimulated nervous system, which so many of you energetically sensitive souls are experiencing.

The gifts you receive from this ancient and angelic form of meditation are far greater than they appear in the moment. You are tapping into levels of Divine Grace that you have never experienced.
Far more transcendent awareness becomes available when you allow yourself time to sit in these beautiful fields of Golden Light. It is the realm of the Angels working in your life to bring Divinity into your daily practice and uplift your life on all levels.

This daily immersion into Light through your meditation will bring new dimensions of Grace into your life. It is important to remember to call forth Divine Grace into your world so you can live in a field of Grace and Ease at all times.

Disclosure Digest 9-22-16

 Hi Ho! Hi Ho!...

Hmmmm,  Galactic Imagineering. We'll need ILM to do this right...

Looks like some enlightened self-interest acting up in The Dakotas:

More disclosure of a very dirty business model:

Debunking the 'Scarcity Scenario' currently making the digital rounds:

And a visit with Sandra Walter for some aethero-plasmotic orientation to the Third Wave:

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Message From The 'Team': The Matrix Of Unlimited Time

 Channelled By Peggy Black

We are here, honored to be offering these insights and perhaps a shift in your perspective of the reality with which you interface. We know you as expanded multidimensional beings, focused within the hologame/hologram of limitations. You are here in this dimension to experience what is offered and to transform all limitations that you encounter.

From our observation, one of the limitations that you embrace is the concept of time. Time is woven into all aspects of this third dimension to which you find yourself tethered. So we are inviting you to begin to stretch your concept of this thing called time and realize that you are unlimited and timeless.

We have requested our transducer to share a transmission we offered a decade ago regarding this subject.

 Time as Fluid Flow - 2005

==We noticed that you had a friendly relationship with time yesterday.

Yes, I was conscious of being in the NOW more fully and able to relax with the timing of all my appointments.

Update From The Galactic Federation Of Light And The Spiritual Hierarchy On 9-20-16

Sheldan Nidle - September 20, 2016

4 Ben, 16 Zip, 13 Caban
Dratzo! Since we first arrived en masse at the end of your 20th century, we have learned in detail how your world works. We have allied ourselves with your Ascended Masters and their numerous Earth allies. In addition, we have had extensive planning sessions with our Agarthan cousins. All our meetings, along with our lengthy scientific study flights and accompanying record-keeping, have prepared us for what is currently taking place on your planet’s surface. Surface humanity is now at a crossroads. Those who seek the Light have achieved much and are finally ready to begin announcing the terms of their incredible triumph.

A new global financial system, worldwide freedom and new governance symbolize this victory. Two decades ago, the dark’s minions decided to forego the surrender that their former masters, the Anunnaki offered them. This refusal led you into two decades of unnecessary wars, government-contrived terrorism and a general series of continued corruption and misguided violence. This prolonged era of misdeeds is coming to an end. The much-sought time of peace, freedom and prosperity is about ready to begin.

As this new time starts, we wish to tell you a few more things about ourselves. Our primary intention is a full disclosure. This can permit us to be more open about how we relate to you. We dearly intend at that time to open a broad communication with you. Many still believe that thought of this world being visited constantly by ETs is nonsense. We intend to dispel this concept shortly. When we were told decades ago by Heaven to put this special first contact mission together, we were somewhat skeptical.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Disclosure Digest 9-20-16


OH My God! They Killed Hillary (Again...)



Let's start with Ben Fulford's report for this week's Planetary Follies:
Then off to Hawaii for KP's take:
Then there's this informative video by Cliff High on body doubles and CG Hillary:
(Alert: this site doesn't agree with his forecast of severe devaluation of the US$)
Here's Bro Beckow's two cents worth of perspective:
And let's finish with this catch-all video from YouTube:

GaiaPortal: Select Munitions Of Light Come Into Play

Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-20-16

Select munitions of Light come into play.

Hue-manity Enterprises illuminate trajectories.

Essence is felt strongly in all hu-beings.

Forbearance is perceived, and abandoned.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Disclosure Digest 9-19-16

More Galactic Gossip...

AAM: Nock, Nock, Nockin' On Heaven's Door...


Archangel Michael: Persistence, Fortitude, and Valor

Saturday conference call, 09-17-16
Linda Dillon     Channel for the Council of Love

Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, bringer of news, brother, ally, friend. Welcome, welcome to all of you, my beloved family. And it matters not whether you are green or blue, pink or purple. I welcome you all, I embrace you all.

This channel has been teasing me saying she doesn’t want to hear any more about persistence, fortitude and valor. But my message this day, to each of you, to your hearts, to your minds, to your bodies, is one of congratulations, of honoring, and of asking you to continue.

But let me be clear, your persistence, which you sometimes term correctly as endurance; your fortitude, which we sometimes term as stubbornness; your wisdom, your love, your bravery, your courage, your valor is so admired, appreciated, reinforced.

We stand in gratitude as brothers and sisters of the same Mother, the same Father. You are our partners. You are the implementers of Nova Earth, the physical builders of Nova Earth embodying, very beautifully, Nova Being. We know this has not been easy and that you have had to call upon endurance and fortitude and great valor and will.

Will is the mover and shaker of love but it is dependent upon discernment, it is dependent upon valor, it is intertwined with fortitude and persistence because it brings to the forefront that which you wish to create. We are not talking about small issues; yes, some of you are creating new homes, new jobs, new undertakings, new projects. But we are also speaking in the largest way…you are creating and co-creating with us Nova Earth, new Cities of Light, new centers of peace.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Only Here

By Steve Beckow On 7-18-19

There are always going to be a spectrum of people in a Third-Dimensional society.

Some will be into control; some will be into granting freedom; and others will be in between.

Some will practice violence, hatred, anger, jealousy; most will not.

In no other dimension would angel and devil, saint and sinner rub shoulders.

Matthew Ward, who works on the design of “Nirvana,” as he calls the afterlife, explains:

“The energy of every person’s thoughts, motives and deeds throughout the lifetime is registered in the infallible Akashic records, and, when the dense body dies, the etheric body automatically is drawn to the part of Nirvana that corresponds to the energy in the person’s records.” (1)

A murderer on the astral planes would go to the Dark Planes or Winterlands. A saint might briefly stop in the Higher Summerlands of the Astral Plane, but would probably soon be off to the Mental Plane, which we call the Fifth Dimension.

This would all happen in a way that’d appear to us as automatic.

Matthew’s Message, Sept. 17, 2016


Channelled By Suzi Ward 

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin by addressing the thoughts in many minds, and foremost is concern about North Korea’s successful missile launchings. If that country does send a nuclear warhead into space, detonation will be prevented by universal family members who continuously patrol your skies—the same will be so if any other nation would make such an attempt.

The ceasefire in Syria for humanitarian purposes is welcome, to be sure, but much more than this bandage is needed to relieve the plight of people in that war-torn country. Peace will come; however, the strong energy streamers of hostility and distrust emitted by opposing religious and secular groups will cause detours along the way.

As for the energetic scenarios described in our last message about the presidential election in the United States, Hillary Clinton’s withdrawing from the race for health reasons has an edge on the other possibilities that also would put Bernie Sanders in the White House. This doesn’t mean that if the edge widens, the scenarios pertaining to Clinton’s activities will evaporate. The energy of those streamers will run its course to bring that information to light, thus the possibility remains that it will be her disqualification for the presidency that elevates Sanders to the office.

The truth about “9/11” will be revealed, but not until after the Rockefeller faction of the Illuminati have lost all their influence in the government, economy and mainstream media of the United States.
That nation’s finger-pointing at Russia in a series of hacked emails and portraying Vladimir Putin as a meddler in US political affairs and a dictator who wants to control the countries formerly within the USSR is political posturing and fodder for the media.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

GaiaPortal: Stratospherics Are Transcended As Galactic Intervention Accelerates

Channelled By ÉirePort On 9-17-16

Stratospherics are transcended as Galactic Intervention accelerates.

Fealties are brought to bear.

Encampments are abandoned.

Movements en masse predominate.

Lives are recovered and embraced.

Channeling his Higher Self - September 16, 2016

By Multiple-Mike Quinsey

It would seem that matters relating to “Revaluation” have now reached the point where all G20 countries involved are now ready to go ahead. It is simply a matter for those placed in charge to arrange the changeover, so that it is carried out in a co-ordinated way. It will be the first historic step towards creating peace upon Earth. There is still quite a way to go before total peace can be declared and every country will know that having signed up for peaceful co-existence, they break it at the risk of being banished from the Earth. So rejoice as the long wait is almost over and a peaceful future is assured for you and those who will follow.

You may wonder how the remaining dark Ones can be restrained, but be assured that trouble makers will be removed from the planet, and placed where they can no longer interfere with the planned changes upon Earth. It is possible that many of the dark Ones minions will surrender and no longer represent a danger to the populace. As the new Earth rises up it will be no place for any dark souls or their negative actions. Very soon the many delayed projects that will lift up the Earth, can commence and bring into being the welcome changes that are going to take you full speed into the New Age.