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The Angels - Dancing Into The Great Unknown

Tazjima and her Crew nail it once again with a lovely snapshot of right Here - right Now on lovely Tera Gaia...DT the ET

By Tazjima and The Angels On June 30, 2013 

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother. We come to you today with more words of encouragement. Feel them in your heart and as you read with your heart you will understand the language of the soul, the Language of Light that has no words.

Dear ones, you are now well into your period of transition, moving from one cycle to another. We realize that it is not easy to observe what have been the apparent foundations of your world literally and figuratively coming apart at the seams. Yet, this is the cycle of nature, of the world of matter.

What grows to maturity eventually comes into a period of decay, until its components can be recycled in new forms. What you are seeing all around the world is a startling degree of decay and exposure of the old systems. They no longer function and haven’t served the needs of the people for a long time. It is time for these old systems of domination and control to break down and so they are, by the will of the people and by the Will of your Creator.

The rigidity of the structures of extreme duality and control are giving way to a new flow, as the energies of the Divine Feminine permeate the world. For a time there will be chaos as the feminine energy flows through and around the borders of the old rigid masculine structures, breaking them down like water wearing away a stone wall.

The Manuscript Of Survival - Part 331

 In the words of Sri Yogi Berra-Ji: "When you come to the fork in the road, take it!"   DT-JI

Channelled By Aisha North On June 30, 2013  

The times ahead may be construed as chaotic for many, but as you have been told before, chaos does not need to entail fear. 

You have been taught well dear ones, as you have managed to wrestle yourselves away from the old prison of fear and started to breathe the air of freedom of choice. That is what all of this is really about: to stay within the confines defined by the society that you live amongst, or to start to set out on the road defined by your willingness to go above and beyond the limitations stipulated for all so-called normal human beings on this beautiful planet of yours.

You have already gotten a taste of what this freedom of choice can give you, in the manner of connecting not only with the truest parts of yourself, but also with others who adhere to the same idea of enlightenment in all of its forms. We know this will not come as a surprise to you when we say that freedom also comes with a whole new set of challenges, as it means not being able to always follow another's path.

The Ancient Wisdom or Perennial Philosophy – Part 3

Posted By Steve Beckow On June 30, 2013

(Continued from Part 2.)
I’d like to conclude our look at the Perennial Philosophy with three views of it: that of the religious organizer Annie Besant, the Master Hilarion, and the scholar Aldous Huxley.

Annie Besant

Besant 33This Divine Wisdom is spoken of as the Wisdom, the Gnosis, the Theosophia, and some, in different ages of the world, have so desired to emphasize their belief in this unity of religions that they have preferred the eclectic name of Theosophist to any narrower designation. (1)

The main spiritual verities of religion may be summarized thus:
i. [There is] one eternal infinite cognizable real Existence.
ii. From That, the manifested God [unfolds] from unity to duality, from duality to trinity.

iii. From the manifested Trinity many spiritual Intelligences [guide] the cosmic order.

iv. Man [is] a reflection of the manifested God and therefore a trinity fundamentally, his inner real self being eternal, one with the Self of the universe.

v. His evolution [proceeds] by repeated incarnations, into which he is drawn by desire, and from which he is set free by knowledge and sacrifice, becoming divine in potency as he had ever been divine in latency. (2)

Saul: Humpty-Dumpty's Deniability


The Shadow Side Is Merely the Aspect Which You Have Judged Unacceptable

Channeled by John Smallman, June 30, 2013

You are all one. And that is becoming apparent to ever more of humanity in every moment. The rate of growth of this awareness is phenomenal! Never before on Earth has there been such an amazing and effective awakening process. It is ongoing, unstoppable, and naturally, because it is divinely willed its ultimate completion is ensured.

There are a few who will stubbornly resist awakening, and their choice to remain asleep will be absolutely honored until they change their minds, as eventually they will. In the end no one gets left behind or abandoned because God’s Will, with which your wills are becoming increasingly aligned, is always perfectly accomplished.

To align your wills with God’s is your task as humans, but you were created one with Him so your wills are already aligned with His; you have just lost your awareness of this. At your centers, at the deepest levels of yourselves you know all this, but you are also intensely aware of your unloving attitudes, thoughts, words, and actions – the illusory attitudes and behaviors in which humanity always seems to engage – and you know, truly and deeply know, beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are not and never can be in alignment with the will of God.

Lady Nada: All the Signs Are There

 Channelled by Fran Zepeda 

Lady Nada:
Hello dear ones. The time has come to assess your abilities and capabilities, as they are many. Some are under the surface waiting to be discovered and elicited by a need or request, and others are being put to use as we speak. Some of these you may not even know you are utilizing, for you may still be using them in dream-time or in your meditations but not be consciously aware of them as yet.

But the whole point, dear ones, is that many new abilities and capabilities are waiting for you to discover and utilize. As you become accustomed to your new perspective and view of things, many new things will become clear to you. In some cases you are just waiting for the last wisps of fog to clear for you to realize what is “right in front of your noses”, so to speak.

And it brings you into a whole new world as you access and get acquainted with your essence and your status – as you welcome your orientation into a new phase of your life, your complete orientation into a new way of seeing and acting and being. And it is looming before you and within you now, dear ones. You are accessing complete areas of knowing and truths that have never been visible up until now. And from this you are already greatly changed.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gaia Portal: Presence Of Higher Entities Energy Has Engaged Local Higher Grids…

Channelled Via EirePort On June 29, 2013

Presence of Higher Entities energy has engaged local HigherGrids and provides Illumination within communities at all levels.

Remnants of non-Light-oriented beings and groups continue dissolution as Higher Entities presence is accompanied by lower frequency higher density dissolution organisms. 

Higher Entities presence at this time was called forth by raised consciousness levels achieve during preceding 11 day period.

The Full-Light Monty From Magenta!

Channelled By Magenta Pixie On June 29, 2013

(This video is available on

SaLuSa of Sirius on President Obama (Redux)

My current understanding is that the Being we see as Obama is a very high ranking Sirian Command Officer and Michele is definitely one Hot Arcturian Momma...DT the ET

Barak Obama Viewed From The Galactic Perspective

Originally Posted By Steve Beckow OnOctober 16, 2012

Many galactic and celestial sources deal with our spiritual unfoldment or interpersonal relationships and adaptations.  They don’t focus on contemporary affairs. Among the very few commentators who do, SaLuSa of Sirius, channeled through Michael Quinsey, is, in my view the fullest and best. 

SaLuSa was at one point the leader of a group of commentators that included Diane of Sirius, Ker-On of Venus, Ag-Agria and Atmos of Sirius and others. But lately he alone has been reporting to us on the battle to subdue the cabal and spread the Light that will see us ascend at the end of this year.

What has he had to say about president Obama? His support has been unwavering. He’s described the President’s difficult position surrounded by the dark who have continually been maligning him and causing many lightworkers’ support to waver and fall. SaLuSa has detailed the President work for global peace and maintained that the President’s best work will come after the cabal is out of the way.

Descriptions of Obama

SaLuSa and his Galactic Federation colleagues describe President Obama as “a soul of immense Light under great stress from the dark Ones, … giving [his] services without thought for self.” (1) 

Later, SaLuSa again described President Obama as “a highly spiritual soul, [who] will with our help and protection work with us to speedily transform your experiences, into ones of happiness and release from the draconian laws that rule your lives.” (2)

Heavenletters: Through the Looking Glass


Transmitted Via Gloria Wendroff

God said:
You lead two lives or more. You play this role or that. You play out many scenes, and you switch. You are a many-splendored thing. All of the roles you play in the world are play-acting. You are on stage! Every day the curtains go up, and the lights go on. There is a veritable wonder of scenes. It is as if life in the world is choreographed, and all the dances spin around and interchange in various settings. This dance is very important to all the players. It is everything to them, from sun-up to sundown.

And yet there is another theater where all the sets are different, and the players are too. There is a liveliness and yet quite a different tone. I am speaking of the Real Theater, the Theater Supreme, the Land Of Love where all abide. This is a land that vibrates to a higher tone than the everyday world. Quite a different vibration here. Here there isn’t the noise to break up the sweetness. There is great vitality. This is Reality.

So you, as a dear human being, inhabit two worlds, often without awareness of what is really going on. There is the active world-bound you are running around in, and there is the actual you who sings high notes in a greater land. This is where you really live. Here there are not days and nights or divisions of any kind. There is no division. One cannot be called a division. One is One.

AA Michael: Love Is Breaking Out

leaking dikeWe greet you today with news that your world, at least the world of those not in denial, is changing.  Look more closely around you than the national and international news.  Many of you stopped following that some time ago anyway.  Look for the changing attitudes of those in your own communities.  Look even at the opportunities being brought forward by those courageous enough to challenge the long prevailing attitudes which you want changed.

In the short run, not every one of these changes may manifest.  In the long run, dear hearts, they all will.  It all serves to awaken those who hear of it just that much more.

Look to what you call your social media.  How rapidly are the attitudes and understandings changing there?  Yes, even in spite of those who refuse to acknowledge it, and in spite of those who are paid to undermine it.  Some still think, you see, that they have the power to influence what you think, but we assure you that the power to influence what you think is only yours, if that is what you determine.  We say that because, in addition to your own power, you have called upon and activated ours.  They are trying to put their fingers into the dike, as your story goes, but they are finding that they only have ten fingers and the dike is leaking in innumerable places.

The Manuscript Of Survival - Part 330

Channelled By Aisha North

You have by now started to source into more and more information, dear ones. Not only from your own physical body, but also further afield. For some, these revelations have been very interesting indeed, but for others, they have not yet registered on their radar so to speak.

Let us explain. As we have talked about earlier, as you have all managed to lessen your load so much from all of the old dross that literally used to clog up your channels, now the time for input has finally arrived. In other words, things will start to seep into your consciousness now, even information regarding subjects you had no idea you had any knowledge about at all. Things will start to pop up on the horizon, and once again, it will be a little bit like finding an unexpected piece to a puzzle in a very unexpected place. Of course at first, much of this will seem to be random bits of information without any clear definition to it, but it will come. For remember, it is perhaps not meant to be that you are the one that will get the complete picture.

For this is indeed also a lesson in connecting, and this time it will be all about connecting the dots regarding information. For you will discover something that might fill in the gap in someone else’s “story” as it were, and vice versa. In other words, the treasure hunt has just started, and now, we venture to guess you will all start to find some very interesting bits and pieces of information surfacing up into your daily lives. They may come in the form of an image, a tune, some words or other forms of description. So again, keep your eyes, ears and yes – mind open, and see what you will “stumble across”. And do not forget to share it with others, as your little seemingly innocuous piece might be the one crucial missing part in someone else’s hugely important structure.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Scott Mowry: Curtain About to Rise for Global Transformation

Well, we seem to have entered Galactic Prime-Time with no commercial interruptions...DT the ET

Report by Scott Mowry, Miracles and Inspiration – June 24, 2013

Mowry 1• Planetary Economic Reform Ready to Roll Out
• Historic Global Currency Reset Imminent
• Massive Abundance Programs Nearing

• Time To Reclaim Your Power and much more:

We have arrived at the magical hour. The hour when the curtain is about to rise. The hour when the world shifts into a new paradigm of abundance and freedom.

As we stand here at the Summer Solstice 2013, we are witnessing many, many moving parts flying about at a furious pace preparing for a massive transformation of the world right before our very eyes. These changes are the most miraculous and spectacular one could ever possibly imagine.

Numerous signs are now pointing towards an imminent and amplified rebirth of this Earthly 3D experience which, in turn, is signaling a headlong ascent into the Golden Age. There is simply no way to stop these monumental changes from unfolding now! And the world as we have come to know it, will never be the same again. Ever!

A whole host of intricate and complex plans involving a number of steps are about to unfold in rapid succession. What appears to be most preeminent are a series of unprecedented revaluations of world currencies which will include nearly all of the more worthless monies such as the Iraqi Dinar (IQD), the Vietnamese Dong (VND) and the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), among many others. Nearly all are being prepped now for some kind of recalibration, which may include anywhere from 113 to 198 foreign currencies in total.

Mr. Spock Retiring and "Going Home."

 Mission Accomplished, Mr. Spock...Enjoy The Rest Of Your  Journey!  DT the ET

Leonard Nimoy Beams Home to Vulcan, Alberta

Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in the original Star Trek series, waves to his fans in Vulcan, Alta. Leonard Nimoy, the actor who immortalized the character Spock on Star Trek, was hailed as a homecoming hero as he led a parade in Vulcan, Alta., celebrating the town's status as "official Star Trek capital of Canada."

"I've been a Vulcan for 44 years. It's about time I came home," Nimoy, 79, said to cheers.

He spoke about how his achievements as an actor far exceeded what he had dreamed of, but told the crowd, "I've never had an experience quite as touching as this and I appreciate it. Thank you."

He ended his brief address to the town with Spock's signature salute: "May each and every one of you live long and prosper."

More than 1,000 people — many adorned with pointy Vulcan ears or dressed in Star Trek costumes — crammed into the town to catch a glimpse of the star.

"A living legend. I think he's the sexiest man on television, ever," said Christine Desjardins, who sported a red Starfleet tunic. "Then and now. Can't beat him."

Nimoy was invited to visit the town after he backed Vulcan's failed bid to host the world premiere of Star Trek XI in March 2009. His celebrity endorsement swelled interest in the town of about 1,900 people, located 130 kilometres southeast of Calgary.

After a private tour of Vulcan's Trek-inspired tourist centre, Nimoy joined the high-school band, as well as the town council dressed in Star Trek uniforms, in a parade through Vulcan's downtown.
Nimoy unveiled a bronze bust of Spock, Nimoy's character in the Star Trek series, which was commissioned by the town. The mayor then presented him with the key — and transporter co-ordinates — to Vulcan.

"Wait till Bill Shatner hears about this!" he said about his warm welcome.

Nimoy soon to retire

Tammy Dann and Alana Webster dressed up as Orion slave girls to celebrate Leonard Nimoy's visit to Vulcan.A railway surveyor named the settlement after the Roman god of fire in 1915, but the town shares its name with the birth planet of Spock.

The town has unabashedly embraced its sci-fi connection: visitors are greeted with a star ship model and a welcome plaque in English, Vulcan and Klingon.

For the next year, Nimoy is lending the Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station the Spock ears he wore during the Star Trek television series and an autographed lithograph of the original cast.

The public appearance in Vulcan is likely to be one of Nimoy's last.

"I've announced this past week or so that I will not be doing any more acting. When you're done with that kind of work it's time to go home. So I'm going home," he told CBC News in an interview.
Michael Black, wearing a yellow Starfleet tunic, brought his son Nick, 10, who wore Vulcan ears.

"Especially since this is going to be his retirement party, as it were, I thought what a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show my boy the kind of stuff I used to love when I was his age," Black said.

Staff at Vulcan's administrative building all dressed up to greet actor Leonard Nimoy. "He's brought so much to us, to this town, he shows up the least-expected places — Vulcan, Alberta, of all places," he said. "What an honour to be around him and to be part of his legacy."

Nimoy is appearing at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo on the weekend, along with other sci-fi actors including Malcolm McDowell (Alex from A Clockwork Orange), Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian from Star Wars) and stars from the Twilight franchise.

Organizers were expecting 15,000 people to attend the expo over two days.

In the interview with CBC News, Nimoy also weighed in on a Facebook campaign to have Shatner — the Canadian who played Capt. James T. Kirk in Star Trek — appointed as Canada's next governor general.

"I hope it happens," Nimoy said of his old co-star, whose career continues to prosper. "It would be a very healthy thing for him to get out of the house and find something to do with his time, don't you think?"

SaLuSa - June 28, 2013

Channelled By Mada

We of the Galactic Federation are working closely as ever with our allies on our plans to move you forward into your happy future with us. With coming weeks you are about to see lot more happening on your world as the promised changes are starting to happen. Do you realize that all the signs you have been waiting for are here for you to see in every country on your world.

We are admiring you for your patience and asking you to visualize all the changes to be peaceful and release all the anger that might be dwelling deep inside of your beings, for there is no reason to hold on onto the old ways of life. Next week should bring even more for you to see and believe, that your time in darkness is soon to be over. G8 summit will prove that all the right people are on their places for financial system to be changed.

As more of you are finding your way to communicate with us, you and Mother Earth receiving more Light and Love and your abilities are improving each day although you might not be aware of them. We are pleased to feel no fear about us and you begin to accept your faith as full conscious beings creating your own path towards your destiny. Some are more ready than others but all are exactly at the right place at this moment and it is their decision how quickly they want to move forward.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and sending you all my love and please feel comfort at each change if it is in your body, in your life or in the outside world as these changes are bringing you the fulfillment of what you have been wishing for eons of time. Be at joy.


Channeller: MADA
Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Archangel Michael: Victim Or Victor?

Beloved masters, there is an orderly sequence to the Cosmic Cycles of Creation which define and emphasize a great variety of GODLY EXPRESSION; therefore, it is important that you learn to flow and adapt to the changes of the time. It is time to discard the restrictive, limiting beliefs of your present state of Self-awareness as you gain wisdom, seek higher truths, and grow closer to your original state of Divinity. You, the Star Seed, as leaders in the march toward Self-empowerment and as proficient co-creators of the new world of tomorrow, are in the midst of an inner mental and emotional clearing and cleansing process of monumental proportions.

Are you ready to accept the Divine gift we offer, the awesome tools of Creation contained within the FIRST RAY OF DIVINE WILL/POWER? New cycles of existence are initiated through a willingness to change, or if you are resistant, through conflict. Much depends on your capacity to attract, respond and absorb, and then transmit the more refined Light frequencies which contain the cosmic higher truths of your new reality. Your Soul and Higher Selves remember the reasons you chose to experience and express painful situations; not as a punishment, but for resolution.

Everyone and everything on Earth are now being affected by the radiance of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Transmuting Flame. The beautiful Souls who embody the attributes, qualities and virtues of the forthcoming Root Race are/will be highly evolved and spiritually attuned, and they will be greatly influenced by the Seventh Ray of transformation, freedom, redemption, purification, ritual and organization. As well as, secondarily, by the First Ray of Divine Will/Power, which exemplifies the desire to create anew on the material planes of consciousness. Many of the old, outmoded teachings are being discarded as humanity evolves in wisdom, and as the frequency patterns/consciousness of the masses are refined and attuned to the more harmonious dimensions.

Bulletin From The Folks In The Great Central Sun...

The source Kathy channels can ramble on at times but the lovely bits are there for the patient reader.
DT the ET

Deeply Awake 2

A Channelled MessageThrough Kathy Vik

And so the work can again be done. We greet you, dear ones all, and wish to give you a gift.

We speak from what you call The Great Central Sun, a portal, and one which you carry with you, right there in your skin. We are more connected, all, than you have been taught.

This sun, the one which heats your skin, not a theoretical sun, the sun in your sky, this sun is a portal, a non physical event, playing out for you in your sky.

Light connects us to you, and this light allows your cells their animation. The physical body is a concert of will, of love, made animate through light, the same light which illuminates your life at noon, your moon at midnight.

Light is a source of knowledge and of mercy, of divine love. Encoded within light is the knowledge of the cosmos, which you can access when you yourself come to understand that your ability to do so is innate, God given, self-regulated, and in cosmic order.

We tell you this in large part because the channel has been given the sun in meditation since solstice, and it has taken her this long to put two and two together, and this coming together has been a beautiful one to watch. As the strands are brought in, a braid of magnificent depth is fashioned, the weaving of old and new, of ancient and newly synthesized, newly acknowledged truths.

The Ancient Wisdom or Perennial Philosophy – Parts 1&2

Steve does a good job of outlining the main points of what, for want of a better descriptive, could be called the 'Galactic Religion.'  What humanity knows and has learned about the Realms of Consciousness came to us primarily from our Star Families inspiration and instruction over hundreds of thousands of years.  Our 'holy texts' are inspired channellings and downloads from Pleiadian, Andromedan, and Arcturian spiritual masters over the last 13,000 years of the Kali Yuga.  Now it's time to get over ourselves and separate truth from fiction in our philosophies.  DT the ET

Steve Beckow  

Oneness copyGiven that we’ll be speaking to Sri Shankara today on An Hour with an Angel, one of the most profound analysts and synthesizers of spiritual truth that ever walked the Earth, in honor of him, I’d like to spend some time looking at what is often called the “ancient wisdom” or “perennial philosophy,” the common ground or substratum of truth that underlies all religion and spirituality.

If we are to create a spiritual fund of knowledge that is truly cross-cultural and universal, then we need to explore what the truth is below all religious and spiritual thoughts and beliefs.

I’ll be giving several statements of the perennial philosophy over the next few days, some from my own speculations and some from those of others.

The Common Ground of Spirituality

The Primacy of the Soul

The first place to start is to note that all living beings are souls that temporarily inhabit bodies or other forms.  The different religions use different terms to indicate the soul: Jesus called it the Christ, the savior, the prince of peace, the treasure buried in a field, the pearl of great price, and the mustard seed that grew into a great tree.

Hindus call it the Atman or Self. Buddhists call it the Buddha nature, our original face, our essence, or Big Mind.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Sing The Body Galactic!

My guidance tells me that there is an APP for this and that it's already been installed in my 5D OS.  Now I just have to figure out how to use it properly...time to find a five year old Crystal kid!
DT the (Ancient) ET. 

The Manuscript Of Survival - Part 329

Channelled by Aisha North On June 26, 2013 

We would like to delve a little further into the recent energetic upgrades you have all been through. As we mentioned earlier, these missives of information are not only affecting you, but they will continue to affect everyone around you in one way or the other.

You are all well versed in these phenomena by now, you are all very familiar with the effects this will have on your physical setup, in the way of nausea, aches and pains. For some, this will seem to have intensified lately, while for others, these waves seem to subside as fast as they arrive. However, there might be a way to lessen your symptoms somewhat. In order for us to explain this, we need to go back to the actual effect of all of these missives, and the reason for them being beamed to you in the first place.

They are not set up in order to make you feel weak and unable to function, but to many, this will seem to be the only effect they have, and all of this will be looked upon as nothing more than a nuisance and a bother. However, underneath all of this creaking and groaning from your body, there is something far more interesting going on. Again, the symptoms from it will mask this very well unless you are able to tune into the inner layer as it were, and disregard all of these signals of distress.

The State of the Mass Media – Part 2/2

(Continued from  Part 1)

Four HorsemenJesus through John Smallman warns us not to accept the picture of catastrophe being sold us through all our news channels. The upheaval that’s occurring is for the removal of the cabal.

“Do not allow yourselves to be persuaded by the mainstream news channels that the world, as you have come to know it during this brief human lifetime that you are presently undergoing, is headed for disaster – political, sociological, religious, economic, or ecological – because although all those areas are indeed experiencing upheavals, they are disturbances that are leading you forwards out of the chaos and conflicts which have bedeviled humanity for far too long. (1)
He also suggests we look to the alternate media for a truer picture of what’s occurring.

“The ongoing awakening process that humanity is undergoing is progressing very nicely indeed. Look for signs of it on the alternate news sites which are making a point of focusing on the good news around the world – there is an enormous amount of it – and do not be disheartened by the bad news reported in the mainstream media.” (2)

He informs us that:

“Across the world organizations have sprung up at the grass-roots level which intend to bring to the collective an awareness of humanity’s interdependence; an awareness of the need for loving cooperation to address and resolve the issues which continue to divide you and encourage conflict; and an awareness that unless harmonious cooperation can be achieved that will bring violent conflict to a halt, humanity may well destroy itself – or rather, the insane choices and decisions made by various inflexible, arrogant, and self-serving elitist groups may do so.” (3)

A Statement Of Personal Sovereignty

Thanks to American Kibuki for this post...I understand that this God-given Sovereignty will be central to the new economic system being rolled-out as I write these words -DT

An Irishman's Personal Statement of Sovereignty

My name is Michael Rice... from Ireland but spending a lot of time in the Czech Republic... all part of the great unfolding..

I wrote this a few years back... and felt it would be good to share..

I Joyously Declare that I am a Sovereign Living Soul and a Child of God.

My Life Mission is to explore my fullest Life Potential and ceaselessly express only Love and Compassion.

I hold complete and perpetual Dominion over my flesh and blood body - including but not limited to, the physical body, the bio-electrical and chemical body, the subtle energetic body and the etheric body in all its forms and in all dimensions of existence.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gaia Portal: Centeredness in Gaia Conscious Operation is of High Value at this Time

Channelled By ÉirePort June 25, 2013

Centeredness in Gaia conscious operation is of high value at this time. 

Lasting results for Gaia-New-Paradigm construction and Real-ization require Hue-Beings living from their center.

Outer type focuses become distractions if brought to center of immature soul structures.

BE-ing from the Gaia center is key for all Gaia-New-Paradigm construction team Hue-Beings.

The State of the Mass Media – Part 1/2


Posted By Steve Beckow On June 24, 2013 

mass_media_war 666We’re in a time of transition when more and more are awakening to what the cabal has been doing. I personally have not the heart to report on some of the worst of their activities.

not even to list them here, because of the revulsion that would cause.

I will however list some in a separate page and you can choose to go there if you wish. But I would not advise anyone to go there who wishes to focus exclusively on Ascension. (1)

But I think we can expect to see more and more whistleblowers come forward and I have no idea personally whether they’ll be protected or not.

Sometimes the Company of Heaven allows certain events to occur for the very reason of stirring us to action. Matthew Ward cited the signing of the Monsanto Protection Act as one example of this:

“As for the Monsanto Protection Act, Illuminati spokespersons told the president that if he vetoed it, Congress would override it. Furthermore, they would intensify their efforts to overturn the Affordable Healthcare Act, block legislation that could relieve some immigration issues, and doom attempts to resolve international conflicts by rational discussions instead of belligerent confrontation.

“That is the ‘down-to-Earth’ reason, you could say, that Obama signed the bill, but there is another facet of this that the Illuminati bloc doesn’t know. Despite their threats, the president was not going to sign the Act—he did so because ETs close to him advised it. Their higher perspective was that citizens’ outrage at this insidious bill needs to motivate them to force its nullification.” (2)

The Arcturians: the Alchemy Of Creation, Part 4 - Recalibrating The Chakras

You got a pair of brand new roller-skates and Source has a brand new Key.  For all you Yogis and Yoginni's out there; time to get with the new program!  DT the ET 

Channelled Through Suzanne Lie - June 24, 2013.

Greetings From The Arcturians
We return to continue our information about the Alchemy of Creation. Since you are now deeply into your process of returning to a conscious alignment Multidimensional Self, your creative powers are greatly increasing. Furthermore, since beloved Earth has returned to Her alignment with the Galactic Center, Gaia and all her inhabitants are able to receive and download extremely high frequencies of Light.

This higher Light creates a constant flow of Multidimensional and Unconditional Love into your Sun and into Gaia’s body of Earth. As this cosmic, Multidimensional Light gradually downloads from the higher dimensions, it enters the light network of your fifth-dimensional Lightbody, your fourth-dimensional astral body and your Etheric body, which is slightly above your physical resonance. The Etheric body serves as the interface between the physical and astral body.

Since this Light is Multidimensional, even though it first enters your physical form via your Pineal Gland, it is then dispersed into the chakras. Each chakra is calibrated to a certain frequency of Light. Therefore, the higher Light is dispersed to each chakra according to the frequency of that chakra. In this manner, each chakra receives the healing and transmutation that is consistent with the purpose of each chakra.

AA Michael : If it were true, what would you do next?


Channeled by Ron Head - June 24, 2013 


Please accept our congratulations on passing another important marker on your way to higher awareness, greater consciousness.  Although you will certainly not feel any different today than you did last Friday, we can assure you that you are.  Each day, hour, and minute that you spend now in the energy field that currently surrounds you sees your entire being becoming more able to contain the higher frequencies that are necessary for your further growth.

There are those around you who do not choose to believe this is occurring.  There are those who follow these messages who still think there is nothing happening to themselves, only to others.  But, as we have previously stated many times, this energy is having its effect upon everything.  We do, however, agree with them in this way.  Were they to open themselves to what is possible at this time, welcome the change that is possible for themselves, and feel gratitude for all of it, the potentials for greater and faster manifestation of the life they profess to desire would, as you like to say, knock their socks off.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Angelic Guides: No Time For Sloppy Magic!

Channelled By Taryn Crimi On June 24, 2013

Be The Change You Want To Be

Today we would like to focus your attention on the innate power that lies within all of you to shift and change all that surrounds you. This is a perplexing topic for most and it is our intention to share with you how this concept really works and what you may do to shift the world around you.

Many at this time are anxiously awaiting the drastic changes they have undoubtedly been hearing about. We will tell you that your world is in fact changing drastically, but the secret is, it’s not the world that is changing, it’s you who are evolving. There is a famous quote on your world that we like very much “be the change you want to see”. This statement is more accurate than most realize.

As your world is shifting, the issues that are most out of balance are becoming larger and larger, not because your world is headed in a direction of chaos; this perceived chaos is not the beginning of the “end” but a new beginning. The old must be allowed to fall away so that you can create the world you have dreamed of. Remember that you cannot change what you do not know.

Julian Assange: Tell Your Governments to Step Forward.

I publish this message from Julian with a major reservation; that he blames the actions of a deeply-Illuminati dominated administration on the person of the chief executive, Barak Obama.  I believe that the President is fulfilling his galactic mission to the letter and doing so with the skill of a chess grandmaster watching his game being played out from a Mothership orbiting this planet.  There are no mistakes being made by him as he helps maneuver Hue-manity into full awakening.  To understand just who Assange is really accusing I refer you to Steve Beckow's article "I Accuse."
DT the ET

Statement by Julian Assange After One Year in Ecuadorian Embassy, London

Saturday June 22, 2013,249.html

assange-speech-snowden-usa-It has now been a year since I entered this embassy and sought refuge from persecution.

As a result of that decision, I have been able to work in relative safety from a US espionage investigation.

But today, Edward Snowden’s ordeal is just beginning.
Two dangerous runaway processes have taken root in the last decade, with fatal consequences for democracy.

Government secrecy has been expanding on a terrific scale.
Simultaneously, human privacy has been secretly eradicated.

A few weeks ago, Edward Snowden blew the whistle on an ongoing program – involving the Obama administration, the intelligence community and the internet services giants – to spy on everyone in the world.

As if by clockwork, he has been charged with espionage by the Obama administration.

The US government is spying on each and every one of us, but it is Edward Snowden who is charged with espionage for tipping us off.