Saturday, June 29, 2013

AA Michael: Love Is Breaking Out

leaking dikeWe greet you today with news that your world, at least the world of those not in denial, is changing.  Look more closely around you than the national and international news.  Many of you stopped following that some time ago anyway.  Look for the changing attitudes of those in your own communities.  Look even at the opportunities being brought forward by those courageous enough to challenge the long prevailing attitudes which you want changed.

In the short run, not every one of these changes may manifest.  In the long run, dear hearts, they all will.  It all serves to awaken those who hear of it just that much more.

Look to what you call your social media.  How rapidly are the attitudes and understandings changing there?  Yes, even in spite of those who refuse to acknowledge it, and in spite of those who are paid to undermine it.  Some still think, you see, that they have the power to influence what you think, but we assure you that the power to influence what you think is only yours, if that is what you determine.  We say that because, in addition to your own power, you have called upon and activated ours.  They are trying to put their fingers into the dike, as your story goes, but they are finding that they only have ten fingers and the dike is leaking in innumerable places.

Love is breaking out.  Peace and freedom will surely follow.  For those who continue to insist that nothing is happening, we have this response.  You are wrong.  Sorry, but you are wrong.  The inner changes of millions of people are indeed happening now.  And that, my friends, is what your societies and your world are made up of.  It is all a reflection of you.  And you are in the driver’s seat now.

If you hope, you are powerful.  If you believe you are more powerful.  If you see, hear, feel, know, and love, you are the most powerful of all.  Join together now and show yourselves just what you can do in peace and love.  Be your new world and then watch it appear before your eyes.  It is who you are.  It is why you are here.

We shall speak with you again very soon.  Good day, dear ones.

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