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Pleaidian/Earth Ascension -- Visiting Starships

I'm just back from a screening of Man Of Steel where the CG Starships were Great!  I highly recommend this newest Superman saga for it's amazing special (read Multi-Dimensional Holographic Simulacra) effects and a very Disclosure oriented script.  Kudos from DT

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On June 14, 2013

Visiting Starships

Since Sandy and Jason had the discussion about their dreams, they have become much more aware of my presence. In fact, they have been meditating together and asking me for guidance. My primary guidance has been in ways to better remember their times on the Ship. Many of our Inter-planetary Ships have been in the higher fourth dimension of Earth since before 9-11-2001.
The Galactic Federation was very aware that a world war could have easily arisen from that incident. It was not within the Divine Plan to stop the incident, but the Galactics were able to work with the consciousness of the masses of awakened ones to avoid a world war. Fortunately, there were enough Lightworkers on Earth at that time to whom we could send our light to override the vast wave of darkness. 
Therefore the possible reality of WWIII split off into a parallel reality. Because the awakened ones of your timeline were willing to expand their consciousness enough to commune with their higher expressions, they were able to move through that dark period without the major cataclysm of the parallel reality. However, there were many hardships and constant threats between 9-11-2001 and 12-21-12 that dampened many of the Lightworker’s auras.Fortunately, the higher light is now flowing into Gaia and all Her inhabitants. This multidimensional light is slowly and surely healing the residue of fear with the power of its unconditional love. In fact, many of the earth vessels that our galactic members are wearing are deep into the process of transmuting into Lightbody. 
Since Sandy and Jason have made so many changes in their lives, diets and primary states of consciousness, they are beginning to consciously feel symptoms of their earth vessel’s transmutations. I have been encouraging them to remember their visits to the Ship so that they can gain a sense of community with others who are having similar sensations. Actually, they have just slipped off into sleep. 
I will take this opportunity to share how we bring our Lightworkers aboard our Ships during their sleep. Since Gaia is a free-will planet, we can only give this assistance to those who ask to visit the Ship in some level of their Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, we begin our relationship with the frequency of SELF that asked for our assistance. Then, once an earth human begins to communicate with his/her higher expressions the desire to return to the Ship arises in their consciousness. We call these awakened ones the “volunteers.”
However, since the desire to visit our Ship is often within the volunteer’s unconscious or superconscious mind, they do not usually carry the memory of their visit into their daily life. However, the unconscious mind is the source of most third dimensional behavior. Hence, each volunteer begins to feel an inner urging to make changes in their life. 
Likewise, many volunteers begin to receive inner messages from their higher expressions who are often on the very Ship they are visiting. Once, they begin to listen to their own inner voice, the process of ascension is initiated.  This process begins with a curiosity within the conscious mind about the source of their inner messages. This curiosity creates a connection between the conscious and unconscious mind. Also, as each volunteer begins to align their daily life with their inner messages, they develop a connection between their conscious and their superconscious mind. 
This interconnection and unity of different states of consciousness initiates the volunteer’s action of making changes in their lives. These life changes signal that that they are ready to begin visitations on the Ship. When the volunteers come onboard a Ship, it is usually the one on which their higher expression is serving. However, each volunteer must come to this realization when they are ready. 
Since life on the third dimension is so challenging, many do not make that connection because they are concerned that they would withdraw from their Mission on 3D Earth. Most of the volunteers that are remembering, desiring to remember, or even wishing they could visit a Ship are members of the Galactic Federation. They are having these thoughts and feelings because they are beginning to remember that they are Galactic Beings who were born into, or walked-into, earth vessels. 
I have regressed from my description of how the volunteers come aboard our Ship, but it was necessary to give the appropriate background. Remember that we would never take anyone who has not asked to visit us. There were many who were taken by the Zetas between the close of WWII and the mid-1990s, who suffered great trauma from that experience. 
In fact, these people were often Galactics in human disguise that volunteered on a higher level of consciousness to assist the Zetas. Unfortunately, the human military became involved, which genertated a great deal of experimentation and fear. I say this now to remind you that your visits to our Ships are voluntary and filled only with multidimensional information and unconditional love. All the volunteers are aware of this fact in their higher consciousness. In fact, some of them were taken by the Zetas and are coming to our Ships to heal that experience. 
The volunteer’s visits to our Ships begin while they are asleep. The deeper the level of their sleep, the less possibility there is that they will remember their experience. Therefore, they usually begin their visitations while they are in delta wave dreamless sleep so that their experiences will not interfere too much with their daily life. 
Remember that all of you who are visiting us have volunteered to assist Gaia during Her ascension. You are not voluntarily surrendering your earth vessel until you have completed your Mission. Therefore, the visitation to our Ship is a process for you to stretch your primary consciousness deeper and deeper into your unconscious and subconscious as you simultaneously expand your consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimensional locations of our Ships.
In this manner, your physical body remains safe in your bed while you raise your consciousness into the mid-fourth dimension. Usually, your higher expression lowers his/her consciousness into the mid-fourth dimension to assist the consciousness of your dream body to merge with the consciousness of your higher expression on the Ship. 
Once you have merged your consciousness with the component of your Multidimensional SELF who is fully aware of your innate multidimensional abilities, your united expression can instantly transport into our higher fourth dimensional Ship. We remind you that all of this occurs within your consciousness. Your physical form is still in your bed, and your higher expression of SELF is still on the Ship. 
In fact, the you that is merged with your higher expression is holding an astral body, whereas the you that is on the Ship is holding either a physical body or a light body. Actually, once you remember how to morph into your light body, your consciousness can inter-dimensionally travel to any reality of your choice, while you still maintain your "Source-SELF."  
Your Source-SELF is the component of your Multidimensional SELF who initiated your inter-dimensional journey. Thus, the expression of your SELF who initiated each journey also serves as the grounding force for the location from which you began your journey. When Mytria became apparently lost in transition from one reality to the next it was because her Source-SELF became confused by too much third dimensional thinking. However, her true problem was only that she had doubt, since she did end up in the exact timeline and reality that her higher expression had chosen.
It is important to note that creation is infinite. Thus, no matter how evolved a being may appear, there is always a higher expression of that SELF. Therefore, you will not run out of expressions of your Multidimensional SELF nor different realities to visit and/or create. Because you have grown accustomed to wearing a physical form, when you first become aware that your astral body is on the Ship, you may choose to perceive it as physical.
In reality, that form is not physical. Your form is an encasement for your Essence, Spirit and/or Light that travels inter-dimensionally. Therefore, your “form” is actually your consciousness. Essence, Spirit, Light and Consciousness are all terms that actually mean Creation. You are a force of creation. The remembrance of this fact is pivotal for your inter-dimensional journeys, as well as for your ascension.
In fact, multidimensional journeys and ascension are the same experience, but experienced differently. When your source-SELF is third dimensional it is difficult for you to fully embrace that you are a “force of creation.” Therefore, you will label your experience as expanding your consciousness into a higher frequency of reality. On the other hand, once you have remembered that you are an experienced inter-dimensional traveler you will use the term “traveling” as opposed to the term “ascending.”
It appears that I have strayed away from the topic of visiting our Ships, but I must continually explain terms and concepts so you may begin to deeply understand how you have been chosen. Yes, rather than THEM choosing you, YOU have chosen for yourself. It is important to remember that YOU are a force of creation. You are creating your journey to the Ship, just as you are creating your inter-dimensional travel, and you are creating your ascension.
The problem is your third dimensional thinking. Your 3D thinking tells you that you can only experience one reality at a time. Therefore, you can have the reality of visiting the Ship OR the reality of sleeping in your bed. The Cosmic Truth is that you are doing both. You are sleep and you are visiting the Ship. 
Just to confuse your third dimensional thinking even further, you are in your bed, traveling in your astral body, visiting the Ship and being a crewmember all within the fifth dimensional NOW. Unfortunately, your 3D thinking still believes that it must choose just one reality, or at least make one reality more important than the others. The choosing and the rating of importance is third dimensional thinking.
When you are thinking multidimensionally, you know that all of your realities are of equal importance. No one reality is more important or rules over the other realities as all your expressions are connected. Are your feet more important than your hands, or your stomach more important than your lungs? No, all of these components of your SELF live in unity consciousness with your physical body.
What your third dimensional thinking does not realize is that your physical body lives in unity with your aura and your astral body and your mental body, your spiritual body and your light body. In fact, even if you are not aware of it, your physical body exists in total unity with your entire Multidimensional SELF. 
Your Multidimensional SELF is infinitely and continually having myriad experiences of countless realities. However, since you are wearing an old fashioned physical vessel you cannot read that data. Just as an old fashioned car could not read all the data that the modern computerized automobiles can, your physical body is not calibrated to read information in your higher dimensional bodies.
Fortunately, your higher frequencies of SELF can read multidimensionally. Therefore, if you have a question you can ask your unconscious instincts, as well as your astral body’s psychic nature, your mental body’s all knowing, your spiritual body’s spiritual memory, your fifth dimensional Lightbody and on and on. There is NO limit to you. The only limitations are your third dimensional thinking.
When you visit our Ships you have a body that is so completely calibrated to the Ship that it appears to be physical. For the same reason, the Ship appears to be physical. When you merge with your Lightbody on the Ship you will have access to your higher expressions of self, as well as access to the area of your brain in which you have stored the advanced galactic concepts.
Since you are the force of creation, you can look into your heart/mind to commune with your multidimensional expressions of SELF and you can project that image outwards so that it appears that you have another separate body. However, none of your bodies are separate from each other or from whatever realities they are experiencing.  
Just as a holographic projector can project an image of a “separate” person, you can project holographic images of all your expressions of SELF. All of these holographic images are totally real, as all of them are expressions of your SELF. “But,” you may ask. “How can I forget some of my holographic projections and remember others?”
The answer to that question is that you can only perceive the realities and holographic projections that resonate to your current state of consciousness. In other words, you cannot perceive realities that resonate to a state of consciousness to which you are NOT calibrated. Hence, many of your childhood memories are not perceivable because your consciousness is not calibrated to your unconscious and subconscious mind.
Furthermore, many of your past/parallel/alternate lives are not known to your 3D thinking because it is time bound and/or because your third dimensional thinking believes that you can only experience one reality at a time. Therefore, you forget your past and future selves so that you can focus on your present self. Conversely, your multidimensional thinking is not ruled by time, or state of consciousness. 
When you think in a multidimensional manner, you are free of time and can experience infinite realities within the NOW of the ONE. As your 97% DNA continues to switch on, and as your consciousness expands into more and more dimensions, you will know that there is not “either/or” in the higher dimensional realities. Instead, there is “everything/always.” 
One of the best ways to “remember” your visits to the Ship, as well as any other higher dimensions adventure is to convince your mind that you can have many experiences—always. One of the tools I gave to Sandy and Jason is to stop for a moment of your time and ponder what is occurring in your other realities. For example, pause to check out what you are doing on the Ship by projecting that holographic image into your aura. 
In this manner you can view other realities much as you might watch yourself on television. Your aura is similar to a huge movie screen on which holographic light matrixes—thought forms—can be projected. In this way, you can keep track of some of the other adventures you are having. We say “some of the others,” as you will need to slowly wean yourself off of third dimensional thinking and surrender to the vastly superior multidimensional thinking.
Your brain is a biological computer. As with every computer, you can download new files, update new information, delete unwanted data, pull up information form archived files, continually expand your memory and continually download faster and faster operating systems. Since you are the force of creation, the first thing that you should create is a link to your Multidimensional SELF. Then, be sure to save it to your desktop!


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