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Bulletin From The Folks In The Great Central Sun...

The source Kathy channels can ramble on at times but the lovely bits are there for the patient reader.
DT the ET

Deeply Awake 2

A Channelled MessageThrough Kathy Vik

And so the work can again be done. We greet you, dear ones all, and wish to give you a gift.

We speak from what you call The Great Central Sun, a portal, and one which you carry with you, right there in your skin. We are more connected, all, than you have been taught.

This sun, the one which heats your skin, not a theoretical sun, the sun in your sky, this sun is a portal, a non physical event, playing out for you in your sky.

Light connects us to you, and this light allows your cells their animation. The physical body is a concert of will, of love, made animate through light, the same light which illuminates your life at noon, your moon at midnight.

Light is a source of knowledge and of mercy, of divine love. Encoded within light is the knowledge of the cosmos, which you can access when you yourself come to understand that your ability to do so is innate, God given, self-regulated, and in cosmic order.

We tell you this in large part because the channel has been given the sun in meditation since solstice, and it has taken her this long to put two and two together, and this coming together has been a beautiful one to watch. As the strands are brought in, a braid of magnificent depth is fashioned, the weaving of old and new, of ancient and newly synthesized, newly acknowledged truths.

It was hard to soothe this one prior to our session, as she chose to misinterpret the symbols. This great living disc which has been activated within her consciousness, this Sol is the sun of suns, and her greatest wish this morning was to “go up” inside this sun and dwell there. Going there afforded her no peace, and she then, finally, chose to take her peace to the forest we have given her: feet embedded within Gaia, leaves now tickling the Sisters in the Sky. This image, we give this to all of you to assist.
You are unaware of your age, your depth, or your roles at present, but we can tell you the image of a Sequoia is not untoward for any of you.

Thinking of this image affords you grounding, and it affords you an other worldly quality, branches scraping the heavens. Trees are a fruitful phenomenon on which to meditate, as they have much to teach and can assist in your practice.

But you see, she wanted to crawl right into the sun we have been presenting her, and although this is understandable, the sun is presented to her to tell her of what is to come, not where she is to go.
This sun, many have seen it now, during these days, this sun is an activation, a reminder and a calling to remember.

The merkahbah, it is within each of your cells, within the DNA telling matter itself to become a cell.
Light is that which connects you, reading this page, to a light body which has within it the native power to void cancer cells and heal bones. This is the source which tells you to turn right when your fellows are screaming to you that you must go left or face death. You can laugh now, at their urgency, and you can calm them in their misinterpretations of what is correct FOR YOU. You know better. You know of your light.

This light, it is the connecting source which makes a sun, a physical sun which lights up your rooms when you open curtains, this same sun is a portal to all that is, all that ever was, all that will ever be. And it is right there, in your sky. And it is now in many of your hearts, in your minds, in your bellies.
Those filaments speak, and the solar winds have your name written within them. The mass ejections which have been bombarding your earth are filled with coded information, filaments of purity, codes of light, and these codes are bending time and space, as you know it.

This is effecting your DNA, effecting your dreams, and effecting your daily desires.

These dispensations are for all, and all on Earth have given permission to be bombarded with this new light. Those who do not physically alter their reality are at no risk and are to be honored, BY YOU. It is not in the scheme of things for all to rise as one, in one voice, as one entity, in this time, as it is called. We urge you to see the beauty in the individual interpretations of this light.

Consider each of the human beings you interact with to have a pane of glass within them, through which this new light shines.

That some have not begun to tint their light, that some allow this light to move through them unfiltered, unaltered, is there any harm in that? Others have used the information contained in the light, and they have begun to add color to their glass, and from the sun, the light which streams forth from such an individual is vivid, and it is changing, and it is glorious. Full of color and depth. Quite a sight. Is the light less beautiful, and is it less valid, if it is filtered through colored or uncolored glass?!
But, you see, it is the way of things to have this be a dance of the self, of the soul, and there is a much larger story being played out here than you might think.

It is important at this time to suspend your former beliefs as to what a success is, and how this is defined for you, just for you We ask you to become as clear as you possibly can be about what freedom, what success, and what happiness indeed feel and look, sound and smell like, now, after the changes you have been through.

Consider there to be a “before” and an “after,” if you would like. The solstice was more important energetically than was reported by most.

We ask you to use your imaginations for this, when you find your mind is idle and you are unsure what next to ponder. With the obvious lack of fear thoughts many of you are noticing as the days progress, you will come to see there is much time for happy pondering.

Consider how it would look, if you were given a way to model, order, in emotional and situational terms, a happy, successful, integrated and happy life. Use your physical senses, but engage, too, your heart and your belly feelings with this.

And then, we tell you, to use this appropriately, and to use a level of maturity which has indeed been placed upon you appropriately.

What we mean by this, we know that thinking on these thoughts may lead to impatience, and to becoming disappointed, as you then disengage from meditation and are confronted with a reality which you have perhaps chosen to believe is less than ideal.

This is the moment, this is the important decision point, one which often goes unnoticed, and untended to.

We ask you to try something new and enjoyable.

First, allow yourself full freedom in imagining all the enjoyable definitions you can imagine for the words “fun,” “fulfillment,” “peace,” “joy.”

We ask that you do think on physical events, of course, and we ask you also, much like an orchestra leader, allow this song, of need- and wish-fulfillment, to play in the background, like the sweet, high strings in a concerto.

To this, we ask you add the thoughts of Source. We ask that as a drum or as deep horns might lend the rhythm and drive to a piece of high art, we ask you use your minds, your hearts and your bellies to sustain a deeper reality as you think on things which feel nice.

We ask you think on the truth of all things as you feel out the new home, the new job, the new identities many are sensing are in their fields. These “things” are indeed a breath away for many of you now. They are a thought away, permission must be granted, intent must be struck, and we ask your intent come from that well within you That Is Source.

Is it not true, as you imagine your body in a new car, smell its smell, feel the thrill of a brand new ride, that all manifestations into physicality are but congealed spiritual essence? Is it not true that your physical reality is but a symbol for you to love and live, so that you can come into the Source of that symbol?.

Like the mind of the composer, running through every note is the cause of the thing, the reason, the heart of the matter. There could have been silence, but there is sound, and within it is structure and meaning and beauty.

Take a moment when enjoying this or that synchronicity, this or that meeting, this or that fulfillment, to consider that there is a story here, there is a composer whose greatest desire is to produce a music never before heard, unequaled in brilliance and mercy, a music which changes you with its being attended to, honored, informed by this music, you sit and are changed.

Once truly appreciated, this music will inform every thought you ever have, from the moment it touches you until your final remembrance is finally seen as the magnificent detail it was.

We tell you these things to ease your mind and to allow you to seek a higher reality within your day to day lifetimes.

We ask that you smile, and that you take a moment now and then to realize that your simple acknowledgment of your miraculousness indeed allows you to walk a road this lifetime which is well stationed for great love and opportunity.

It is so, that light is all, as the dark is but light’s absence. And to remind you, here, that this light is indeed within your very cells, it is the light which illuminates your mind, your eyes, which allows your fingers to feel and your heart to pump.

This light comes from and is entangled with your sun, Sol, and Sol is, among other things, a simple doorway, a portal, and the doorknob taking you through to this portal is your body, enlivened with your intent to discover if this is true, while knowing it is, and walking in this peculiar faith changes you and your reality daily now, as the sun does, and as your fellow travelers change.

Master. This word causes difficulty for some, but it is a truthful and clear word for what it is you are becoming

The only consternation which accompanies this word is from the thought of power over, and as a master, of course, you understand power, and that power over is not power at all. It is a lack of power, and a non issue for a master. And yet, those in confusion may wish to lay this confusion upon you.
What is laid upon you does not have to be tried on and worn out, you see. What is laid upon you does not even have to touch your skin anymore, do you see?

These garments of insufficiency and fear, these are cloaks which you have long become familiar with, and these are garments for which you now find little interest. And so do not put them on when they are handed to you, we ask you.

There is a mantle each of you wear, and many have been seeing and hearing about mantles lately. It is ancient symbology, and is now introduced from the Akash into many of your awarenesses since the solstice.

A mantle is one which allows all to see beautifully, comprehensively, just what it is you are capable of, and where your capacities and your highest function lies. It is sensed at this point, and although all come here angelic, and therefore with a mantle, these elders you are, you come in having donned your mantle, and it is now that you are allowing this truth to permeate your reality.

A mantle is a set of instructions, a blueprint, perhaps, but more. A mantle represents a garden of abilities and possibilities, as well as responsibilities, of course, which, of course, each of you are as eager to take on as the fun part of the work. We love you for your willingness.

There will be much more said about this phenomenon, but we wish to conclude by referencing this change we brought up last time, about a fire in the belly, about connections, and about the new path.
What once was and what is to come are moments as real and true as this one.

We see ourselves on a hill, stationed after a walk in hurly-burly country, a land of vivid lights and much activity. A carnival, a fun house, this is the land in which many wander, after throwing off the shackles of self imposed fear.

And this brightly lit land of tossing and turning, bright rivers of light, Ascended Masters and Ancient Ones, this is a land all will walk, all those who speak the words of intent.

And beyond this land of color, there are hills.

We find ourselves together on this hill now. This is where we began the channel, and where she has been residing as the sun spoke. We have been with her, and we have been talking.

We have explained to her that what lies beyond the chasm from which she has just traveled, this plane is golden, and this city is busy, organized, and ready for her, ready for each of you.

Beyond the confusion which naturally comes from extrication from darkness to light, allow there to be rest, if you feel you have been expelled from a topsy-turvy land of color. We sense many have been feeling relief and giddy exhaustion. Consider resting on this hill, catch your breath, and allow me to explain.

Now is a time of great calm, gentleness, for many on the path. We speak now not to those still in the throes of tearing away from attachment (fear), but to those whose attachments are now loved and are in alignment.

Please, we ask, please, to rest. Sit with us here on this hill, observe the turning of the globe, the sunsets and sunrises, and allow the earth to inform your footsteps now.

Yes, considering now what would be fun, that is appropriate. From a quiet hillock, looking to your left at a land of unequal equations and blinding light, and far in the distance, where you have come from, a black and white tableau now dissolving into significance for another time, and we sit, as friends, and we are in awe of your beauty, your strength and determination and humor and grace.
Each of you, on this hill here, resting, there is much honor for this.

And as you strengthen, and as the sun heals what fatigue remains, we ask you to look to the right. It really is just there in front of you, there really is no other way to proceed, and have you noticed, look down at your feet, it is just a matter of choice whether your feet have beneath them the sweet hills of earned rest, or the promised land of mastery.

It is the same terrain, just choice changes the context. These are magnificent times to be conscious.
Allow your days to be bright, and peaceful, and still. Understand that the hurly-burly, being tossed and turned and not knowing what end is up, those days, you know this, those days are now behind you.

Is it necessary at this point to insist that your dreams be fulfilled as scripted?

Is it not becoming clear that the script must change as your interior does, and therefore what it is you believe will bring you deep joy and satisfaction today might well be something you understand is relatively inconsequential as the sun once again rises and your stage is set for another day of love?

What we are saying is, marry your sun, marry your light, and do not marry your interpretations and hopes for this light, do you see? Love the light, and be unattached to its manifestations.

Create from enthusiasm, from hope, from joy, as often as you can, and fear not when your enthusiasm dips. Your creations will not turn putrid just because you have a bad day, and you need not consciously to maintain impeccably high light in order for your life to work out. Have you not earned some trust in your own abilities? Have you not found that here, on this hill, surrounded as you are by those who know and love you, that you may now drop what remains of your earthly expectations and needs? Your earthly worries and fears? Do you not see that in this light, worries and fears are your children, birthed in a time of symbols and unrest?

Do you really think, dear master, your reality is so fragile that if you have thoughts which you judge as unloving, that this essentially voids your good?

Just by saying these words, you have seen the error in that thinking, and we applaud this.

We wish to end on a personal note, but one that is for you, dear reader, you alone.

Precious one, within you is a place which will take you anywhere you desire. Within you is the core truth behind the truth, and the idea from which light itself sprang.

You have traveled far, and you are to see yourselves, first, for what you have become.

We wish for you to be prepared for love. This, of course, takes many forms, and for this we are ever grateful.

There is a balancing which is underway. Many in the light have led lives which have not been able to reflect the brilliance contained within. These overlays and false beliefs are now burned off from the largest part of your consciousnesses.

Allow a time of adjustment. Allow time to play imaginatively. And allow the thoughts of reward to pass from you. Allow this construct to pass. There is no reward here. There is no punishment here, of course.

There is that which is your birthright, and when you will take it on. And that is all.

We leave you in great love, profound spiritual abundance, and great good humor. We ask you to indulge yourselves today, allow yourselves a treat or two.

Allow your child within to sneak up and hug you.

Allow wonder to bubble up, and allow your fellow travelers to see this wonder in your face. There is no one finer on which the light of God shines, than someone who has kept it from themselves willingly, loving it in its absences, welcoming it once again into ones heart as friend, confidant, lover, mother, guide.

We leave you in utter peace and love, in deep gratitude, and in great celebration. You are blessed among men.

The peace which is God indwells you and is well pleased.

We leave you now to live out your day as the master you are.

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