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The Arcturians: the Alchemy Of Creation, Part 4 - Recalibrating The Chakras

You got a pair of brand new roller-skates and Source has a brand new Key.  For all you Yogis and Yoginni's out there; time to get with the new program!  DT the ET 

Channelled Through Suzanne Lie - June 24, 2013.


Greetings From The Arcturians
We return to continue our information about the Alchemy of Creation. Since you are now deeply into your process of returning to a conscious alignment Multidimensional Self, your creative powers are greatly increasing. Furthermore, since beloved Earth has returned to Her alignment with the Galactic Center, Gaia and all her inhabitants are able to receive and download extremely high frequencies of Light.

This higher Light creates a constant flow of Multidimensional and Unconditional Love into your Sun and into Gaia’s body of Earth. As this cosmic, Multidimensional Light gradually downloads from the higher dimensions, it enters the light network of your fifth-dimensional Lightbody, your fourth-dimensional astral body and your Etheric body, which is slightly above your physical resonance. The Etheric body serves as the interface between the physical and astral body.

Since this Light is Multidimensional, even though it first enters your physical form via your Pineal Gland, it is then dispersed into the chakras. Each chakra is calibrated to a certain frequency of Light. Therefore, the higher Light is dispersed to each chakra according to the frequency of that chakra. In this manner, each chakra receives the healing and transmutation that is consistent with the purpose of each chakra.

[For an in-depth explanation of how to prepare for the conscious download of the higher Light, please click the below link:


For the greatest benefit, please read through to the end of that section.

If you choose not to do so, we recommend that you at least read this message from Mytria about the Lemurians: 

As well as downloading the higher Light: http://www.multidimensions.com/superconscious/super_integration_superconlight.html

And Calibrating the Third Eye:
It is also important that this higher Light becomes integrated into your consciousness and your physical body. See link for integration your consciousness:

Reading the above writings will greatly facilitate your ability to understand what we are about to share.]



It is vital that this higher Light be grounded in the body of Gaia before it is distributed to your chakras. You would not plug in a powerful oven without a third grounding prong or it could short circuit the electricity of the house. In the same manner, it is important to first ground the higher Light into Gaia. A way to ground this Light is to:

Visualize yourself as a speck of light within the core of your brain.

Look up to see the pineal gland of your Crown Chakra just above you to see the higher Light entering that chakra.

Allow the higher Light to enter your Brow Chakra, and look forward to see through your Opened Third Eye. How does your world appear when you see it through your Third Eye?

Now, look down from the core of your brain to see the long corridor of your spinal cord. Allow yourself to float into this corridor.

As you float past your Throat Chakra, pause for a moment to look at the world through this chakra. How does reality appear through the frequency of this chakra?

Continue your journey down into your Heart Chakra. How does your life appear through the frequency of your Heart Chakra?

Float down into your Solar Plexus Chakra. How does your reality appear through this frequency?

Continue into your Navel Chakra. How do you perceive your world through this frequency?

As you enter your Root Chakra at the base of your spine you see Gaia’s body of Earth. How grounded in Gaia are you at this moment?

To fully ground yourself into Gaia’s planetary body, think of your favorite place in Nature and see yourself surrounded by that area. It is from this location that you will journey down into the Core of Gaia’s form. Move through Her Crust, Upper Mantle, Lower Mantle, Outer Core and deep into Her Inner Core.

Take the Core of your Essence and wrap it around Gaia’s Inner Core. Feel how you, people and planet, are ONE Being. As you merge your First Chakra with Gaia Her fourth dimensional Elementals of Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders, and Undines intermingle with the third dimensional elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water to calm your adrenal glands and assist you to remain within your own center core.


From the Core of Gaia, you move up through Gaia’s Inner Core, through Her Outer Core, past Her Lower Mantle and Her Upper Mantle and exit through Her Crust. Feel the grounded higher Light as it moves through your feet, up your legs and into your First chakra.

As this grounded higher Light moves up your spinal cord, it is dispensed to each chakra. As this grounded, higher Light enters each chakra the function and area of the body for that chakra, the nerve plexus for that chakra, as well as the endocrine gland for that chakra are gradually transmuted.

The lowest frequency/dimension of higher Light moves into your First Chakra.

First Chakra Transmutations

(See links below each chakra for third dimensional function and service.)

Function and Area of Body: The higher Light transmutes your first chakra to serve as the third grounding prong to ground your changing Earth vessel into the Earth.

Nerve Plexus: As the higher Light enters the nerve plexus for this chakra, it is calibrated to the expanding frequencies of Earth. Then you can remain in alignment with Gaia while people and planet prepare the foundation of fifth dimensional New Earth.

Endocrine System: Your adrenal glands slowly become accustomed to a new frequency so that you do not go into Fight/Flight response with every download.

The next octave of Light will enter your second chakra.

Second Chakra Transmutations

Function and Area of Body: Your second chakra is between your waist and the First Chakra at the base of your spine. The higher Light will prepare your second chakra for your rebirth and the vast changes that will occur due to the transmutation of yourself, your family and your society. It will also prepare you for a new concept regarding money and different systems of compensation based on the balance of energy out is energy back.

Nerve Plexus: This nerve plexus represents your Hara Center, which is the core of your balance within your physical and emotional life. This core will begin to expand to encompass core of the Earth and the core of your Multidimensional Self.

Endocrine System: Your polarized identity as male or female shifts into the androgynous versions of your Lightbody. Hence, your female hormones will expand outward beyond reproduction of a child into reproduction of a new reality, while the male hormones will turn more inward to send the seed of new life into yourself. Remember, that women have male hormones and men have female hormones, but at a much lower percentage. This separation will increasingly diminish as both genders create the balance of male and female hormones within their Earth vessels.

The next octave of Multidimensional Light will be dispersed into your third chakra.

Third Chakra Transmutations

Function and Area of the Body: Your third chakra is between your second chakra and the base of your rib cage. This chakra is the power center of your physical body and functions as either power-over or power-within. As you consciously begin to commune with the higher Light, you will begin to remember your innate power-within. Then, you will no longer allow yourself to be a victim. Will you face this challenge by activating your power-within or will you seek the revenge of power-over?

Nerve Plexus: Your solar plexus is your own inner Sun that shines your inner power into your reality.

Thus, the higher Light will amplify your inner power and free you from the cycle of victim/victimizer. As your inner Sun glows stronger and brighter your power within will reveal and release hidden thoughts of fear or victimization. Hence, you will no longer create those scenarios, as you will know that you are powerful and find no need to become involved the 3D Game of power-over.

Endocrine System: Your pancreas is the hormone that has to do with digestion of food, information and energy. Hence, your intake of food will greatly change as any dense or difficult to digest foods will interfere with your more important task of digesting and distributing the higher Light. Since your body will now be focusing on digesting the higher Light, lower frequency foods will become indigestible and hopefully stricken from your diet. Also, with the intake of higher Light you will begin to crave vast amounts of pure water to regulate and cool your system.

The next octave of Multidimensional Light will be dispersed into your fourth chakra.

Fourth Chakra Transmutations

Function and Area of the Body: The fourth chakra rules your heart and lungs and has the ability to run energy through your arms and hands. Your heart and lungs work to together to feed your cells oxygen-enriched glucose. As the higher Light continually enters your system, your cells bodies begin to crave Light rather than glucose. This transition of cellular food is the first stage of becoming a Lightbody.

Nerve Plexus: Your heart plexus is intermingled with your High Heart. Just as your physical heart runs your physical body by distributing blood throughout your system, your High Heart runs your Lightbody by distributing higher Light through your system. Since the highest frequency of Light is Unconditional Love, your High Heart distributes Unconditional Love through your system.

Endocrine System: The thymus gland of your fourth chakra rules your immune system and is the source of all the physical, emotional, mental and dimensional healing. Since Unconditional Love is the healing force of the Multiverse, once your High Heart has taken superiority over your human heart new forms of healing and transmutation will be revealed in your daily life.

The next octave of Multidimensional Light will be dispersed into your fifth chakra.

Fifth Chakra Transmutations

Function and Area of the Body: Your fifth chakra is your throat center, which is the center of communication via your physical voice and ears. As your heart and mind become the Heart/Mind of your High Heart, your throat chakra serves as the waylay device connecting your opened Third Eye and your High Heart.

Nerve Plexus: The throat chakra is ruled by the laryngeal plexus, which rules your throat, shoulders, arms and voice. Hence, your tone of voice, posture of your shoulders and movement of your arms will begin to give a clearer meaning of your communications than your words. This transmutation prepares you to communicate via telepathy, empathy and communing, which is the norm for higher dimensional realities.

Endocrine System: Your fifth chakra is ruled by your thyroid gland, which sets the pace/timing of your entire system. Hence, as the Multidimensional Light begins to integrate into your physical form your thyroid gland is called upon to maintain a steady pace for this higher resonance throughout your entire body.

The next octave of Multidimensional Light will be dispersed into your sixth chakra and the octave beyond that is your seventh chakra. Since your sixth chakra, pituitary gland, and your seventh chakra, pineal gland, work in unity to create your opened Third Eye, we will look at both of these chakras at once.

Sixth Chakra

Seventh Chakra

Integrating Sixth and Seventh Chakras

Sixth/Seventh Chakra Transmutations

Function and Area of the Body: Your sixth chakra is based at your forehead and your seventh is based at the top of your head. These two chakras work together. The pineal gland of the seventh chakra pulls the higher Light into your Earth vessel and sends it to your pituitary gland. The pituitary gland of your sixth chakra is the Master Gland that distributes this higher Light throughout your entire body. This distribution is based on matching the frequency of Light with the frequency of each chakra.

Nerve Plexus: The nerve plexus for these two chakras is the physical brain for the unenlightened and the Cosmic Brain for the enlightened. Your physical brain cares for all the needs of your physical life, whereas your Cosmic Brain cares for your Multidimensional life. It is via your Cosmic Brain that you receive communications (often known as channels) from your expressions of your Self in the higher dimensions of reality.

Endocrine System: While you are unenlightened your pineal and pituitary glands work together as separate partners. However, as the pineal and pituitary gland merge to become your Opened Third Eye, you perceive frequencies of reality far beyond the third dimensions. Then you know that you are not your body. Instead, you realize that you are wearing an Earth vessel, which is the lowest frequency expression of your Multidimensional Self.


Once you remember that you are a wondrous Multidimensional Being you begin the amazing journey of personal and planetary transmutation. In fact, this journey is likely the reason for your present incarnation. At this point, all the physical laws of separation, polarity, limitation and illusion are transmuted into a higher frequency of expression. For example:

Separation is transmuted into Unity

Polarity is transmuted into Convergence

Limitation is transmuted into Abundance

Illusion is transmuted into Truth

You will also remember that you are among those who volunteered to be a prototype of transmutation of form into a higher frequency of expression. In this manner, you can assist with the transmutation of your entire reality. Your greatest challenge is that you will undergo this personal transmutation while you inhabit the form that is transmuting. This process is similar to totally remodeling your house with a new roof, new floor, new plumbing, new electricity etc. while you are living within this house/body.

In order for a species, or a planet, to transmute forms without destruction of the previous form, it must be inhabited by an advanced consciousness that can communicate with its higher expressions of Self, as well as the cellular consciousness of the transmuting form. Most of you do not remember that you volunteered for this adventure, but knowing that you were brave enough to choose this challenge gives you great “power-within.”

Gaia’s planet, Her animals, plants, elements and fourth dimensional Elementals are all waiting for the very diverse, and often wounded, population of humanity to transmute into their higher expression. However, just as you would not transplant a tree into a larger pot when it was “sick,” a human who is wounded cannot be transplanted into a higher frequency body. Transmutation best occurs when your foundation is strong, your body strong and your conscious expanded.

Therefore, we recommend that your first job is to heal your body, mind and emotions. This healing will be ongoing as you adjust to higher and higher frequencies of form. As soon as you adapt to one frequency of form the bar is raised and you will be called upon to adjust to even a higher frequency.

Since the highest frequency of Multidimensional Light is Unconditional Love, and Unconditional Love is the healing force of the Multiverse, this higher Light heals as it transmutes. Thus, as your cells are healed and transmuted, you become increasingly aware that you are not just your body. YOU are a great Multidimensional body that has extended its lowest frequency into a physical body on Gaia to assist with Her process of planetary Ascension. You will assist Gaia by ascending your physical AGAIN!

Yes, you are Ascended Masters in human bodies who have volunteered to assist dear Gaia. As you remember your higher, Ascended Self, your higher state of consciousness can open portals of communication with your cellular consciousness. Your cellular consciousness has direct access to the matrix for your body. When your body’s matrix is fully transmuted into the fifth dimension, you will flash point into a Lightbody.

When you, as your Multidimensional Ascended Self, send Unconditional Love into the cellular consciousness of your Earth vessel, you greatly accelerate healing of any wounded areas of your body. In this manner, your physical form can more swiftly transmute into its higher expression of a Lightbody. Furthermore, when you, your Self send Unconditional Love into your subconscious Self, you free the many perceptions of reality that have been stored in your body’s matrix until your human expression was ready to perceive the higher dimensions of reality.

The healing of this Unconditional Love will occur without draining any energy from your third dimensional Self. All you need do is to recognize this steady stream of Unconditional Love from your Multidimensional Self into your physical Self. You can then relax, and the healing will proceed beyond the limitations of time and space.

We are viewing your process and will happily communicate with any of you who call.

The Arcturians

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