Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ode to The Human Race

Jose Sanchez:  The Song of the Heart. 

 Posted June 18, 2013

Each and every day you hear many stories of happenings around the world. You hear of how politicians, bankers, and the powers that be control society. How they oppress the human spirit to rise to the surface.

The mainstream media only concentrate on lying to the public and when they do share news is only about mind control and ways to stupefy the viewer.

Now here is the lighter side of humanity that you don’t hear much about but is the most prevalent all over the world. How humans are unifying in one heart. How humans are forming bonds of unity and brotherhood by joining in a common cause, a cause to be more than just a puppet of the old, inadequate system. A system that is being shifted to a completely new paradigm.

( a while ago I had a dream in which a loud voice heard by every human being gave great news a type of disclosure, which allowed humans to look up and sing in unison a praise to the greatness of the heart, of the All.)

My ode to the human Race:

Humans how I praise thee
In your isolation from source you have grown into power houses of self reliance, of perseverance.
In your isolation you have found the courage to survive and you are now finding the will to thrive.
In your aloneness you have found your direct connection to the divine, consciously or unconsciously and yet you are tapping to your greater source.
There is no other race like you, you are like an ark carrying the will and wishes of many, and yet you are doing this by your true grace.
There is so much beauty within you, a beauty that is shining forth strong and bright.
Through your frailty you demonstrate the true power of the spirit.
Through your vulnerability you allow for the divine to live and move freely in a world of many wonders a world of many changes, and yet your loving hearts remain pure and strong in the face of it all.
You are all bravely facing the greatest question presented to you now, do we stand together or fall alone?
In masse you are all making the choice to stand together for one common cause, and allowing your beating hearts and your passion for life take over and it is through you, God is stepping forth and learning now his greatest lesson.
There is love in the innocence of a child,
There is light in the love of a mother,
There is strength in the protectiveness of the father,
There is wisdom in the words of the elders.
There is hope in the hearts of the many,
There is light at the end of this lesson.
Humans through you God has now learned what it is like to be in unity and yet be as an individual, willing to extend a helping hand to the stranger and willing to love the child in despair.
Mothers, Fathers, children of the all you have accomplished your mission and have taken the creator to the next level in his/her evolution.
Time now to move forth to your next level, and this will become much more apparent in the days to come, and as the minutes pass by, your light becomes stronger and your consciousness becomes broader.
Dear humanity you are to be proud and to stand tall in unity for you have passed the final exam with flying colors and now it is time to come home.
Heart of Oneness

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