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Suzanne Lie: Earth/Pleiadian Ascension – The Work Begins, Part 3

Channelled Through Suzanne Lie On 6/9/2013


TwinFlames4We left off with two parallel realities in two totally different timelines. In both of these timelines Mytria and Mytre are temporarily separated in body, but not in heart/mind. Mytria is working in the Pleiades with Almon, who is Mytre’s parallel self, to assist the Ascension of their Pleiadian community living on one of the Pleiadian planets.

Simultaneously, but in vastly different timelines, Mytre is assisting with the planetary Ascension of Earth circa 2013 AD. With the assistance of the Arcturians, Mytria and Mytre are communing across the illusion of time and space to assist the members of both realities to extend their awareness into the fifth dimension of their perspectives worlds.

Mytria had taken a form on third dimensional Earth by merging her consciousness with an incarnated human who was one of the myriad third-dimensional expressions of her Multidimensional SELF.

However, Mytria went too far into the lower resonance of third dimension Earth and became disoriented. Hence, when she tried to bi-locate in order to assist Almon in the Pleiadian timeline, she became lost in transition.

However, what appeared to be a mistake was actually Divine guidance, as Mytria was meant to join Almon within that moment of the Pleiadian Ascension. However, Mytre became very concerned for Mytria’s welfare and decided to merge with one of his physical expression on Earth, Jason, so that he could form a human relationship with Sandy. Sandy is the name of Mytria’s 3D expression with whom she had merged.

Since Mytria and Mytre are Divine Complements, their physical expressions of SELF are also Divine Complements. Hence, the combined love force of Sandy and Jason create a beacon of Light which is helping to guide Mytria back to the source of her current inter-dimensional journey.

Mytre has decided not to merge as deeply with his human expression as Mytria did so that he can remain fully conscious of his true multidimensional nature. Furthermore, from his position in Jason’s fourth dimensional body, his aura, he can also overlight Sandy who had been quite depressed when Mytria left Sandy’s consciousness. Fortunately, since Sandy has met Jason, the thrill of “falling in love” has erased her depression. In the same manner, Jason is also falling in love with Sandy.

Mytre Speaks:

Now that I know that Mytria is safe and assisting Almon with the ascension of our Pleiadian community, I can relax and enjoy assisting Sandy and Jason to remember their true, Multidimensional SELF. Sandy became very depressed after Mytria left her consciousness, but she is doing great now that she has met Jason. Both Sandy and Jason have made big changes in their lives and have both become much more creative. For example, Sandy has been drawing some of her nightly visions and Jason has taken up journaling.

I do not think that either Sandy or Jason are aware of my presence within their consciousness, which is largely because they are falling and love and can only see each other right now. I remember when Mytria and I fell in love, or actually, surrendered into our recognition. When Divine Complements meet they usually feel as though they have know each other before, but cannot remember where. The “where” that they met is within their own spiritual awareness.

However, even though they are not always consciously aware of it, I have been overlighting both of them. Usually Mytria would overlight Sandy, as that is her human expression, but Mytria is very involved with the ascension of our society in the Pleiades. Besides, since Mytria and I are Divine Complements and thus one Being in the higher worlds, our Earthly expressions are also “one Being.”

I see now that I am tutoring them in the same manner that the Arcturian taught Mytria and me when we were on the Ship. In other words, I will guide them in a certain manner and wait for them to follow that guidance before I give them further direction. I found that when the Arcturian taught me in that manner, I felt as though I could find my own pace.

Sandy and Jason do not, yet, know their higher expressions on the Ship, but they are beginning to remember their “dreams” and share them with each other. I also think that they may be beginning to be consciously aware of my presence.

Sandy Speaks:

I woke up this morning with another dream of being on a Starship. I wish that I could share this very important part of myself with Jason. However, he is just beginning to know my daily self. It may be far too soon to share my dream life. On the other hand, last night I actually saw him on the Ship with me. I wonder if that is just my desire or if he was really there. In fact, I’m not even sure that I was really there. Either way, I really need someone to talk to about what is happening with me.

I have spent my whole life being the person I thought I should be instead of the person that I really was. But, maybe that is because I was never really sure who I was, nor am I sure who I am now. But I am beginning to figure out a few things. For example, I know now that if I can’t honestly be myself with someone, then no matter how great the sex is or how much fun we have, the relationship will not last.

I can’t take any more disappointment in my life. Therefore I have to start being honest – with myself first, then with my partner. I think I just talked myself into telling Jason about my dreams. I will start by telling him in my imagination. Then, when I know exactly how to say it, I will wait until the words just come out of my mouth.

I have found that when I do that it always works out fine. I hope! Oh, he is starting to wake up now. We have been together almost every night since our first date. Why do we still pay two rents? Neither one of us can afford that, but we are too afraid to make that kind of commitment yet. NO! It is definitely too soon to tell him about my dreams.

“Sandy,” Jason mutters with his eyes still half closed. “I have to tell you about the dreams I have been having.”

Wow, that is fast. I just think it and Jason is thinking the same thing. Should I be honest or just let him talk about this first?

“Do you want me to get us some coffee first?” I ask to buy myself some time to decide what to do?
“No, no.” Jason says in a groggy morning voice. “I have been putting off telling you about these dreams for a long time. I did not want you to think I was too weird. But, last night I dreamt that you were there with me.”

“Me too,” I blurt out before I can remember to check myself. That is what I love (love???) about Jason. I forget to be who I should be and act from myself, and he loves it.

“Jason, that is so weird. I was just trying to find a way to tell you about my dreams. But, please, you go first.”

We go back and forth for a while about who should go first, when Jason finally just starts talking. I love that about him. He is so openly himself.

“Sandy,” Jason speaks. “First I want you to know that you are the only person in my life that I have ever been able to be so honestly myself with. I spent most of my life trying to be who I should be or the person that I thought someone would like. Now, especially since meeting you…” he said as he pulled me close to him and looked into my eyes.

Of course, I totally melted into the moment. I waited for a kiss, but he suddenly pulled back and said,
“No, I have been wanting to tell you this for too long. If we start that, there will be no talking,” he said with that sexy look in his eyes. I was ready, as usual. However, he pushed me away just a bit and held my hand.

“I have to continue,” he continued. “Looking into others to see who I should be worked pretty good as I was naturally pretty perceptive. However, I did not like myself. I felt like a chameleon that took on my environment, but did not have any real sense of myself. Then I had an experience shortly before I moved here.”

I settled in, so happy to find a man who could talk to me from his heart. In fact, Jason seemed to always speak from his heart. Even if he was upset about something, he was always genuine and real. I was so pleased to hear the process through which he became that way. Then, maybe I could learn to be that more genuine too.

Jason continues, “I had a dream, or maybe it was a vision, in which a tall man with blond hair and striking blue eyes appeared to me.”

I caught my breath then, but I kept my mouth shut and maintained our eye contact. Jason did not seem to notice my reaction.

“I could not speak with him yet,” Jason continued. “However, over time I was able to hear him. The first thing he told me was that I could call him Mytre. After a while, I guess he was trying not to freak me out, he told me that he was a Pleiadian and a member of the Galactic Federation of Light. Of course, I instantly went on the Internet to research Pleiadian and Galactic Federation. This research helped a lot as there were pages and pages on both of these issues.”

Why didn’t I do that? I just kept thinking I was crazy when I could have easily discovered that thousands were just as “crazy” as me. That is one of the things I so love (oops, there is that word again) about Jason. He is so action oriented. Fortunately, Jason has stopped the eye contact as he was going inside himself. Thus, he did not notice my distraction. I focus my attention back on his words.
“Do you think I am crazy?” Jason says as he looks into my eyes.

Is that man a mind reader? It is as though we are one person with the same thoughts. It is spooky and glorious at the same time.

“No, no honey,” I say as I look into his beautiful eyes. “Please go on. I have a similar story, but I do not want to distract you.”

He makes gestures for me to tell him my story, but I urge him to continue speaking first.

“OK,” Jason says. “I guess I had better go on before I lose my nerve. Anyway, when this Pleiadian man came into my life something shifted inside of me. I do not understand how or why I changed so much or so quickly, but it felt so good, so real, that I just let my old life go. I mean, even after our first meeting in which all he did was appear and introduce himself as Mytre, I gave notice at the job that I hated. I didn’t have another job, so I also gave notice at my apartment that I also hated.

“By the second time Mytre appeared I had stopped seeing most of my so-called friends, and when Mytre started telling me about things that would be happening to our world, I wrote down every word. In fact, I started a special file in my computer to keep all Mytre’s messages.

“I know this may sound weird, but I felt as though Mytre guided me to take my new job, which I love, and to find my new apartment, which I am never in,” He smiled his sexy smile. Is everything about Jason sexy? YES!!

“In fact,” Jason continued unaware of my lustful thinking, “I even feel like he guided me to you. However, it was never as though he was telling me what to do. It was more like I could see through his higher perspective. Also, if I had questions, I asked him in my mind. Then I would just wait and several options would come into my consciousness. Then, because I had this higher perspective, I could feel inside me what choice of action best resonated with the new me and what choice resonated to the habitual behavior of the old me.”

I was entranced by what Jason was saying because it was so similar to my experience. I must have looked like I was not listening as Jason asked me if I understood what he was saying.

“Oh, yes Jason, I totally understand. In fact, I was just thinking how everything you have told me is so similar to my own experiences. But, please, continue. I will tell my story later. I want to hear every word you to tell me.”

“Are you sure?” Jason questioned. “I don’t want to monopolize our conversation.”

“No, please continue. I truly am hearing everything. It is just that I feel your words so deeply in my heart that it may look like I am not attending to you. Please continue.” I said as I reached out and touched his heart. In the second that my hand touched his heart I felt a rush of energy move into my hand, up my arm and into my own heart. What was this relationship? Who were we to each other, and how could we be so very much alike?

“All right, I will continue, mainly because I fear if I stop telling my story I may never have the courage to speak of it again.”

I shook my head in agreement, not wanting to say any more words. I looked into his eyes to encourage him to continue.

“I do not know what is going on here, but I feel like I have known you forever. I asked Mytre who you were, but he would only say that I would need to find that out on my own. I have no idea what he meant by that, except that I think he wanted me to tell you about my feelings.

It is not just meeting Mytre that has changed my life. It is also my feelings about you. It seems that we are connected in levels that are beyond my understanding. I am happy about this connection, and I want to continue spending time with you and getting to know you more and more. But, I have gotten off my story. Is it alright if I continue?”

I eagerly nodded yes and said. “Please do.”

“Well, Mytre started to take me onto his Starship. He told me that he normally served on the Arcturian Mothership, but he was presently serving on a much smaller Ship because of his present assignment. In fact, he told me that I, and you, were a part of this assignment.

“Mytre seems to speak into my heart and mind, and I write down everything he says. Is it possible that he is just a figment of my imagination…”

“No, No,” I burst out. “I have met him too!”

The look on Jason’s face when I said those words, made me know that I was totally in love with him. His look was filled with joyful acceptance. He did not doubt me one bit and was actually happy that I had had a similar experience.

“It is like we are one person!” he said with that sexy smile on his face.

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