Friday, June 7, 2013

Archangel Michael: Any Earnest Effort On Your Part Must Now Meet With Success

A very nice performance review from The Boss...Enjoy!  
DT the ET

Channelled Via Ron Head On June 6, 2013

imageWe wish you to know that the flow of light into this corner of your galaxy, and therefore your planet and yourselves, has once again reached an all-time high. The flow of information is, therefore, also increased. What does this mean for you?

As this light proceeds to flow throughout your energy field and your physical body, you will continue, not begin, but continue, to be enabled, should you choose, to hold more and more of the energy of your true, and shall we say extended, selves.

Your consciousness, memories, perceptions, and all functions thereof will now be able to grow at the extent of your desire.

Yes, it will depend upon your desire, your will, and the state from which you now begin to move forward what that will look like for each of you. But it is not necessary, if it ever was, that you feel ‘stuck’ any longer. The flow of the energy into and through you is now too great to allow for that unless you allow for it. Any earnest effort on your part must now meet with success.

Realize, however, that each of you are ‘beginning’ from a different place and each of you will have different ideas of what your goals in this process are. Eureka! You now know why there are billions of you here. Create from within yourselves the highest and best and most productive and joyous life you can imagine. Help the person next to you to do the same, whatever that may be. Be in touch, as much as you are able, and as much as you can become able, with your highest understanding of yourselves and your Creator. All else will fall into place as it should, and most likely far better than your imagination was able to foretell. And speaking of your imagination, that most wondrous part of you, turn it loose and see where it may take you.

If it seems to you as if we are a bit more joyous than usual, dear hearts, it is because we see, from our vantage point, that you have once again reached a turning point, and have done so even before we expected you to.

We live in your hearts, dearest ones, and we hold you in ours. We will speak with you again very soon. Good day.

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