Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Message From Sirian Archangel Hermes

Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now as the energy of the solstice allows me to enter into your conscious perception. With the increasing harmonic resonance and heightened awareness now reaching new levels of manifestation, this allows for communication with greater clarity and frequency between us. In the coming months we shall become more adept with our communication, you shall begin to feel your other mind senses informing you of my presence. 

The Sirian Archangelic League is poised to begin action on new frontiers, this you shall begin to see manifest in subtle ways at first, then becoming more obvious to those who have become aware.

I come to speak of communication. A multidimensional medium, evolved in this timeline through the concepts of words and writing. There was once a time when communication could not be misconstrued, for inhabitants simply communicated through telepathy. With a simple look and gesture, an entire paragraph of words could be conveyed, in a fraction of the time and with no confusion. 

Today, for most, the only form of communication is through words or writing. While this does have its advantages, it also has its disadvantages, as humans tend to twist words into their own liking. It is for this reason that many of the higher realms are communicating with you in ways other than words, so there will not be individual ego interpretations of our correspondence.
A clear example of this is the numerological synchronicity that many are now starting to affirm, is much more than just a series of numbers. Many are now starting to share these numerical codes at the correct digital time intervals within your third dimensional time matrix. 

This is a form of multidimensional communication! The Arcturians specialize in this medium, know that if you are seeing, affirming, and sharing numerical sequences, that you are in contact with them. They are codes, think of something like the dial of a safe. The safe will not open until the correct numerical code is entered. 

Your minds are the same way, however it may take many years of numerical communication and codes to unlock a new door in the mind. Your thought forms will be the clear indication that this is truth. Thoughts will begin to enter into your mind, thoughts never before entertained, conceived. Memories may also return, and this process is not always a simple one, some memories may be difficult. Know they must come to be acknowledged before they can be cleared.

Another form of multidimensional communication is that of sound. Tones and audio cues, such as high pitched ringing, or sudden noises while in a quiet room or meditation, are signs that we are trying to communicate with you. Often you will not only hear these sounds, you will also see them, as with harmonic resonance comes resonance within your own sensory perceptions. Cymatics is the science of the geometry of sounds frequency, and as your other mind senses begin to integrate with your current ones, you will begin to flow with the multiversial symphony of creation, you will hear light, and you will see sound. Certain audible tones will be accompanied by flashes of light. This is yet another form of our communication and sending of codes to further open your sensory perception and better aid in our sessions.

I wish to speak with you now of raising your consciousness. The multiverse is a scalar one, there are levels of density and dimension which correspond to each level of sentient and non sentient consciousness. Much of the discord that remains is due to different levels of consciousness. The term of Cognitive Dissonance explains this quite well. While many lightworkers have raised their consciousness to a level of infinite time awareness and they have affirmed that all is indeed by design, others have no way of comprehending such a concept. Lightworkers know that they are here to act, to dissolve conflicts or speed them to their conclusions, they know that all is by design and this enables them to work in more harmony with one another. Thus, they are not concerned with concepts of paranoia, fear, guilt, or worry, their primary concern is creating what will be.

An example of this which I will again reference is the economic structure of your society. In the event of a total economic collapse, there already exists a back up currency and plan, however it will not be initiated until the exact moment that it must be. Until that time, your current economy will remain. Your governments and cabal are already well aware of the future timelines, and they seek to remain in control of as many of them as possible. It is the duty of the lightworker to return this control to each individual, so that they may govern themselves. This is made difficult by those whom consciousness remains locked in a third dimensional perception of time. 

When one enters into infinite time awareness, one begins to see that the concepts of chaos and order are the foundations of fourth dimensional, infinite time. Empires rise and fall, as does society, over the recorded ages of infinity. Fourth dimensional consciousness within a fourth density world is much like a risky game of chess. The kings and queens make their moves, and the higher and lower ranking pawns act on their orders. The big "secret" that many have yet to affirm is that in fact both sides play for the same team. The goal is to keep the game going as long as possible, to retain hierarchy, control and order for as long as possible, and then when the time comes when chaos is unavoidable, their alignment quickly changes and they then embrace chaos, for the cycle has begun to repeat, order from chaos.

 Chaos is the time loop, for when chaos is manifest in its fullest form, the world goes back in time in many aspects. When the game ends, so does their fourth dimensional experiences. The higher echelons of the fourth dimension can be compared to what people call paradise. Those who have attained that level do not wish to surrender it, ever. They will do all in their power to retain it, and this is why we have lingering discord and corruption.

Fourth dimensional time is cyclic time, it goes in cycles of order and chaos, illuminati are well aware of this and they make no efforts to veil it. That is their way, they must "fly their flag" so to speak. They inform everyone of their intentions, however so many remain under their spell that they cannot affirm this. So long as you dwell within the fourth dimension and fourth density, so shall you come and go in cycles of order and chaos.

The concept of chaos is seen as one of fear by many. This is again how mankind puts its own spin on words. Chaos simply is, it is discord, it is confusion, it is future, mystery, freedom. It is not inherently evil or wicked, it is simply what one has been educated for it to be. Order is seen by many as the superior concept. Order is past, absolution, conformity. Each one has positive and negative aspects, however as things have become in this timeline, order has greatly upset the balance.

 Everything has become so orderly now that liberty and freedom are fading away under the pen strokes of your governmental agencies legislation. The word now binds most everyone, the law has become corrupted and seen as something that cannot be defied. Mankind has become docile, naive, lost. This changes more each day however, as more of our efforts continue to manifest and reveal these truths.

I say to each of you, that my messages will be coming in more frequency in the months to come, as will our correspondence on an individual level. Call upon me for direction, for guidance and for bridging your contact with the divine. In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!

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