Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Archangel Uriel: The End of Karma and the New Era of Creation

Unresolved Karma binds us to the Wheel of cyclic existence (see illustration) and getting off -ascending- has heretofore been very difficult.  By orders from Upstairs the wheel is in the process of coming to a halt and all remaining karmas are to be absolved to facilitate Hue-manity's and Gaia's Ascension.  All we have to do is go into our Hearts and ask for it to done and So It Shall Be! Ya gotta love this Love Bubble we're in...DT the ET

Channelled Via Jennifer Hoffman On June 16, 2013

Karma has been the path of the Earth and of its human family since the beginning of this Ascension cycle. This is the foundation of the third dimensional paradigm and it contains the promise of evolution from fear to Love, from limitation to expansion, and from suffering to joy and Ascension into higher dimensions of Being.

To attain the promise of Ascension humanity must complete its karmic path through forgiveness, which is required to end karma. These lessons are both your blessing and your greatest challenges, as you have experienced in the many lifetimes and struggles that have defined your karmic path.

You have seen this is as path from karma to redemption but it is really simply moving from karma, the path of destiny and healing, to creation, the path of the Divine human, One-ness, connection and of intentional energy flow. The karmic path has come to an end, if you choose to allow it to.

The new Era of Creation is now one small step away from you, and forgiveness is the bridge you cross to reach it. This is not a small matter, for once you cross the bridge into the Era of Creation, you can never return to the dimensions of karma. For some of you this is a difficult choice because you walk on two karmic paths, the one of your lifetimes and the one of humanity’s karma.

As Light workers, teachers, and multi-aspected healers, you have held the healing potential for collective karma. Part of your karmic journey is the responsibility you have accepted for the pain and suffering, created by others, that has impacted much of humanity. While you were powerless to prevent it and it was part of the collective karmic path, you have chosen to remain in karmic cycles until the collective karma is healed. Through this responsibility you have delayed the closure you need to complete your karmic cycles and you have done this willingly but even so, it is no longer necessary.

By remaining in this aspect of your karmic cycles you do not complete the other potential of your healing and that is to empower the creation paradigms for the New Earth, which are karma-free. Your fear that karma will not be released, that you will not be successful in this aspect of your soul promise and soul contracts, that you will not honor your obligations to Source, that this will be another failed attempt at moving from karma to creation keeps you in karmic cycles that you do not belong in.

Can you accept the healing gift of Grace, the forgiveness that Source has for you, which releases you from the collective karma you are holding healing energy for? This is your opportunity to do the work that your soul has longed for since the beginning of this very long journey, and that is to create the New Era for the Earth, the Era of Creation and the end of karma.

There are aspects of this healing that you cannot complete, that must be done through the collective intention to release karma. While you can hold energy and intention for this outcome, this is no longer needed. What is needed is the fulfillment of karma’s healing, new paradigms for peace, joy and Love that exist beyond karma.

This is your evolution and Ascension into higher dimensions of Being and this is your gift to the world. Be complete with your healing, accept the gift of Grace which are your release from your individual and collective karmic obligations and step into the joy, freedom, peace and Unconditional Love that are the blessings of the New Era of Creation.

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