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Angelic Guides: Free Will vs Destiny

Channelled By Taryn Crimi On June 14, 2013

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of free will. We understand that this can be quite confusing and so it is at this time that we would like to share with you our perspective on the topic of how you may use your free will on your world and what you have chosen before you incarnated.

Please bear with us as this topic is rather extensive and we would like to try to clarify as much as we can at this time. We will elaborate further in subsequent messages as you have time to integrate the information in this message.

Let us first begin by explaining what your higher self is responsible for choosing before you have incarnated into this physical reality. You could label these decisions as being “pre-determined”. Realize that you had the free will to make these choices when they were made.

When a soul chooses the life they will incarnate into, much time is spent in determining what lessons and challenges will best serve the good of all. A soul chooses the parents they will have, and therefore the family they will incarnate into. Perhaps your choice of family may seem unfitting to you once you are in the incarnation however all souls chose their family based on the lessons and experiences they wanted to have ingrained within them at an early age.

This allows you to ensure that you would have a particular perspective that would be the result of the family and beliefs you were raised within. Souls also choose the location and region of incarnation, as well as the time period they will incarnate into. Souls also choose main lessons you wish to explore and the ingrained subconscious beliefs you would like to incarnate with. This is what is pre-determined before you incarnate.

Now let us explain how free will can be used in this reality. As we just explained, the family and region you will be born into are chosen before you incarnate. However what you do with your life from that point on is entirely up to you. Although there are lessons which a soul would like to further investigate this in no way means that each experience is pre-determined.

Overall lessons a soul may be interested in could be exploring self-love, trust or judgment just to name a few. There is a tremendous amount of flexibility in every incarnation and you are free to make any decision you would like, based on what you would like to experience and create next. The experiences you have in your life are not pre-determined.

Many find the concept of time to be one that further complicates their understanding of free will. We do understand that this can be very difficult to fully understand as you have agreed to view time as a straight linear line, in which you can only go forwards. And the explanation that we often give when we explain how we perceive time is that we view time simply as a marker, much like a page number in a book.

We simply use time to locate the experience that we would like to shift our focus to, just as you use page numbers to find the page you would like to focus your attention on. You are free to flip backwards and forwards as often as you like, just as we flip through time as often and regularly as we like. To us, time is a circle, not a linear line; and therefore there is no beginning or end. Yet, the assumption often made is that because all is going on concurrently, “then I must have already made all of my decisions”; yet this is not so.

We cannot tell you what decision you will make in the next hour, day, week, month or years from now simply because we do not know. We can only tell you what the most probable and likely reality you will create and draw to you based on the vibration you are pulsing out at this very moment. However you can change your thoughts, decisions, and vibration in an instant. The decisions that you make in this very instant determines what experience you will manifest “next”.

Now because there are an infinite number of parallel realities, all decisions that you could ever possibly make at any moment in your life are all playing out. We can see them all in the higher dimensions; however the beauty of the 3rd and 4th dimensions is that you are only able to see one reality at a time. By not being able to see how any decision you make will play out, you are free to explore your world with wonder and amazement never knowing what will happen “next”. This is a far different experience than what the higher dimensions offer.

Know that you have the opportunity to draw to you whatever experience you choose at any given moment. Your soul has only set a “blue print” for the overall lessons you wanted to learn from. How you experience those lessons is entirely up to you. You have chosen to focus on particular lessons that you wanted to master, yet you have the ability to learn from them quickly or never learn them at all in this life. Also how you experience those lessons and the reality that allows you to have that experience is entirely up to you depending on the choices you make and the beliefs you choose to hold.

You have the ability to attract an infinite number of possibilities to you at any given moment. This is why we often say that we do not predict the future; we can only share with you what we see as being the most likely probable manifestation that you will choose to create at this exact moment. Yet if you choose an entirely different experience or change your vibration and beliefs drastically you will of course alter the reality you will experience.

Many have asked, well what if I no longer want to learn how to master lack, judgment or love for example. How can I change that with my free will? To this we reply, if you no longer want to experience any more lessons about lack, then you must also be able and willing to release and replace all limiting beliefs that you have regarding lack in order to no longer attract and therefore experience these lessons.

You see, although what you have chosen to learn has been pre-determined, how you learn the lesson and how you choose to view each experience is entirely up to you. We could compare the overall lessons that you wanted to explore as being more of a general theme that you will inherently find throughout your life, however there are no pre-determined experiences of how you will learn those lessons. Do you see?

Many wonder if the person they will marry or the children they will have are pre-determined. To this we will say that although you have the free will to decide if you want children, how many children, if you want to get married and if so to whom; you have already chosen several souls that have agreed to play this role with you. You are not forced to make the decision to marry that spouse, have children, or be friends. In fact there are usually quite a few souls that are willing to participate in those relationships with you if you desire and your experiences and decisions lead you to each other. It is only a pre-agreement that each soul is willing to participate in if each soul chooses to make those decisions once incarnated.

All else is determined by the choices you make while incarnated. Whether you choose to find each other and develop your relationship is entirely up to you once you incarnate. You are free to choose whether you want children or not, whether you want to get married or not, whether you would like to stay in this incarnation or not, whether you would like to live in a new location, a new profession, gain new friends and so on. These decisions are not “set in stone”. This is why we say that free will is your greatest asset in this reality. You are always free to make a new choice, make a new start, and choose a new experience. All that limits you is your beliefs. What you believe, you will perceive. You are all creator beings; and as a result you are free to create whatever you choose.

Each soul knows that there are an infinite number of choices and experiences that have the potential to play out. Which experiences you choose are not determined until you make them. Now as we have stated quite frequently, you have the ability to choose any experience you desire, all that limits what is possible is your beliefs. The only choices which are “pre-determined” are your birth family, the location of birth and the overall lessons your soul wanted to focus on. Those are the only things that cannot be changed by your conscious free will at this time.

Notice that we say “conscious” free will. By trying to consciously change the lessons that you wanted to focus on you are trying to consciously amend an agreement that you do not have the full conscious awareness of. Your subconscious mind and the lessons you wanted to focus on cannot be changed by your conscious intent. Why? You cannot change what you do not know. To come here and learn nothing would not serve you.

However and this is one of the most important points we want to make in this message; just because your soul wanted to learn does not in any way mean that you cannot enjoy your experience here. You are free to experience whatever you like, and you are free to follow your joy. You are free to surround yourself with all that you find peaceful, loving, enjoyable, exciting and any other feelings you want to have. How you perceive your reality is entirely of your own free will, remember that all is inherently neutral; it is the perceiver who is tasked with placing a value to any experience.

The beliefs that you hold are all that stands between you and what you desire to create. You always have the free will choice to believe whatever you want to. If a belief is not serving you then you can release it and choose a new belief. You are the maker and designer of your reality. You choose what you will experience; no one else. You are holding the keys, and no one else can unlock the door but you. You will only draw to you what you believe and expect to get, wishing will do you no good. What do you want to create?

We hope that this message has served you in some way and brought some clarity and peace to those who are in need of this message most.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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