Monday, June 10, 2013

The Growing Indications of Real Change

This op-ed piece is an insightful, personal commentary on these interesting times from one who is an accomplished channeller and Indigo walk-in and is just shy of his 20th birthday.
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Posted By Wes Annac On June 10, 2013

I feel the need to comment on a certain theme I’m seeing emerge today (June 10) that just can’t go un-addressed.

It’s a theme that, if I let them, the channeled sources speaking through me would perhaps address.

Indeed, the Company of Heaven has discussed this theme exponentially today, and it’s for that reason I feel the need to set-aside the myriad other tasks I’d set out for myself today (working on the Newsletter, working on the next message to have published, etc.) to offer my perspective.

Throughout the various channeled messages and terrestrial exposures we’re seeing today, the theme’s emerging that the widespread changes we’ve looked forward to for so long are just about to begin.

We’re being inundated with material suggesting that the first signs of exposure of the dark’s activities, as well as the signs of true and real change beginning to be enacted, are here for us to see, right now.
Just look at a few of the news stories and messages that have emerged of late:

The continuing exposure of the NSA’s spying on, well, just about everyone. (1)

The emergence of the brave whistleblower who exposed the NSA’s activities and the petition already being started to grant him amnesty from any potential prosecution. (2)

The continuing messages from reliable channeled sources (Michael & Gabriel via Ron Head and Master Hilarion to name a few) who are telling us today that some kind of tipping-point has been reached and that true, positive change is just on the horizon. (3)

I could go on with examples, but all one needs to do is scan almost any given mainstream news outlet to see that some kind of dam has broken. Truth is spilling into every corner of our collective perception, and it seems that exposure of the dark’s activities is the theme of the day. Because of this and because of the rising energy levels (which I’ve certainly felt), it seems that we’re actually on the precipice of real and true change and exposure being brought about.

Everything we’ve worked toward is bearing fruit. The actions of so many of us in spreading the Light and exposing corruption in any ways we can are indeed leading us toward a future of accountability and a collective, harmonious running of this world.

Of course, we’ve stood on the precipice of change as an awakening collective for quite a while, and in various different points in our recent history, we’ve geared-up for real change only to experience dashed expectations. Much of the time, we’ve been told from a source in the higher dimensions or from a terrestrial “insider” that something was planned to break in the physical paradigm and awaken humanity. When we’ve been told such things, modifications have had to be made to the overall plan, which pushed back much of what we expected to happen.

Now, the stage is set a bit differently.

We’re being told by some of our channeled sources that change is on the horizon, for real this time. People with connections to insiders, such as David Wilcock, are reporting that “the nightmare is almost over”. (4)

With all due respect, despite the extent to which this world has been controlled, my existence is not and never has been a “nightmare”.

Anyway – the difference between now and the past, when we were given such predictions from channeled sources or insiders, is that the exposures coming to the forefront of the collective consciousness are not only happening, but are actually a bit overwhelming. The exposures are now beginning to come at us full-force, and I’d advise expecting to meet some realizations about the cabals and what they’ve done that may make our hearts sink momentarily.

We’re about to learn the full scope of what they’ve been able to do, and the latest NSA exposures already speak to that. It’ll be important for us to remember that we are the Light, and that nothing we learn that’ll make our hearts sink or even infuriate us, actually has to. When we learn about such things (and we already are) it’ll be important for us to see that the extent of the dark’s activities does not have to bring us down or convince us that they were ”all-powerful” because they weren’t.

Returning to the idea that real, positive change is about to be enacted – again, we’ve heard these predictions many times over and usually, when “that time comes again” and it seems that real change might actually greet us, I tend not to report or give my perspective. I take a “wait and see” attitude before openly proclaiming myself that I believe such change to be on the horizon, but again this time is different.

Personally, I’ve been given indications that a very important spiritual and physical “shift point” has just been passed, and that we’re about to reap the positive rewards of such a shift. The biggest indication of this I’ve received is my depleted mood in this moment.

Every time we’re told of an important spiritual shift-point we’ve just passed, I tend to feel, well, awful, on the days we’re told. I tend to feel as if my physical and etheric body just experienced some type of power-washing, and the effect I’m left with is very calm, yet quite drained and depleted. I usually-always find myself meeting with the most exuberant of motivation to be a part of our New Earth very shortly after, and when every important shift-point comes around, I’ll soon after find myself inundated with spiritual energy and impetus.

Waking up this Monday morning, I felt that very depleted energy before jumping online and seeing the fresh, new exposures and messages that have been delivered to us. I could keep writing on this subject for an entire day but to keep this article short enough: the signs of real change being on the horizon are here, now more than ever.

I’d recommend paying close attention to the exposures coming about, especially related to the NSA, because they’re only the beginning.

Before waking up. feeling depleted and seeing the exposures, I had the most intricate, encrypted and clear of continual morning-dreams. Because of those dreams alone, I can feel that at the very least, the presence of heaven on this Earth is much stronger than it was even yesterday.

Wes Annac – Watching, half-dazed and half-excited, as the exposures we’ve worked so hard to see finally arrive.
Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia


(1)- Here’s one exposure detailing the “secret tool” used by the NSA to track global data:
(2)- Here’s a Q&A with the man heroically-responsible for exposing what the NSA has been doing:
Here’s an article about him:
(3)- Here are the referenced messages from Michael & Gabriel, as well as Hilarion:
Michael & Gabriel:
Hilarion’s message, aptly titled, “There is a Feeling of Something Great and Wonderful about to Happen”:
(4)- See a snippet of, “David Wilcock: The Nightmare is Almost Over – Part 1″ at:
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