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The Arcturian Group Message - June 2, 2013


 Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele - June 2, 2013 

We are here to assist any and all wishing to ascend into the higher dimensional energy now available. More and more Light is pouring into the Earth as many sacred portals are now open to assist in this momentous time of awakening.

We hear many of you say that nothing is changing. Do not look for world changes based in third dimensional concepts, for these are simply ideas of what you believe should happen based in limited knowledge of the world as you have known it.

With your intent and permission, energy change first flows into your energy field and begins to dissolve that which is old and untrue – the shadow energy that you carry with you in the form of any false beliefs regarding yourselves and others. The shadows are dissolved in the presence of the Light – higher frequency energies.

Gradually, the individual then begins to experience change within his thinking patterns as well as within all facets of his life and this is often where the “problems” start. He finds that he no longer resonates with people, places, or things as he used to and the evolving student may find himself with some difficult personal choices to make.

These subtle changes usually unfold gradually and lead the initiate into the new as they are ready or able to handle the higher frequencies. This may appear to the student as though nothing is happening. Understand that as you allow and gradually begin to hold more Light, you are changing the energy of the whole planet. All there is to shadow energy is an unawareness of Self – some carry more, some carry less. As each new awareness of truth deepens within you, its Light becomes a part of your energy field.

Many have been expecting a magic wand to suddenly wave and make the world different. No one can do your evolving for you, Dear Ones. Even the belief that the Master Jesus came to do this for you is a false interpretation of his message. He lovingly seeded the consciousness of mankind with the way – the means to do it, but many did and still believe that he will do the work for them. It is your job, your choice, your journey and is why you are on Earth at this time.

We are here to assist if you want assistance. You are free-will Beings and can dilly-dally as long as you please. However, know that you all knew about this shift before entering into this lifetime and choose to be here. Right now is the most powerful time in eons for mankind to move forward and all is in place now.

We would like to talk about the experience of living on Earth in these times. It is an understatement to say that it has been very difficult for many of you. You are seeing chaos in many forms as the old departs kicking and screaming and the new comes in. Many are suddenly realizing that ideas heretofore presented as fact were simply lies given to keep you settled in a state of fear and acceptance.

You, individually and as a whole, are starting to investigate, question, and realize that you have been duped – over and over again. These are signs of awakening – of the veils of ignorance being lifted, for even several years ago you would have just accepted everything presented as truth. The world is not getting worse, it is the Light shining on the shadows, you see. You are beginning to question, to assert your personal power, and trust your intuition. These are the signs of a world waking up to its innate spiritual power and value.

Think of this process as mankind emerging from a cocoon of sleep that it has accepted and comfortably rested in for a long, long time. As a butterfly emerges, it struggles and seems to be having a very difficult time. If someone steps in and pulls it out the butterfly dies, for it needs the struggle as a part of its unfoldment.

So you Dear Ones, are now emerging from the comfortable cocoons you ignorantly believed to be who you were. Some have larger and denser cocoons than others, and that is just fine for cocoons are formed from past life experiences and the resulting state of consciousness.
Begin to trust that all is proceeding according to plan as guided by your Higher Selves. Allow the unfolding process to proceed in whatever ways are necessary which will most likely not be as you had expected. Try not to compare yourself to others who seem to be evolving at a faster pace than you for they may not have had as dense a cocoon to emerge from. Often these souls have done their “heavy lifting” in previous lives.

All will evolve and all are being guided in this process if they choose. Remember you are not alone Dear Ones, there are many of us on this side and your side guiding, assisting, and teaching at this powerful time. All you need do is ask, but without concepts of how the assistance must appear for concepts are based in old beliefs. Allow yourselves to open to the new – to subtle energies of knowledge and awareness now flowing more easily in the higher energies.

Some are choosing to remain in what is old and finished. These Dear Ones are struggling, for the sand they have build their house of cards upon is crumbling and they are going into fear and panic. Living on Earth at this time is not for the faint hearted. You are experiencing a changing of the guard and the old is putting up a great fight. Send them Light Dear Ones, that they may move out of the shadows of fear that hold them in bondage and into Unconditional Love.

Gaia too is moving forward in her Ascension process and you are seeing the results of this in the violent weather many have been experiencing. However, the storms are not just about global warming or Gaia’s Ascension, but are about a spiritual leveling – neighbor talking to and assisting neighbor, strangers stepping in, and the birthing of universal compassion. It is about a higher sense of love and oneness emerging among all who up to now considered themselves separate in some way (racially, economically, intellectually, age etc.) from each other. This leveling process has been necessary in shifting large groups into a deeper realization of oneness.

Each soul receives whatever lessons are necessary to their evolution and each soul is being lovingly guided and assisted no matter what the appearances. Do not doubt that much is taking place for each and every one of you both within and without. Your physical, emotional, and mental bodies are being cleared and prepared to hold higher dimensional energies.

This is an extremely powerful time to be on Earth. Understand that you are privileged to be here at this time for there were many souls wanting to be a part of this process. Never falter Dear Ones through comparing your lives and experiences to what the 3D world would have you believe is how things ought to be in order for you to be content and happy. The third dimensional concepts are dissolving, leaving those ignorant of truth very frustrated in their attempts to reactivate that which is finished.

As the higher truths enter world consciousness, the resulting clash of energies appears as chaos. Remember this Dear Ones, as you faithfully, silently, and secretly, live moment to moment out from your highest awareness and understanding. This is how you grow and evolve into a deeper and deeper awareness of your true Self.

We are the Arcturian Group, June 2, 2013

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