Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jesus: Blame and Guilt are Illusory Concepts Which Tie You to the Illusion

 Channelled By John Smallman, June 5, 2013

The New Age has arrived, and signs of it are apparent everywhere as the field of divine Love continues to flow across the planet, embracing all in Its path; and there are very few who are not in Its path. A major and very determined effort is required of anyone who might choose not to be influenced by Love’s ever intensifying and entrancing energy field.

It is God’s Will that humanity throw off the mantle of pain and suffering in which it has chosen to envelop itself for so long, and humanity has now chosen to align its collective will with God’s – that is what the New Age is all about, aligning your will with God’s – and is doing so by throwing off the ephemeral veil of fear and separation in which you had wrapped yourselves, temporarily.

Many of you are making new and delighted connections with strangers as Love enters into every heart that has not made an exceedingly determined effort to remain closed. You are flowing along on the current of Love towards your inevitable awakening, so be glad, relax, give thanks, and know that all is divinely taken care of, as it always has been. Expect to make new friends and acquaintances as your hearts open into the field of Love embracing you, and bask in the warmth of that shared Love.

There is no such thing as “predestination.” That is a concept, based on fear, which was invented to try to explain suffering as something inflicted by God upon those who displeased Him, and were therefore effectively damned as opposed to those who were “righteous in His sight” and would be saved.

The idea was that you were predestined for salvation and heaven, or for damnation and hell, and that you could do nothing to alter that state of affairs. Obviously that is nonsense. All sentient life is dear to God’s Heart, and all will come to experience the infinite wonder of His eternal Love for them, regardless of any “crimes” or “evil actions” that they appear to have committed.

Only Love is real, and it is therefore eternal. Anything unloving, no matter how much pain and suffering it may appear to cause, is unreal and will fade away with the illusion once you release yourselves from any apparent need that you have to hold on to it. And that is what you are presently in the process of doing: shaking the dust of the illusion from your feet as you leave it behind, and moving forwards as you make the constant intent to be loving in every moment.

Once you make that intent, and ask for help from your guides and mentors in the spiritual realms to maintain it, then you are on your way Home and nothing can prevent your arrival. It is still possible for you to deviate from your path if you become intentionally unloving in a situation, but very quickly awareness of this deviation will break into your consciousness, allowing you to release the unloving intent and forgive yourself and anyone you may have unwisely judged or blamed.

Love is your nature. And the distractions of the illusion are becoming less and less appealing for you, which is why you have made the irreversible decision to awaken. Any deviations from your loving intent to align yourselves with the holy Will of God will be brief, because the flame of Love within your hearts is burning ever more brightly as each day passes, and to remain unaware, unconscious, insensitive to Its constant presence within you is impossible.

The flame of Love within each one of you — the guiding Light leading you Home — is intense, powerful, and there is no way that you can keep it permanently hidden, denied, or ignored. It will shine forth, and even if you have spent lifetimes denying or ignoring It, It has never left you even for a moment, but has waited patiently and lovingly for the first and smallest change in your attitude or belief that demonstrates that you are becoming ready to acknowledge It once more.

That moment is now, and it is becoming ever harder for anyone to bear a grudge or a resentment. Whereas before, many on Earth enjoyed holding on to grudges with a sense of bitter satisfaction as they planned vengeance or restitution against the one who had hurt or offended them; now that sense of satisfaction is hollow or lacking, and they are puzzled.

That is an early sign of awakening. If it happens to you, welcome it and rejoice. Your times for bitterness are at an end! Maybe you were even unaware of clinging to rancor or a need to punish, but now that the sense of closure it brought is fading, you are becoming aware of it. That can be shocking because you maybe saw yourself as kind and accepting, and your satisfaction came partly from your self-image as a person who did not hold a grudge, whereas in truth — as has now become apparent — you did.

Forgive yourself! There is no advantage or redemption in self-blame or guilt. You made an error; you have seen it and corrected it, and by doing so, you have released another unloving aspect of self, making more space available within you for Love to dwell. In truth, you are blameless and guiltless.

Blame and guilt are illusory concepts which tie you to the illusion by making you feel unworthy of knowing God, much less of basking in the warmth of His eternal embrace. But that is where you belong! That is where you have your eternal existence. You just forgot that momentarily, as you played in the illusion. Now that unreal playtime is ending as you prepare to return to enjoy eternal, totally absorbing and creative play in Reality — your only Home.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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