Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let It Be

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman  On June 18, 2013


Dear Ones,
This is a confusing time. Some of you are beginning to feel love. Others are more irritated by the suggestion than comfortable. You wish to be part of this transition, but there are those who make you so angry. How can anyone suggest that they too are an important part of this transition? You are an advance Lightworker and they continue to do and say things that emotionally, physically or spiritually harm you or others.

This is a global transition. All have unique roles that may not seem justified in your thought processes. Perhaps you feel drained thinking of how some seem intent in destroying earth’s ecological systems. Then there are those who enrage you when they physically abuse or end the earth life of innocent victims. And what about those who tell you what you should believe?

Maybe you are angry that we suggest love is in the air for you do not see, sense or feel it. But then, until you allow yourself to sense love instead of needing to advocate for what should be, you cannot be of the love frequency.

Your transition is happening in stages. The last major stage included peeking around the corner of what could be once you washed your being in love – instead of what should be according to you.

For eons, you have fought the “good fight.” You have taken it upon yourself to care take those unable – seemingly – to care take themselves. But then, for eons you have also physically, emotionally or spiritually harmed others. You are the same – angel and devil. There is no entity outside of yourself that is the devil – merely a representative of your lifetimes where you played that role for whatever reason.

Perhaps you experienced both sides of that equation so you could select which best suited your being, to end karmic connections, to prepare for this transition or to advance in your life experiences. It does not matter why or when. Merely that you know you are not an angel – or a devil. Nor is anyone else.

Many of you are pleased with your progress in this lifetime – and rightly so. But at the same time, you must realize that those you find fault with and those who seem to be a devil incarnate are merely mirroring that which you do not like/love in yourself.

This is a an extremely complicated thought process. Not that you are not intelligent enough to understand it, but that emotions tied to that thought are perhaps more than you can accept at this time.
You will eventually for you cannot move into the new love energy without doing so. But you do not need to do so today or even tomorrow.

Many, if not most of you, may accept your former or even current roles in this emotional upheaval that is the transition. You understand that you are not without blemish. At the same time, you cannot understand how you can accept that person or concept. All is loving within your being – except that person or philosophy.

We are not predicting a gradient of love. You will love eventually – both what you now consider good and bad. This is not a partial experience.

We are not berating you. You have transitioned more deeply and rapidly than we thought possible. We are merely pointing out that you are clamoring for the New Age/new earth experience which means you will move beyond creating it. You will learn how to live within it – accepting others and their path, as well as love yourself.

Many of you are feeling less than loving for yourself as you cannot understand how the person, idea or action that makes your “skin crawl” can be a loving part of your life, much less earth. You continue to be a new earth crusader even though you want to accept the loving concepts that are of the new earth.

This is not about merely expressing what you think should be of the New Age/new earth, but feeling it deep within you.

Again, many of you berate yourself for not feeling that love for yourself and others. We wish to reassure you that you will experience such love in your own time. You do not need to push yourself into that love arena. Nor do you need to berate yourself because you cannot experience it completely no matter how diligently you try. Allow yourself to be. And once you truly do that, your anger at others, your fear of others and your inability to love yourself will shift naturally.

In the Old Age, everything was work. Nothing seemed to flow. The New Age/new earth is about allowing flow. If any concept, movement or interaction feels like work, put it aside until it does not. You no longer need to work at a concept.

For many of you, this might seem counter intuitive. Letting it flow is extremely frightening. What if you never “find your groove?” How can we guarantee that all will be well?

We are of your future, present and past. We know without a doubt – as you did when your children were afraid they would never learn to read – that all is going to happen in due course.

Maybe you do not understand our concepts or thoughts today – but you will. And the most rapid way for you to do so in this new energy is to let it be. Do not fret. Do not worry. Just follow your heart/inner-being and all will happen when it is meant to for you.

Let it be is our phrase for now and forevermore in this New Age/new earth. Nothing needs to be forced. Nothing requires worry or work. Just let it flow and it will happen. You have already set your intent to move gracefully and quickly into the New Age/new earth. Nothing more is required. Let it be. So be it. Amen.

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