Friday, June 14, 2013

Archangel Michael: The Question Is, Why Do You Not See the Changes You Desire. Is That Not So?

Channelled  Via Ron Head On June 13, 2013
Our topic for today is, once again, the accelerating change and your ability to perceive it. The change we are referring to is total. It is changing you internally, and this change is resulting in changes external to you, at least in your perception of internal and external, which is flawed to say the least. What you perceive as external change is a result of internal changes you have been able to make for yourselves due to the increased and increasing light which is available to you.

There is truly nothing external to you, and of course that is why you see changes around you, around your point of perception, and you understand, or misunderstand, that of course you had nothing to do with what you see because you further perceive yourself and other. This is more of the illusion. There is self, yes. But there is no other.

Enough of the riddles, you say? We agree, for now. You will understand things of this sort in your own divine timing. The point of this little exercise is to get you to stop looking around and thinking that nothing is changing. Dear ones, everything is changing. It always has. It always will. As has been observed before by your sages, if there is one constant in your universe, it is change. The question is, why do you not see the changes you desire. Is that not so?

You think such changes are not there to be seen? Well, they most certainly are, and they are increasing every day. If you truly desire to see them, and if you truly look for them, you will not miss them. But if you hold the cloak of denial about yourself, which is a way to protect yourself from disappointment, you will not see them. And as long as you hold onto that protection, that blanket, moth-eaten and musty though it is, you will not see them.

Things are moving along quite nicely now. We invite you to drop the blanket and look around. Things are not nearly as frightful once you make the decision to expect and look for the positive that is around you. Even the apparent bad news, such as peaceful demonstrations being repressed, can be seen for the positive influences they are when you change your own perspective.

You are, in fact, well into a period of immense and positive growth in awareness and consciousness. Millions of you are aware of the changes happening in yourselves. It can be time now for you to open your hearts and see the resulting changes in your world, but that is a decision you must make for yourselves. The strength to do so is now available to you. It resides in your heart. We keep saying that. We will continue to say it. Your entire new world resides in your hearts. In your own words, dear ones, go for it! Be the angels of peace, love, and change you came here to be.

We love and respect you and will speak with you again soon. Good day.

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