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Heavenly Blessings ~ Yeshua on Family, June 11, 2013

This un-edited transcript of the show with Yeshua is real and rich with insight into our individual passages through the Needle's Eye and how it impacts our ongoing relationships.  I predict that if Yeshi keeps this up he's headed for Prime Time, again...DT the ET

Posted By Suzanne Maresca On June 12, 2013

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of “The Great Awakening,” and myself Suzanne Maresca, sitting in for Graham Dewyea.

SM: Today Jesus is our beloved guest to speak with us of the meaning and nature of family. As I contemplated this topic yesterday, the vision I had is that we’re weaving the tapestry that will join all of us together. I don’t mean just humans, because it’s feeling to me as though the intention here is about bringing us to a level of normalcy about thinking of the Galactics and those living in Inner Earth as true family. Unity consciousness extends well beyond humanity. So we may as well get comfortable with those  relationships that will be unfolding.

Good morning, Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good morning, Suzi, and good morning everyone. It’s great to be here. I love the way you expanded the family to include our star brothers and sisters and the Agarthans. I was thinking that it’s true that I think of my animals inside the house and outside the house, and my trees and my plants as part of my family too. Family has definitely taken on a much broader meaning. And I think we have a family here on InLight Radio as well. And I don’t mean just the team that does the broadcasting.

I was thinking about this this morning as I was meditating and getting ready. And I don’t think I talk often enough about how honored I feel to channel these incredible ascended beings, whether its an archangel or a master or the Divine Mother. It’s this sense that we pop on air and away we go. But it’s really this phenomenal experience.

Also, it’s a amazing for me and I know I’m speaking for both of us, Suzi, that those who are joining us get to join together with us in this way and to really share our hearts with our listeners. And I’ve noticed that the depth and the quality of our conversations and with those who are calling in and sharing or asking for guidance has really been getting deeper and more profound as time goes on. So I wanted to say a special thank-you to everybody.

SM: Yes, definitely thanks you to our listeners. Things are certainly getting richer and I’m sure that’s a part of raising the frequencies and opening our hearts - the changing of humanity as we speak.

LD: I think that whether we consciously realize it or not the heart consciousness really is growing and deepening within us. And that we’re coming from that deeper place rather than just from our mental or emotional bodies. It’s not that we’re trying to exclude them; it’s that there’s integration now.

SM: What I’ve been noticing lately is, for example, in December after the 21st, I’d go to the supermarket and I don’t know what it is about the grocery store, but people are just bummed out; they’re walking, looking at the floor, nobody makes eye contact, and everybody looks miserable and unhappy. And I’m thinking that people don’t really know what’s going on. But by contrast, I noticed that last week in going to the market I had eye contact and shared a smile with at least ten people. And it was very different energy. People are just more open and willing to make contact. So, those energetic cords that are joining all of us together are helping us into the  growing realization that we're all in this together.

LD: I think so too. And I think part of that is this realization or this shift in our energy that not only are we all in this together but I want connect with you I want to be in this with you rather than, you know, oh my gosh we’re stuck in the same sinking boat. It’s like no, we’re in this wonderful journey of creation and something incredible is happening and we may not know all the details and even if we think we know all the details we don’t really have the details. But we’re in it together.

SM: Yes. And when you look up and you meet someone’s eyes with your own, expect love. Because there’s going to be love there instead of that old energy. When we don't meet anyone’s eyes it may be because we’re not expecting to be seen or loved or appreciated by them. But now we can.

LD: When I first moved to Florida, it was right after they had had two terrible hurricanes in this area. And where I live on the Treasure Coast on the Atlantic side of Florida, this area hadn’t been hit by hurricanes in something like 50 years. So you know when you move you have to go to places like Ace Hardware, Home Depot, or God forbid Walmart. I have to tell you I don’t do well in big stores. But what hit me was, we’d go into stores and it was like I was in a place of the living dead. Zombies. People looked like they had been beat up and drugged out. And I had never encountered that.

Now, I had gone through the really bad fires in San Diego, but I had never seen anything like this. And it wasn’t even that people were rejecting love, it was just they were shell-shocked. And it took about six months before I started to notice that people were coming back; that they would make eye contact and that there was some kind of soul interaction. For a while I thought “oh my goodness what am I doing here” and of course I knew what I was doing here which made it even harder.  But now, like you’re saying, the level of interaction is phenomenal. People look at you, to greet you on a soul level. It’s like “wow”.

SM: It’s interesting that the discussion is going to be about family of origin as well as spirit family, because there are many people that I know of that don’t feel they fit in with their family of origin, like “why was I born here.” Mine mostly have little idea or interest in what I do, and I’m used to it because I’ve had a lifetime of it. But it’s not so easy for my daughter to accept and she doesn’t really feel part of that. So it’ll be a very interesting welcome when we actually join up with our  true soul families.

LD: Yes, and there is a difference and it’s hard. I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a really great family. I used to think I had a dysfunctional family until I started looking around and I realized that we’re right where we needed to be. But it’s hard when your family and the people that you’ve chosen to incarnate with to accomplish your mission and purpose - when that hasn’t jelled or when you’re rejected or even worse, that you’re ignored or dismissed. That you’re not seen. That’s really a hard one.

SM: I see many starseeds that have been born into families unseen and unrecognized.  What we go through would probably kill most indigenous people. When an indigenous baby is born they’re celebrated and nurtured. And if they have special gifts they’re taken in and taught and set aside and given certain dispensations. We don’t do that in our culture. It’s just completely lost. So a child grows up feeing as if they don’t belong, as if nobody sees them, they don’t really matter and people don’t want them around. It’s a tough thing to overcome, but it’s also something that we’ve chosen and it helps us to grow and expand into the fullness of who we are.

LD: Yes. But it’s hard and the new kids, the new creatives on the planet who are awake, they won’t put up with that. They just will not; I’m sixty-two so I grew up in a generation where melding in was just de rigueur - it was what you wanted to do. You weren’t supposed to be different. And I’m probably as different as they come. But today, if you’re trying to tell a young person or a child to fit in, it’s like they’re looking at you as if you’re insane. And you probably are. Because they know full well that they came with special attributes and they’re not going to allow that to be drowned or socialized out of them. You know because you have an incredible daughter.

SM: Yes, she’s pretty amazing and any time I’ve tried to follow the norm or the advice of family and friends, it has backfired terribly. So actually my daughter has had a lot of choice in her life. You’re right; they won’t stand for it. I can be considered a wimp of a Mom but the fact of the matter is that I was just going with the flow and following my intuition and my heart in how to raise her. And it hasn’t been normal or conventional by any means whatsoever.

LD: But what else can you do except follow your heart. That’s it.

SM: I’ve certainly gotten validation from many channeled sources including you that it’s just exactly the right thing to do. If I had followed another course there would have been problems.

LD: The Council has said since the very beginning that if you don’t go to channels, if you don’t read the Golden Age of Gaia or Council of Love websites, it doesn’t matter. If you just go to your heart and listen and follow your heart, you’ll never go wrong. Now, that’s not listening to our ego that we sometimes pretend is our heart. But if you really go inside and listen to your heart you can’t go wrong. It’s just that simple. And drop the fear.

( meditation starts at minute 15:48 )

Jesus: Greetings, I am Yeshua. I am Jesus Sananda. I am Yeshi. Welcome. Welcome my beloved brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles. Welcome, my soul family. My beloved family of humankind, starseeds, angelics, earthkeepers, every ray and every color. I welcome you. I welcome you from the bottom of my heart. And yes, I have asked to come and to continue this conversation that you have begun with my beloved friend Saint Germaine. Because it is time for you, and I am asking you, to think of yourself not only as your precious self that you define primarily by what you know and cherish – your physical form, your mental and emotional makeup, your spiritual self – but also to expand that knowing into your galactic star being self, your earthkeeper self, your inter-dimensional self.

Now let us be very clear about this as we begin this conversation. I ask you to expand, well really to expand your understanding. You do not need to expand your being any larger; it is already there. But I ask you to expand this understanding, this cognizance, this recognition and acceptance not because who you are is in any way lacking or insufficient. It is magnificent. Let us begin there.

I have walked the earth in the third dimension as a human man. Now, did I bring my divinity and my multi-dimensional understanding with me? Yes. But that did not cancel out or in any way diminish or eliminate my experience as a third-dimensional person. But what I am asking of thee is simply to look and see and to acknowledge the massive nature of your being.

Now I have come this day with a request that I be permitted to address you about family and so I do so on many levels. I wish to speak to you about the importance of family. Period. And in that I include your biological family that you know in this lifetime, your galactic family, your earth family, the family of man, and your soul family. Some of which are on earth and some who are with us on this side. Some who are in the far reaches of the multiverse. It does not make them less of a family; if you have a cousin that lives in South America and you live in Northern Canada, it does not diminish or eliminate the fact that you are cousins. In fact it maybe the closest familial relationship that you have.

So we are not simply speaking of physical proximity. But let us begin this discussion with the understanding of physical proximity. And what I wish to do today is I do not wish to address those of you like Linda, who are fortunate enough to have kind an loving and supportive and accepting families.

As I speak of that, I also wish to speak to you of the knowing that to achieve that place of support is not always easy. I do not in any way presume or assume or wish to give the impression that there have never been bumps along the road. Of course there have been. And that there has been effort and decisions made to form what you think of as happy families.

But there are may of you, my beloved friends, who look around and you think and feel “why am I in this family?” “What was the idea or the plan?” “Why am I not seen and loved and cherished for the very truth of who I am?” and “Why when I push and try to form relationships does it cause conflict or worse simply dismissal and being ignored?”

Now my beloved friends, my family, I tell you that I was fortunate that I had family honor and I have a family throughout the multiverse and of the Mother’s design of which you are a part that loves and supports thee. Let me give you, or let us start, with the simplest explanation that I have repeated thousands and thousands of times. An explanation of this question of why.

You came to teach love. That is the short answer and with all the window dressings and accouterments and fine tunings, that is the long answer. You came into that family to be the beacon and the carrier of love. It is that simple. And you came into that configuration whether they were absolute strangers or beings that you had traveled with time after time after time, you came in because there was an opening and an agreement.

You did not do this blindly or in a foolhardy way. There was an opening and an agreement. To those who as part of your family were ready to experience love, to give love, to discover love, to have that experience and in the purity of your being in the sweetness of your soul in your compassion you said “yes”.

It was never a mistake. It was never a misstep. And that mission has never changed. Now for some of you, that opportunity to teach love is still open, particularly as humans grow and change and evolve and prepare for the choice of ascension. And this, my dear Suzanne, is what you see in the grocery store. And it was the same encouragement that I saw in the marketplace thousands of years ago.

But for others of you, either for reasons of survival, self protection, continuity of your being and your path, which is ultimately your responsibility, you have stepped away from that mission of being the anchor of love in your family. There is no right or wrong duality polarity answer to this question.

The guidance, my sweet angels, the guidance that I offer you, that the Magdalena and I as a family offer you, is if you have lost or have not been fulfilled in your family of origin, do not give up. And for those of you who have been fulfilled in your family of origin, the advice is exactly the same. Keep going. Because now it is a time upon the planet where it is important to expand and embrace the idea of what is family. The notion and the concrete reality of what is family.

We often speak of soul family. And these are the beings that you encounter through meditation on this side and in human form. That you have such a rich beloved bond with, but it is not simply a bond of “oh, I think we are connected” – it is a bond in this time and in this energy of transition that formulates action together. And sometimes the action is simply the sharing of heart, of experience, of knowing, of acknowledging love. And sometimes it is coming together to create and to undertake magnificent projects which will be the future of Nova Earth.

So your soul family is more important than ever. Now, within that soul family, and as an extension of that soul family, is also your star family and your earth family. There are very few of you, particularly those of you who are listening, who did not come from the stars, who are not what you think of as starseed.

And even within that, there are great percentage of you who are Pleiadian and you have come to earth with this full understanding that is awakened now within you of the role that your star family plays. That is why you are so anxious to be connecting and meeting up. This is not about, and never has been about, political intrigue and disclosure. This is not been about technology which has been very rich in the gifts that have been given to Gaia and brought forward under cover as it were upon Gaia.

It is about your yearning for your star family and friends. It is about sitting and walking and talking and being together. It is not about a political structure or a social structure, or an elimination of intrigue. It is simply a straightforward, heart yearning and one of the reasons I bring this up is that heart yearning, that desire for connection is being mirrored very clearly not by the collective star beings but by your star family and friends; by your star circle.

So you are meeting in the middle. Think of it in his way. On earth you meet someone and you have the immediate deep knowing “I know this person, I like this person, I think I love this person and we can be the best of friends.” And there is this yearning after the initial meeting, after you have sat together and talked each other’s ear off for hours, of “when can we get together again? What do you want to do, what do you want to explore, what do you enjoy doing, let’s do it together.”

And when that yearning that you feel is not met by the other person, you are disappointed. But when it IS met, the chemistry, the love, the union, is a deep gift. It is the same; your yearning is being met by your star family and friends. So you say “Well, Yeshua, I am disappointed because I am trying to contact them and I miss them, and I want to be with them, what am I supposed to do? How can I do this?”

Well, I suggest, my beloved ones that you begin. It is that simple. Begin talking. Yes you may think that it is quiet contemplation, you may think of it as walking contemplation, you may think of it as simply thoughts throughout the day of your loved ones. Begin the communication. Open the channels of communication. And then begin to send yourself. The channel has spoken of this before.

But it is actually very simple. You do not need a transportation vehicle. Simply send yourself. Speak to your beloved star family; ask them where they wish to meet; what plane, what dimension, what ship. Is it a healing ship, is it a science ship, is it the mother ship. Where do they want to meet. And then go into your quasi-meditation state or go to sleep and send yourself to meet each other.

Now why do I encourage this, and why do I encourage this at this time? First of all, because it will nourish you. And I remember as a third dimensional human being how much I would travel and at times how much I missed my family that wasn’t on earth. So of course I would send myself.

There is much written and talked about, about how I would retreat to the desert for forty days and forty nights, believing that I was in constant meditation. Well, in a way I was. But I was also having a great deal of visiting and communication during that time. And what I needed was the isolation so that I could do this without human interference. My family understood that. And so will yours.

You need this connection with your star family because it will reinforce you. It will reinforce you for this process of being inter-dimensional and understanding that it is as simple as accepting and acknowledging that you are inter-dimensional; but it will also nourish your very soul, your heart, and it will begin and support your expansion. So it is a process that is your next step.

One of the rationales for your star brothers and sisters not appearing en masse is still the quotient of fear, not so much within the general populace, but within the existing power structures, of government. Oh yes, they are enormous institutions of fear, but as you visit back and forth, what you are doing is anchoring the energy of this - the new normal. This is the way it is; of course we visit back and forth. And do not hesitate to ask them to come and accompany you or visit with you in places that you designate as well.

And get used to feeling their energies. Yes, I would suggest you do it in isolation to begin with simply so that you are not dealing with the chaotic energy of so many humans, because there is still a great deal of turmoil upon your planet. Is it lessening yes. But there are waves and crescendos. It is very similar to when the Roman cavalry would do their exercises and march through the villages and towns; there was always a displacement and a fear, so that is still present upon the earth.

What you are also is going to find is that when you connect and reconnect more deeply with your star family you are going to recognize on earth more clearly and more lovingly those who are part of your star family as well. So, dear heart, I know you have any questions, where do you wish to begin.

SM: Thank you, it’s so lovely to have you with us again. What I’m wondering is, if part of the process of the reunion with our star families is making peace with our family of origin - like trusting that we were born into a specific family of energy signatures that would create an environment perfectly designed for our own soul growth and expansion; and you’ve kind of already answered that.

J: And the answer is, yes, you were born into your family of origin with a very specific mission and purpose and design. Now, part of that which I haven’t touched upon, is that it was not simply to open their hearts, but also to help you flourish and grow. To support you in your journey of becoming.

You all came, even those who are naysayers, you all came with the absolute knowing and understanding that this was a time of phenomenal massive change. So there was no one who came during this time of ascension, transition, shift, whatever you choose to call it, that was not fully-equipped and aware.

And so the combinations of families of origin were not only to bring love but the supports that were necessary to catalyze you on your journey. Now let me say, because this is important, no one came and said “I will be put in a family that is abusive and brutal and this will help me on my journey.” That was never part of your plan or the plan. These are human free will choices. This is the plan gone awry at the worst level. Yes, let me be clear about this.

Brutality, abuse, hatred, greed, meanness within families is the most egregious act of all. Because it is personal. It is directed. It is cruel. So you may compensate and say “well, that brutality or abuse or just being ignored or not being seen made me stronger” so what you did, dear heart, was make the best of a bad situation. But we would never suggest to you that that was the idea of what you would bring forth on this planet.

So do you need to make peace with it? Yes. And for some of you, that means leaving it behind, and for some of you it means leaving the door slightly ajar, and for some of you it means building bridges. But those are your decisions and those decisions are based on two factors: what is of love, and what assists you and the collective in moving forward on your journey of ascension.

SM: When I think of the galactics as family, is it literally a case of shared biology on another planet or solar system or galaxy? Like in higher dimensions aren’t all beings of a group mind?

J: there is an interconnectedness of minds, yes. But there is also the uniqueness and individuality so it is incorrect to say that the higher you go yes, well it is actually two-fold. Now, there is a complete group unity consciousness and yet the preciousness, the gift of individuality of uniqueness of your spark of love being different, say from mine or from anyone’s, is treasured. So it is both.

But, is there shared biology? More than biology, there is shared energetic grids. Yesterday on An Hour With an Angel, you discussed with Michael a great deal about the changes in physicality, DNA, chakra systems, crystalline bodies, but one thing has been missed. No, I am not critical, I am simply adding to the mixture. And that is soul design. So think of it as your template. Your template is your point of reference and connection with many of your star family. And for many of you, your strongest terms of reference are with that soul family that is galactic or star being rather than human being. So again, it is a matter of who do you relate most closely to. Who do you yearn for most deeply.

SM: So, there will be a difficulty for our human vessel to be up on board ship in physicality because of the difference in frequency. That’s correct, yes?

J: There is an imprint of your body that can adjust very easily. Do not forget you are multi-dimensional. If you are talking about the body that you have carried in the third dimension that is correct. If you are talking about the body that you are carrying as you shift into the fifth, sixth and seventh dimension, it is incorrect.

SM: So, I guess the real question is, is the difference in frequency something that keeps us from being able to have a face-to-face reunion?

J: What I am suggesting to you in this day is that you begin, yes you might begin with a more etheric or esoteric reunion, but you begin those reunions, do not restrict yourself by thinking that somehow the physical dimension of the third dimension which does not even exist any longer, it is a hologram, but that what you think of as physicality, that that kind of face to face reunion has greater value or greater impact than a different kind of face to face reunion. There is a difference in frequency. For example, and what we have said to you before but I repeat, is that your star brothers and sisters, particularly those who are can we say are very close at hand, are fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional, a little bit of eighth, dimensional beings.

Now the tolerance level in that frequency for anything that is of the third, well there is zero tolerance. So it would be like exposing a child to tuberculosis. So you cannot have that. It cannot deal with that lower vibration. It is literally not possible. It would destroy them.

SM: So we need to raise the frequency here.

J: You are, dear heart. We would not be having what we are calling on this side fifth-dimensional conversations if you were not already there.

SM: I know several people who feel that they knew you as a friend or family when you walked the earth as Jesus. I am wondering if those memories or feelings are accurate or if there’s a collective memory in human DNA that brings us to see ourselves as part of those times.

J: It is both. There are many of you whom I have known and touched and laughed with and broken bread with. And that I have always thought of and known you to be part of my family. And it doesn’t matter whether it was a distant cousin, or one who stood on a hillside as a deaf child waiting to be healed.

So, yes, many of you have known me. The world was quite literally a smaller place then, so many of us have agreed to reunite in this way. Much the same in different traditions and in different religions, and I do not mean the dogma, I simply mean the practice of spirituality, that they are re-encountering their beloved masters as well.

But is there a connection in the human DNA that we share? I do not exclude myself, nor would Saint Germaine or Maitreya or the Buddha and the answer is yes. We do share that memory which is literally part of the DNA. Yes, it was part of the promise that you would not forget. Because you said “I will go and I will have many of the memories veiled, but I need to know of this very important connection. I need to know that that support and that love is there.” And so, yes, it is embedded in you the same way it has been embedded in me.

SM: So are we ready for some callers?

J: Yes, we are.

SM: Area code 248 you're on the air.

Caller 248: This is Jilena again. And I am quite aware now in the news, yes I keep my eye to the news more than I need to, of the whistleblower who has brought to the world’s attention the amount of surveillance of data that has been in place. And will continue to be in place and I don’t know if it’s a question or perhaps another way to hold the higher vision of what’s possible, given that it feels as if there is so much more imbalance in this area now.

J: There are many mythologies and many stories that have come and surrounded the recounting of my life. And one was the requirement of my parents to return home to their hometown as it was to be counted, to report in. Now, this, what we regarded as an oppressive regime, continued on long after Herod; where the Romans required an accounting - that is the argument about rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s because it was interference in parts of our lives that had nothing to do with government. This is not a new phenomenon. It is a control phenomenon and it is an invasion of privacy, but I want you to deal with it in this manner.

I want you to look at this not as dismissive and yes, the whistleblower has done a good deed, but do not buy into the drama of this my friends. Look at it, dismiss it, think “well this is the old antics of government” and let it go. Laugh at it.

Because they cannot interfere and stop you. You are far too advanced on your journey and it matters not what they know or do not know. Let them listen to what I say this day. And let them broadcast it all over the world. The reason for incarnation of all beings at this time is the re-anchoring of love on the planet. So actions that are not of love are simply to be dismissed. They do not count. Period.

SM: Thanks for your call, Jilena. Area code 619, are you with us?

Caller 619: Oh hi, this is Tony. First, Jesus, thank you so much; I just appreciate all you’re doing. My question is, I’m from a big Italian family, I have five siblings and they’re all married and they have kids, so I have a lot of cousins. I don’t know if this affects a lot of families. I got sober fourteen years ago from alcohol and I’m literally the only person that’s sober. I thought they might follow me, but it’s been fourteen years. So, what is the role of alcohol in ascension? How can people be advancing or moving forward when they’re under the effect of alcohol or drugs?

J: You have really asked several questions, my friend. And I welcome you. And it is important for you and all beings to understand that there is a difference between addiction and balance. And you have freed yourself from a family pattern of addiction. Now, let me be clear. As I said before, all addictions are addictions to pain. So it is the pain and the ability to try to numb the pain that results in drug abuse, sex abuse, gambling, alcohol, and then it becomes a physical need. But that is not really the crux of the matter, as you well know.

I also remind you that one of my first acts, and it was not simply allowing residue from the barrels to penetrate water, it was to create wine for the celebration of matrimony in Cana. And it was the balance of this.

It is not the abuse of any substance, but to know that in physical form, that you are given gifts; whether it is delicious food that nourishes your body or excites your senses or a sip or a cup of wine, then this is not detrimental to your process of ascension. It is the process of addiction that is detrimental to ascension. Your body, your physical vessel, is undergoing massive change. And because of that, you need to be vigilant about what you are putting in your form. What you are welcoming into your field.

So if it is excessive anything, then it is going to interfere with the flow of energy. But what you are also doing - I return to you, Tony, and to your question, you say that none have followed you. But look to the upcoming generation; that is where you are teaching. That is where your example is truly being anchored. They are seeing that there are choices. So good work, my friend.

Caller 619: Will there be any ascension process, will there be help for people in addiction?

J: That is why you are seeing so many in turmoil. Because this issue of pain is being brought to the surface. It is not being brought to the surface as an act of punishment or cruelty but rather as an opportunity for release. So it has already begun. And that is why, my beloved friends, that sometimes it is very important, I cannot emphasize this enough, to stand back. Be the observer. Erect your shields if necessary, send love, send support, send light. But do not allow the chaos to enter.

SM: Thank you for your call, Tony.  So, Karen, are you with us?

Karen: Thank you. Hi, Jesus.

J: Welcome dear heart.

Karen: Everything that you’re saying is so powerful. When we have that pain, when you are that person in pain, in my case I’ve prayed and I’ve handed it over and I still find myself in deep sorrow and wanting to release that so that I can do the work; you know I created you as my guide, and I just need help. I’m not sure what to do What am I not seeing?

J: You are hungry for love. So, what you are doing, and this is a very important question for many people because it does not matter whether it is food or alcohol or cigarettes or drugs, it matters not. What you in your situation are doing is you are asking for help with control of the food issue, but what you have not done is think of it as balance. Both hands up - so you are giving away, you are giving away, you are giving away the issue of food, which dear heart we have taken; but what you have need to bring in is to begin to eat love.

Now you say to me, Yeshua, Yeshi, how on earth do I eat love? And I will give you the secret, dear heart. Eat green, breathe green, and bring in a touch of pink and red as well. So, change how you think about food. And this is true for all of you. This is the nova being, this is the new you. Always, not in a flamboyant manner, but in a very quiet private manner, pray over your food, over your drink, over whatever you are putting in your body. And in that prayer, transmute anything that is not of wholeness, that is not for your highest good, simply transmute it into love.

And then be cognizant of what you are putting into your body. Take that moment before you put something in your body; look at it, whether it is in your hand, or on a napkin, or a plate, or in a carton. And say does this food look like love. If the answer is yes, then eat it. But be honest with yourself. If the answer is no, set it aside or if you are in transition, add the green. Yes, even if it is a bowl of ice cream, partner it with a bowl of salad. The color of green is the color of love. It is the ray of love. If you do this, you will see the struggle cease. Be very conscious with yourself; I am giving away the addiction and I am eating, smoking, drinking, ingesting love.

SM: We are on to area code 206. Are you there?

Caller 206: Yes. It’s always a pleasure to listen to you and you’re a great teacher. My question is about when you have bad acts or bad thoughts, will repentance help in the case of final judgment or will it not help?

J: Oh my beloved brother and friend, the worst judgment you can ever receive is the judgment you pass on your sweet self. What you think of as a final judgment, it is more like a collaboration and a meeting when your life is complete.

There is discussion after the welcome home party, in celebration, after you have had a chance to embrace those you have missed and loved, after you have had a chance to do a little rest; then there is a review, not a judgment. And it is not a judgment, as many think, at the doorway of heaven that you are not allowed to return home. That is not of love. We are waiting for you. We are not suggesting you come prematurely. But there is a review then of what occurred. Did you accomplish what you had hoped for? What did you learn, what do you understand, what do you wish your next steps back to the eternal light to be.

Now you have touched on a very important issue, that the human beings call repentance. Repentance as you think of it means reparation. And part of reparation is forgiveness. And it is forgiveness of those who’ve done you harm, and it is forgiveness of yourself for being harmed, and for doing harm - for not acting in a way that is in accordance and alignment with the truth of who you are. Because all you are is love.

That is why you feel badly. When you feel that you’ve lost your way, or you have erred or you have either advertently or inadvertently harmed another. It is because it goes against the grain. You have injured a member of your human family or perhaps even your divine family.

But there is not a thundering god, a punishing father or mother. The most severe punishment that is meted out is what you do to yourself. So, it is a matter of practice, forgiveness, compassion, which eliminates the element of judgment; of prudence and fortitude because what happens my dear heart is so often when you lose your way, when you misstep, you don’t want to go on. And it takes fortitude it takes valor, to continue on. To forgive yourself, and to say, “I will continue to try and be the love I am, to be in the alignment of my truth.”

I wish to say something. And it may shock some of you. I hope not. There is no difference between you and I. None. We are both born of the Mother. We are both the essence of love. We are both in service to the Mother and in service to one another. So I ask of each of you to think of me as the brother that I am and call on me. Call on me when you think that you have erred, call on me to share your victories, call on me to share your joys and your sorrows. I am here.

SM: Thank you for your call. Area code 250, are you there?

Caller 250: Hello, this is Fern. I’m honored to talk to you brother Jesus. I am seventy-four, I have MS and I am wondering if I am allergic to something. Secondly, talking about family, I became a grandmother for the first time. My lovely granddaughter Mia is half French Canadian and half Mayan and lives in Guatemala with her mom and dad. So I would like to know what is my role in her life and what is hers in Guatemala.

J: You are her shining light, you are her hope, you are her example of fortitude and valor, you are her teacher of perseverance. She is a beautiful soul. As are you, sweet angel. It is not a question of allergies. But what I suggest to you is to fill yourself every day, well of course I am partial to magenta, but in this case I suggest to you a very slow fill from head to toe of soft white light. Not the blinding white light of the Mother, of the universe, of the love, but the soft snow light. This will help. What you are doing is you are bringing cultures together, you are forming family across the miles.

SM: David are you with us?

David: I’ll make this really quick. Do I have some kind of unfinished business with my Italian ancestors?

J: The question is, do your Italian ancestors have unfinished business with you. The answer is no. You carry this energy of the heritage of the lineage as do all beings. But no. Understand part of what has occurred, there has not been a great deal of discussion about it, but part of the frequencies and the energies that have penetrated you both from your star family but also from the heart of the Mother/Father One has been a clearing of much of the generational past issues, let me put it that way.

David: Thank you. So my other question is can you help me, why last month I really developed a disgust for naked men.

J: You have need to embrace your own physicality. Your own beingness. You talk about disgust, but what is that but a form of dismissal and hatred. This is a good question. In some cultures, particularly of the Western world, there is almost an obsession with the perfected male and female body.

But there is not the adoration of what this vessel, whether it is two or seventy-five, whether it is tall or short, fat or thin, whatever form it takes, it is a vessel for spirit to act through. It is magnificent; it is a gift directly from the heart of the mother/father one. Now understand that this disgust is disgust with self. It is time to embrace physicality, not to dismiss it, not in yourself or in anyone else. So go deeper, dear heart, go deeper and examine this level of disgust and let it go. Celebrate physicality.

David: This is a question for my girlfriend. Do you know why she has some problems with her stomach? Is it something to do with her wish for a child?

J: She does wish for a child. But it is more than that. It is the issue of difficulty with digesting energy. So she would do well to make sure her current chakra system is open and balanced. She is living too much in her tummy.

David: For my friend Eric. Do you know how he can heal the relationship with his parents? 

J: Acceptance and love. That is the key with parents. It is acceptance and love and looking at what you have chosen, what they have chosen, and meeting in the middle. And laughing at the differences rather than hanging onto them as if they are something precious. Because it is not the differences that count. It is the love that counts.

SM: Okay, Cherise, you are on the air.

Cherise: I am Cherise Magdalena Kaiser, and thirty five years ago, Jesus, in my whole life there are very few things in my life that have scared the hell out of me, and in the most loving way and such a peaceful way, you spoke to my deepest heart and said I was becoming a modern Pharisee in my perfectionism and my extreme born-again Christian judgmentalism. And underneath it I was fueled by not loving myself. And that’s what I’ve done. I’ve gone back to my inner child and received such depths of love so I’m doing it. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

J: And you are doing it, dear heart, and for this I bless you. And I give you my love. Go in peace.

In closing, love your neighbor and love your family. Do not forget what I have said. Begin to visit with your star brothers and sisters. They are waiting, they are yearning, they are on hold.

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