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Transcript Heavenly Blessings: St. Germaine on our Galactic Selves, June 4, 2013

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of “The Great Awakening,” and myself Suzanne Maresca, sitting in for Graham Dewyea.

SM: Today, our special exciting guest is Saint Germaine who will discuss our galactic and inter-dimensional nature. It seems a vital part of the current unfolding for all of us to at least imagine our other aspects, because we agreed to forget all of it in order to be fully human and play our part in the divine plan.

I imagine Saint Germaine is stepping forward today to speak to the fullness of who we are in order to ease the integration of the various aspects of our souls, making it less of a surprise and yes, even shock. Contemplating this topic brought up lots of questions for me. Good morning, Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning, and I have to tell you that when I start to get ready for this show what I do is surround myself by the archangels – Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Johpiel, and of course Gabrielle. And depending on how they’re standing or what they’re doing gives me the tone of what’s going on. Well, this morning, they’re standing around me, they’re standing up, their eyes are glistening, they’re laughing and smiling and they’re saying “don’t forget to include your angelic selves as well.” So, we just expanded again.

We have so many aspects of our being and of who we are; and part of ascension and part of what we’re doing together is really coming to a deeper understanding – an engagement, an embrace of the totality and wholeness of our being. So, I’m excited.

What we really should talk about today is that totality, that wholeness of our being, of who we are and how some of the illusions and the separation that we’ve experienced in the old third dimension has really restricted how we consider – how we engage – the fullness of ourselves.

I know that I often refer back to the New You course that we have been doing, setting down the patterning; and what we’re going to be doing in Joshua Tree in September is a live group on this concept. This issue of the integration of one’s aspects, of all the pieces of “you” that are out there, is a major portion of this work, of this re-patterning that we’re all doing – consciously or unconsciously – the new grid/pattern has been laid down. So here we are. It’s a really important piece.

The other piece of that, and where Suzi and I had started in terms of preparing for this show, was also accepting that we do have this galactic, star being, inter-galactic piece of ourselves. And also this inter-dimensional, trans-dimensional, multi-dimensional – I don’t care what you call it – part of ourselves as well.

One of the things that we’ve done in the past is that we’ve really restricted ourselves because we were other-dimensional beings and we were caught very deeply by thousands and thousands of years of cement in that box of the old third dimension.

Now as we’re breaking free we’re coming to understand that we aren’t just fifth dimensional, or sixth, or seventh dimensional beings; but that we travel that whole realm of twelve dimensions, which is the very definition of what it means to be “human”. So it’s this massive expansion in terms of who we consider ourselves to be. And it’s exciting and fun!

SM: All right, shall we jump right in?

Saint Germaine: Greetings. I am Saint Germaine. I am Germaine. I am brother. I am friend. I am teacher. I am healer and I am keeper of the I AM presence and of the violet flame. Welcome my beloved friends.

Welcome to this time of significant, magnificent expansion. Now, this expansion is already well underway. And you have exceeded your field by multiples and squarings unimaginable to you. And the energy and the love and the frequency rises as you step forward and as you embrace your truth. And your wonder.

But we come today very specifically my dear friends for you to begin to understand the nature of your galactic star being. And your inter-dimensional self. Yes, some will think all this is a strange pairing but I suggest to you that it is not. For these are very closely connected. In fact you may think of them as twins braided together like strands of yarn or your hair. And let me explain.

When I am speaking of your galactic self, of your star seed self, of your star being self, I do not wish you to think that there is another piece of you – another you – that is actively living elsewhere, either on another planet or on a ship of which there are so many hovering very closely these days above your planet of beautiful Gaia.

But there is an emanation, a part of you, that is of the stars – that has lived elsewhere, that does serve elsewhere, that is part of this journey of integration. And you can rest assured my friends that this aspect of your being, this star being part of who you are, is most certainly inter-dimensional – varying generally between the fifth, sixth, and seventh – sometimes eighth but very rarely – dimensions. That does not mean that they do not move freely between the dimensions. They do, as do you.

What I say to you may feel slightly confusing. But only if you choose it to be so. And I would suggest that denial and confusion in this regard or in any regard for that matter do not serve you.

So, open your hearts more fully and feel the presence of my violet flame and allow this flame to eradicate any hesitancy in having this information. But more importantly, the integration of this understanding which is first and foremost come into your very core so that you are prepared and ready to understand and to embrace what it is we are speaking of this day.

Let me put it in the simplest of terms. You are huge. And we have only just begun and yes, it is through the new you, but it is also through these ways of communication that we have on a regular basis with you through these forums, that we begin to expand your awareness of who you are in your totality.

Not simply in your physicality; but your physicality my friend is very important because what we are doing, what you are doing, because you are the brave souls who continue upon the planet in this process of ascension in form which is rare, unique and has called to the forefront many to simply observe; you are anchoring all we speak of today into your body, into your field; but it is also expanding your understanding of what your field really is. And by the way what it has always been.

There are many who over time have said “Saint Germaine, how did you live for so many hundreds of years?” Well, one of the ways in which I have achieved that my friends is fully being aware of my being, of my consciousness, which is fully inter-dimensional. So I could shift and move between realities and I could go forward in ways that you have not completely figured out as yet. But you will.

Now I know dear Suzanne that you have many questions for me, so begin the conversation so that clarity will come from this

SM: Thank you and good morning my friend. Thank you for joining us today, and also for hanging out with me for the last few days and helping me to prepare for this and ask the right questions.
SG: It is always my pleasure to hang out with you, my friend.

SM: The whole idea of having aspects of my soul existing in different dimensions and timelines – with all of it happening at once including myriad past incarnations – it’s a little mind-blowing for me. I can certainly accept that I exist in a lightship somewhere and that my angelic self is off doing some fabulous work while this physical vessel remains on the surface. Maybe I also live in Agartha. I remember none of this yet, but I accept it. So what is it that needs to happen in order for me, in my earth human form, to have an understanding of my whole self – beyond trust, faith and intuition.
SG: That is the purpose of what we are doing together. And we are not trying to eliminate faith, trust, hope or any of these wonderful divine qualities because they are absolutely necessary. What we want to achieve through these conversations, of which there may well be several, is to have an anchoring of that knowing, of that trust in conscious awareness.

So what you do is actually quite simple. It is to anchor in your heart and to begin through meditation of course; and you cannot tell me, my friends who are listening in this day or who are listening to this at a later date, that you cannot meditate.

That is like telling me you cannot breathe. And there is a part of you who knows fully well how to meditate and how to breathe. So you go into meditation and you allow these aspects of your being to come forth and to present themselves – and Linda has an excellent meditation that I urge her to share – so that you bring forth these parts of yourself not as strangers but as pieces of who you are.

Now most of you in one situation or another have done work with your inner child. And so I will use this example for you to be able to understand what it is that I am speaking of.

You’ve had situations where you have embraced your young child, your young self, your inner child who has been damaged, ridiculed, hurt, abused etc. in one way or another. There are very few children who do not have some form of injury; and you have embraced that child and comforted them and welcomed them back in, back within your heart – the heart portal is always the key for re-entry – and of course you have always allowed that small child to re-approach and re-integrate at a rate that was comfortable for them, not simply according to your timeline but according to theirs. And you have known that child because, of course, it is simply a younger you.

So it is a very similar technique and method. What you are doing in meditation for example is calling forth your galactic self, your star being self. Now – yes Linda is reminding me – because, not in this case with your angelic self or your star being self, actually this is not a necessary step, but in case you apply it to other aspects of your being, I will see to Linda’s desire to give a description of a cleansing process and it can do no harm ever.

So as you bring back these pieces of your being, or welcoming them on a conscious level – let me put it that way – what you are doing is you are asking them to come in clean so you are asking them to cleanse themselves, wipe their feet at the door, so that they don’t bring any debris that they may have gathered while they’ve been out doing very important work.

Now, let me clear about this – so the methodology that we have taught through the Council of Love and through this process is to basically put that aspect of your being through a “light wash,” a white light wash is a good way to think of it, and then simply embrace them and bring them within.

And in that way you are sure that you are not bringing back any space debris for example. But the key is to welcome and to embrace. Now that does not mean that you are – and I need to be very clear about this – this does not mean that you are killing off somebody that is existing elsewhere.

What it does mean, my dear friend, is that you are bringing to a place of integration – that piece of yourself – to your conscious awareness so that you can access that portion of yourself which can assist you inter-dimensionally, inter-galactically, on earth during this ascension/transition process. Because let’s face it, they know things you don’t.

And so that is how you do it.

SM: That could be kind of a mentoring relationship.

SG: It most certainly can. Now also it can be a delightful friendship because what you are doing is also re-acquainting them with the reality of your physicality and the experience of Gaia that they have been missing – an experience of home. And when I say “home” I mean “you,” that they have also been missing.

SM: That’s a wonderful point and thank you for bringing it up. It brings value to us and our human experience that we can bring to our other aspects that is actually needed and appreciated.

SG: Exactly. It is not that you do not have anything to share or bring to the table, my dear heart. It is quite the contrary. Throughout the universe the human beings that are in this process of ascension are considered with quiet amazement and wonder. So you tend to underestimate yourselves very often.

And you underestimate because you don’t fully know the incredible nature of what it is you are actually accomplishing.

SM: I believe that’s true. May I ask, once we cross over fully into the fifth dimension and higher, will the Earth Keepers remain with Gaia but with a different role? Is that when each of the ascending ones choose what to do next, and what kinds of choices will there be?

SG: There will be more choices than you can even begin to imagine. Now, not enough choices to make me return. For I am quite happy where I am. But you never know, do you. So, for the Earth Keepers, it would be very peculiar – not right, not wrong, not of duality, but a very peculiar choice – if someone who was an Earth Keeper for example to choose to do anything other than to continue to work with Gaia in the other dimensions. Now, let me explain why.

These beings and I wish to make an aside at this point – for some of you who are true Earth Keepers you may not find your star self or it may be very ancient because your love of Gaia has kept you in service to her for a very very long time – I am talking before Atlantis, so we are talking at least a minimum of about 20,000 years. So do not worry if you do not find your star self aspect. Simply look and come to know more clearly your earth star aspect. Because of course that is a part of you and that is a part of all of you, but in earth keepers it is the strongest part.

But that is my aside. Let me continue.

So someone, for example who is an Earth Keeper would work with Gaia not so much in the cleansing because that is pretty much completed, but in the anchoring and the building of cities of light; because do not forget these wondrous new centers of civilization, of culture, or learning, of healing, of communication/portals – they are also places of perfect, what we would call Gaia Balance, so in these cities it is not like many of our urban centers that you have come to know. There are flowers and trees and birds and parks for children to play in. And they are safe. And there are places to grow food and to collect clean water so the Earth Keepers will tend to work in that kind of capacity.

Now they also have a great relationship, as many of you do who are star beings or Halions – with the Halion engineers – who are the constructors, the builders of the architecture and the structure, the physical layout of such cities. So it is not that there isn’t a great deal of cross-over. Of course there is.

Now some Earth Keepers will say “no I will never do city” and that is all right as well. Because they will go to what you call the more uninhabited places, but as we have said – not I but others who are more magnificent than I – and have related to you, is that many of what you have thought of as extinct species will return to Gaia. Not only from the animal kingdom but also from the plant and tree kingdoms, the rock kingdoms, the mineral kingdoms. And of course there are new minerals that are being brought to earth by your star brothers and sisters as well.

So they will work in the more desolated places, more wilderness places, to make sure that these preserves are maintained. Now let me share something with you. When you are in the fifth, sixth, seventh and higher dimensions, there is no such thing as what you have come to think of or to know as wildlife preserves or zoo’s.

So there will be a contingent of Earth Keepers who are very particular to working with the animal kingdom that will be working toward that integration and making sure that that harmony is always maintained; that the balance, that the food supplies are maintained. So there is so much to do. There is no shortage.

And this is also part of why you wish to have all of your aspects at home within your conscious understanding because as they bring you information on how this works all of a sudden you will find that you have on a much more basic cellular memory level the understanding of how the signs of ecosystems or food production or the viability of cities work. So it is a magnificent time for all of you to look forward to.

Now part of this is also inter-dimensional self, trans-dimensional – what the channel calls multi-dimensional selves. It is the same process. But in this case you will often send yourself through meditation to go and to visit and to see what you are up to in the other dimensional realities as well.
SM: So, dragons will be coming back and coexisting with us?

SG: Yes, they will be. Now they may alter their size because as you know these are magical creatures regardless. They will certainly be in every hue and color for they love color. Yes, the dragons will be back.

SM: That’s wonderful. I’m so excited about everything. And I know we can’t talk about dates or anything. We’re all very anxious to do this and humanity is growing weary in my view. If you could please speak to the significance of the upcoming Solstice in the awakening of humanity.

SG: It is a time of awakening. Each Solstice marks a new beginning. Now this has been known in ancient times. And you as a Shaman are certainly aware of this. But much of this wisdom has been forgotten. And the harmony of the being including the body with nature, with Gaia, and with the cycles of the planets of the very oceans, of the seasons, is important.

But let us say that this solstice is the further opening, yes I can say this without jeopardizing a relationship, it is a further opening of the ascension portal. That is why we are also having this conversation because as you are becoming more completely your integrated whole you want to be taking your totality through these portals.

Now you say that humanity grows weary and I know this. And that is also why I have asked you this day to accept and receive my violet flame; that indeed you have brought it within you because it will burn, it will torch, it will remove obstacles, vasanas, issues, debris, grit that you did not even know that you had. That is why I also speak of the visions of the future.

Now as I said, I have lived many times – and I have lived in full consciousness, so of course it was easier for me. But make no mistake about it, my dear friends, not only have I witnessed the weariness of the soul – and it does not matter whether it has been in France or America or Atlantis – the situation and the symptoms are always the same. And so I give you my violet flame and I give you the encouragement to embrace your aspects because the other thing that occurs as you do this – and I suggest to you that you start today – is that you will feel more rejuvenated, more energetic, more vital, more exuberant, more hopeful.

SM: How we feel is vital, and I do understand that it’s our job to keep ourselves happy during these times and not let ourselves get sucked into drama and feeling bad for others, etc.

SG: It is your job to claim joy. Part of that is to claim laughter and sweetness and tenderness. Now that does not mean that you become hard-hearted or oblivious to the pain and suffering of others. But this is the teaching that we have given you with the blessings and virtues. It makes you completely ineffective if you adopt or assume the burden of another. Your job in choosing joy is to hold up the vibration for many.

And I know that it not always easy.

SM: But we’re learning. I feel like we’re in training at this point.

SG: You are past your training period; you are shall we say in internship now.

SM: Would you be able to let us know at all about the humans who are not partaking of the ascension? Has that plan changed at all over the course of this year?

SG: The invitation and the doorway are kept open to all. Now, the gift and the proviso of our Divine Mother is that we do not ever interfere with free will. Now, the human collective, and yes you do have a collective soul, has said we wish to go as one; please give us a chance to get our act together.

And that is what you have been working on and might I say been working not only diligently but very successfully.

But there comes a time – it is like your systems in countries where you have voting – there comes a time when every individual is given the opportunity to cast their vote. Yay or Nay. And so what that means is: yes, I wish to go to the alternate dimensions and continue on with Gaia; or no, I have other plans and other choices that I wish to make.

What I do suggest to you is that the alternate choice of what you have considered an alternate planet or reality is not really on the offering table at this time.

SM: Linda and I were discussing that and we felt that it might have been a possibility in another timeline, that perhaps it is here or over the course of whenever, that the plan may have changed. That there is not going to be an alternate Earth.

SG: Yes, because you changed it. You cannot change one variable in a plan without having a massive ripple effect. Now, to us that is good news because when you do something that is of joy, of love, of compassion, the ripple effect is very very positive. And even if you were to seek and look at it from a slightly different perspective, the fact that you do not have – shall we say an escape hatch – makes the decision very clear and crisp.

SM: I’m not sure if this question is appropriate, but well, I’ll just put it out there. About the prosperity packages, and how that’s going to change and uplift humanity like nothing else will as far as I see it, I know you can’t give us a date; are we imminent, really on the very edge?

SG: Yes. Understand the prosperity programs (plural) that you have thought of, yes, many think of it as money and they spell money “r-e-l-i-e-f” but let us be clear; the prosperity is the abundance of food and clean water and equality and justice, a safe place to sleep; this is what it is truly about. So it will be a wave of transformation and it is a very practical wave of transformation that gives those who are fence-sitters the opportunity to look and say “well maybe I do choose love, maybe I do choose to move forward. Maybe it is not as bad as I have always imagined.”

SM: We certainly would welcome all hearts being open to the unity and love and all that sort of thing. We’ve been told that prosperity and abundance can’t be released on the planet until the dark is completely eradicated and taken care of, but it seems like that might be far away at this point.

SG: No it is part of the eradication process. It is part of the clearing process to eradicate because that is a duality terminology. Because you know, there are beings who have played their part in this unfoldment and drama who have been designated as “dark” but what we are really working with is eradicating the darkness in every being’s heart.

Because, for example, when I have spoken to you about the healing of the innocent child, that child in many people is still locked away in a dark closet. And so that is a patch of darkness within some of the brightest most generous most loving people but they have not allowed that love to penetrate the dark place within themselves.

SM: That’s good information. I so appreciate your answering my questions. We have a few callers. Can we talk to them?

SG: Well you know I always love to sit around the table and talk.

SM: So, caller 248, are you with us?

Caller 248: This is Jilena. The last conversation you touched on contained one of my questions. And that was, I’m excited about the changes and I have a very deep part that really doubts the complete transformation and opening of a new higher dimensional experience here. So, I think my question is more about what can we do about that darker side within ourselves, perhaps its doubting a very core change in humanity and what can we do to bring all of our whole being of who we are to the table here to be on the same page and be excited about all this.

SG: Because of course the doubt lingers within your heart is that dark place of humanity and because you have it, let us look on the bright side, dear friend; because you have this dark doubt and you think – and for many of you this is a replay of Atlantis, so it is a double-header as you would think of it – so you doubt it because you have this dark place in yourself, but that dark place also informs you as you heal it. As you let it go, as you embrace all of you, that it can be done for everybody everywhere.

Now, as you heal it within yourself, that healing is transmitted – it’s that ripple effect that we have been speaking of that is transmitted not only throughout your planet and collective, but far beyond as well. So the key to the healing of humanity is first the healing of those dark places within you; those places of doubt. Because what is the doubt? It is the fear of being wrong. It is the fear of “what if I let go of this doubt which has served me so well; if I let it go and then I am just disappointed, I will feel betrayed and I cannot stand anoher betrayal.”

So, is it a walk of trust? Is it a walk that you do not take alone? Yes. But the choice is very clear. Do you really wish to continue on in the dimension and the reality of earth that increasingly is a hologram and it does not really exist because the very planet you stand upon has already anchored herself in the fifth dimension? Does she sweep down and include you? Of course. She is the most loving mother.

But how you eradicate doubt is by choosing to eradicate doubt. So, take my torch, yes, you Jilena; I have given it to you many times. And long ago. Simply take my torch and put it to the doubt. Torch it and let it be the ashes from which you rise and fly free. And as you do, as you soar and as you explore alternate realities and dimensions, many stuck in the old realm will see you and they will say “my god, she’s flying!” And then they will begin to believe.

Sm: Thank you for calling Jilena. Area code 989 are you with us?

Caller 989: Yes, I’m here. This is Linda. I just wanted to thank you guys for bringing in Saint Germaine today so I could personally address him. This is not a question, but a comment. About eighteen months ago we were standing on the edge of disaster in our lives, lost our business, our home was in foreclosure, our lives were in tatters. And I personally asked for him to come to our inner being and he did so and has made a tremendous difference financially, spiritually and in every way in our lives. I just wanted to thank him.

SG: You are welcome. But, Linda, you also allowed; you allowed me in and you allowed us to help. And do you know, that is the greatest gift that you can give us. So bless you, dear heart.

SM: Thank you so much for calling, Linda. Area code 949 are you with us?

Caller 949: Thank you. Saint Germaine I am always using the violet flame when I meditate and I want to use it better every time because I know I’m going through a lot of vasanas from my past lives.

And I also want to ask you if I’m going to find in this lifetime my old twin flame. I really look forward to that.

SG: Well I can certainly understand the desire for a sacred union and a partnership. All the rumors you have ever heard about me are true. But I tease you, dear heart. Because what I want you to do is to lighten your spirit and your load. It weighs heavily not only upon your heart but upon your shoulders; that is what the pain in your neck is about.

So it is time to let go; you do not need to carry this wish; what you need to do, what my guidance for you is to do, it will not be your twin flame because your twin flame is on this side safe with me. But that does not mean that he is not in full attendance to thee and more than willing to assist in the location and the fulfillment of a beautiful partnership on planet, in form, during this lifetime. Is that clear enough?

What I ask you to do is take this desire, yes there are many burning situations, and I am always telling you to torch things, but not in this situation – what I want you to do is to write your heart’s desire on a piece of paper and to put it in the most beautiful box that you can find. And then wrap it, well of course I am preferential to purple, and put it on your altar, but when you are putting it on your altar see that you are giving this request to your soul twin and to me. And let it go. Let us collect the energy and bring it back to thee. So stop worrying; you are in good hands; we will help you.

SM: Thank you for calling. All right, area code 905, you’re on the air.

Caller 905: Hello! Thank you very much for your wonderful program and Saint Germaine for your incredible existence in our going forward. I wanted to ask regarding a concept that I see in my mind and hope that it is valid; that is the concept of wrapping the whole of Gaia with the violet flame to assist in dissipation of negativity for her.

And the other thing is, the wrapping of the news fear in the violet flame as well to attempt to eliminate the negativity of mass consciousness, of us going forward to assist with ascension. Are those concepts valid?

SG: They are not simply concepts. They are inspirations and I am eager to join you in this wrapping ceremony.

Caller 905: I view it as you doing it.

SG: I am joining with YOU. And I ask many to join in this. It is not a visualization; it is an actuality. You tend to think of things, and I do not mean you my dear listener, I mean people; you tend to think that you are simply visualizing, but you are actually doing and this is the core of what you think of very often as inter-dimensional work. Which you are doing inter-dimensionally is you are doing something on an energetic level but because you are not seeing it in your 3D physical level, you think you are just visualizing. You are not; you are actually doing this. So, yes, proceed with haste.

SM: Saint Germaine if I could just interject here, Linda and I were talking before the show about a practice that I’ve had; now I do it several times a day. It has to do with the I AM. If you could speak to the effects of saying this; this is from the I AM Discourses. And what I say is “I Am all love, I Am all power, I Am all that which God so desires me to be. I Am at peace, I Am abundant power. I Am strong and perfect in being. “ It’s just something I say often and Linda thought it would be a good idea to mention it in case it’s helpful.

SG: It is very helpful. The “I AM” statements are a declaration not only of the truth of who you are but what they do is it brings you into alignment, your I AM with the I AM, with source, with Mother/Father One. So, yes. Now, can I add “I Am whole, I Am abundant, I Am healthy, I AM LOVE.”

Keep saying these things because again it is your declaration, it is your immediate alignment. It is instantaneous, and in that because if you shift, think of it as air molecules; if you shift in time and space, which is exactly what you do when you say the I AM declarations, then everybody on the planet also just shifted. Because you are a unified whole. You are one grid, so in those declarations you are acting like a magnet bringing everybody back to true north.

You are helping you, plus a few billion.

SM: That is truly great news. All right we have time for one more caller. Area code 916, are you with us?

Caller 916: Yes I am. My question is, last night I was dreaming that I was sleeping outside my house and I saw a lightship; it was like three levels of light and all of a sudden it beamed on me and I got real hot. So in my dream I left where I was sleeping and went inside, and I put the whole situation into the violet flame. Not knowing if it was a good or bad ET. My question is, was that good or bad experience? And by putting it in the violet flame did it do the right thing for the dream.

SG: Now let me say this to you. You can never go wrong with the violet flame. Because if something does not need to be transmuted, if it is already in the divine perfection it simply remains thus. Now, you were visited by your star brothers and sisters; they are beckoning to you. There are no what you think of as “lesser star beings” penetrating earth’s atmosphere at this time. So they are simply saying hello, but you were being prudent and I will never chastise anyone for being prudent. And for calling out to me. So, it was a good dream; it was a good practice.

Now go fly with them my friend!

SM: Saint Germaine I so appreciate your being with us. Have you anything to add to this in closing?

SG: Yes. As I have said, so often people think of me as very serious. And I do have that portion of me. But as I have also said, there is nothing that I enjoy more than sitting around a table talking with those I love and cherish and whose opinions and thoughts and adventures I admire. So I ask of each of you to come and play with me, to invite your aspects, your star self, your angelic self, your inter-dimensional self to come and play. Take this in the way it is intended. You are beings of light and love. And of pure joy. Proceed in this way and let us torch together any wounds of war, any injuries, any vasanas or false grids. I am with you. Go in peace.

LD: What a guy. In our last call with Saint Germaine, I’ve never noticed this about him, but I noticed it today, what do they call it, you know that lace jabot on his outfit, is just exquisite. It feels like I can reach out and touch it; it’s very fine, and it’s probably made out of starlight.

SM: Thank you so much Linda, it was fabulous.

LD: You are so welcome and I think this is the first of several conversations that we’ll be having on this topic. But everybody get started on this integration. And bring in your friends, your aspects. Because it’s part of who you are.

SM: I love what he said that many of us have experience working with our inner child. It was such a great segue into how to integrate our many aspects.

LD: Yes, because most of us have done that work. So, get going.

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