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Dana Mrkich ~ June 2013 Monthly Visions

A very appropriate op-ed piece from Dana-Down-Under; long but worth the read...DT the ET

Dana Mrkich : Waving Not Drowning ~ Just Keep Swimming

The Video Version with Commentary is here

DanaMrkichIf we could look out into the cosmos right now through eyes that perceive higher frequency energy, we would see huge tsunami-like waves rolling toward Earth, immersing our planet and all on her. We don’t need super-human eyes to tell us this is happening – we can feel it. We can see the effects the waves are having on our lives, and on those around us including the greater global community in every sector of life. These waves are uplifting us, clearing us and transforming us on every possible conceivable level – and on levels we can’t yet conceive.

Most days it feels like we’re in a never-ending automated car-wash. Have you ever been in one of those things? The water comes down rinsing the car, then the car shampoo squirts out, followed by the big wash brushes. Then the rinse cycle again, then the polish brushes, then the dryer. Between every one of those phases there’s a little pause, a moment to breathe, and then you get a little start with every new woosh boom shhh sound. Hands up if you feel like you’re in one of those at the moment? Only every time we get the green light and head out thinking we’re ‘done’, we suddenly find ourselves back for another round!

If a friend was to ask you ‘How are you feeling?’ you probably honestly have no idea how to answer that. The waves are awakening multiple aspects of us, including old, buried aspects and new soul potential aspects, along with multiple awakening abilities like telepathy and energetic sensitivity. So the answer to your friend might be:  “I’m feeling clear yet dishevelled, I have moments of joy and despair, I’m excited about what’s coming yet sometimes feel disillusioned, I’m at peace with so much yet confronting old issues I thought I’d cleared.

When I’m happy I’m happier than I’ve ever been and when I’m sad I feel like I’m feeling the woes of the entire world. The energies are moving so much so quickly through me that I already can’t even relate to what I just said. I’m not who I was a week ago, and I have no idea what version of me I’ll have evolved into by tomorrow.”

What’s going on? We are here. We’re in The Shift. The Waves are finally upon us. We have felt waves before now, before this year. This is different. Before we were standing on the edge of the shore, feeling one come in every so often. Last year they were very close together.  We were perhaps knee or waist deep into the sea. This year we’ve moved out into the open ocean. We’re IN the waves, hence the feeling of the never-ending car-wash. 

Whereas in the years leading up to this we’d have a reprieve between waves, now there is barely a moment to breathe before another comes rolling along – at least as far as the incoming energies are concerned. Reprieve can be found however by going within to your centre. That is the place where we can find clarity, peace, stillness and stability anytime. 

Just closing your eyes for 5 minutes, whether sitting inside or lying outside on the grass, and focusing on your breath, soaking in the sun, feeling the breeze on you, is SO rejuvenating and re-balancing bringing you back to sanity. Sometimes it’s hard to even find 5 minutes I know, but as I was reminded this morning, having neglected this part of myself lately, it transforms you back to your Self instantly.

That’s another thing about these waves – they are refusing to allow us to neglect ourselves. If you are not nurturing yourself, nourishing yourself, treating yourself with kindness, or in any way doing something (or not doing something) that is causing you to be out of balance, you’ll know about it. 

This is a good thing – previously our detours away from centre didn’t have as immediate a side-effect. Now the consequences are fairly immediate, although sometimes it can take a few weeks of not working out as regularly as usual (hello me), to realise ohhhhhhh that’s why I’ve been feeling so not myself!

The constant waves don’t mean that we’re in for a challenging time 24/7. Our experience of the waves will change from moment to moment, day to day. Our experience will depend on what they are triggering, and how we are perceiving whatever they are triggering. They are allowing cool synchronicities and expanded states of joy, love, creativity, empathy, compassion and a greater sense of connection with ourselves. They are re-igniting dreams and passions. They are awakening dimensional doorways and multi-sensory abilities. So, sometimes we’re going to feel super alive, ultra-clear, buzzing on a high about life.

They are triggering any parts of our soul that still need healing, closure or transformation. They are bringing to the surface ancestral energy and cellular memory. They are heightening our awareness, revealing so much that was previously hidden or unknown to us (on a personal and collective/global level). So, other times we’re going to feel overwhelmed or suffocated by the amount of ‘debris’ swirling around us. All of this is happening very quickly. You might alternate between the above states several times in a day – or even an hour! We’re moving through more ‘stuff’ and experiencing  more ‘shifts’ in a week (sometimes in 24 hours!) than we used to do in a year – or years.

For those who have been on a conscious journey for a long time, you may be questioning what the heck is going on that SO much old stuff is coming up when you have already cleared and healed, well, almost everything! To recognize the benefit of your work thus far, they are giving the analogy of a room that is fairly clean and tidy, vs a room that resembles a cluttered storage area that hasn’t been attended to in years.  

Most of you have gone through several major cleaning sprees of formerly cluttered rooms, and energetically reside in relatively clean and tidy rooms – but as you know from your own home, a room doesn’t just stay clean and tidy. Everyday living means that you regularly wipe down the bench, clear the table of junk that accumulates, vacuum the floor and so on. The big clean up you originally did doesn’t mean the room stays pristine by itself, but it sure makes it easier to deal with on a day to day basis. The incoming waves seem to be heightening anything and everything that is lying on the floor, unattended to. Any speck of dust in our corners, pebbles in our shoes and rubbish under our carpets is being highlighted. With a spotlight. And a loudspeaker.

On a logical level one might think this is due to energetic space – as in we have to clear the old to make way for the new. However it is more a case of vibration and frequency – the old can’t exist in the new frequency, so it is being raised to the surface for clearing or transformation. So if you had termites in your shiny, wooden floors, this energy is going to find the termites. It’s also going to find the gold that you had no idea was under the floor boards so it’s all good.

For those who are yet to clean their storage rooms, never before have we as a humanity had so much energetic – and physical – support to do so. Help is available and more easily accessible whether you are seeking it from within, from upstairs, or from friends/family/therapists/support groups/online forums etc. If you are feeling overwhelmed by what is a very intense time, please reach out and talk to someone you feel safe with. Connect with groups that understand what you are going through. You are not alone and you do not have to go through this alone.

Predictions of these times always involved huge waves washing over the planet. Many prophets (or interpreters of prophecies) always assumed this would be one of water. The huge waves are indeed here washing over us only they are waves of high frequency energy coming to us thanks to the part of the Cosmos we are currently traveling through.

We are receiving energy that our planet only has access to once in a Great Cycle of almost 26, 000 years.  Our Sun is playing it’s part in releasing this energy to us via it’s Solar Flares, CME’s, Solar Waves and other activity, triggering physical and emotional shifts, awakening on a Soul, Cellular and DNA level and a quantum leap in our evolution. Solar Maximum cycles happen regularly – every 11 years – so why are these flares impacting us so strongly? 
The way it has consistently been shown to me is, due to our current rare position, we are receiving the effects of a very high frequency energy emanating out of the Galactic Centre which goes out to our Sun as well as our Earth – and indeed most often seems to come to us via the Sun. This high frequency energy affects us on a biological and cellular level, it affects our nervous system, our Earth, her weather systems and activity (earthquakes, volcanoes, tornado’s etc), it affects navigational equipment and satellite function. There are man-made influences contributing to all of this also, creating somewhat of a pressure cooker type of feeling.

I’m not a scientist, this is intuitive and downloaded information that has remained consistent in its message for decades, a message that continues to be supported by the growing evidence that is people’s personal and shared collective experiences. Having said that, this Month I’m being nudged to provide links to scientific studies and evidence that prove this is all happening. The fact that science backs up what many mystics have felt and feel is so exciting. Even when you ‘know’ something, it is always so amazing to see information validated by physical reality.  

Here are a few links you may find interesting that can then lead you on to do your own research if you wish:
 Article: The Sun Touches our Psyche
This time was always destined to happen, and many of us came here specifically to be here for the changes that are going to occur as a result. This new energy is causing the release or transformation of everything that is not compatible with its frequency. Our old issues and old power structures can no longer exist in this new frequency in much the same way that digital and analog frequency cannot co-exist on your phone or television.

On a global level this month we’re seeing this with the protests in Turkey, the March against Monsanto movement and Edward Snowden’s whistle blowing on Project Prism. On a personal level many of us are are experiencing releases in the form of cold’s and flu’s (and have been all year). This is regardless of whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. We are going through a major inner and outer clearing process, and this applies even if you have spent years clearing your ‘stuff’.  It’s a major demolition process: there’s a lot of debris flying around now and it can feel suffocating and uncomfortable physically and emotionally.

The old form of Power (over others) thrives on secrecy. In revealing certain truths Edward Snowden is not only opening millions of eyes, he is dissolving so much of the old dense power structure that depended on people being kept in the dark. Our authentic power lies in each and every one of our light bulbs now being switched ON, on EVERY level of awareness. Thank you to people like Edward who are helping this happen.

We’ve all had experiences where we’ve discovered aspects of ourselves that we’ve previously been unaware of. The realisation and acknowledgement of these aspects can provide powerful insight into the origin and subconscious influence of our patterns, behaviours and issues. This is one reason why I am so passionate about being conscious of our energy reality and hidden (from us) reality. It is creating our physical reality – with or without our conscious contribution. 

When we become aware of a formerly unrecognized inner aspect, (or outer influence) a common question many people ask is: “What do I do now to heal, transform or release this?”  While this question is important, it is just as important to know that simply becoming aware of something you weren’t aware of before, bringing it into the light, starts shifting your energy and natural actions tremendously.

The hidden aspects of us are like puppet masters pulling the strings. They are like the great and powerful Oz, who gives the message his power is beyond questioning, but behind the curtain is an ordinary man with big issues.  Once we come face to face with the puppet master, once the curtain is pulled back, it is impossible for that aspect to influence us in the same way anymore. The energy that was holding up our illusions loses its power over us – be it our illusions of lack, that we are less than, not good enough, not deserving enough, that certain things aren’t possible and so on.

With our new awareness we stop attracting certain situations, or if we do attract them we can more easily recognise them for what they are; old stories that we don’t have to buy into or believe anymore.  We can see our truths, and the untruths we’ve told ourselves, more clearly and aren’t so easily triggered and swayed by the latter. It is so powerful to confront a thought based on an old belief and simply say: I don’t believe you anymore.  The more conscious we become, the more we can create a reality that is in harmony with who we really are. We get to experience a life we feel good about. We become free.

This growing awareness of hidden aspects is occurring on a grand scale this year – not only on a personal level but on a collective level. For anyone in doubt, we are well and truly IN the Shift that was long prophesied for these times. There was no big, loud and clear ‘event’ at the end of 2012 but something sure happened because from then onward the collective awakening process has shifted gears in noticeable ways – in the form of near-constant, multi-nation mass protests against the existing order, ongoing revelations about corrupt systems, and increased awareness of so much that affects us from GMO foods to fracking, chemtrails, citizen spying and unethical laws with more to come.

It is natural to get frustrated that even though things are accelerating, things sometimes don’t feel they are moving fast enough. It is also natural to wonder…how? How exactly will things change in real, tangible ways. Here is one example: more people are becoming aware of things like genetically-modified and chemically-tampered with foods. 

I was in a store today and asked for some nitrite-free bacon. The server told me they didn’t have any but people had been asking for it all month so the owner was busy trying to find a supplier. That is one big way things will change. As awareness grows, people change their shopping habits. Store owners have to order less of one type of product and more of another. Producers of healthier foods will increase, while manufacturers of less healthy foods will see business drop.

These times are about people power and grassroots movements. Everyone is waiting for the government to do something, but the change will come from people changing. As more people change what they will and won’t accept, what they will and won’t support, what they will and won’t purchase, the energy from so many old structures will drop. There won’t be enough energy left to support or sustain them. I always used to talk about this in the energetic sense, but now I can see it happening in the physical, material sense.

This month we’re also going through some very interesting Soul Retrieval processes, where old aspects are tapping us on the shoulder…they want to come into our new reality too albeit in a transformed way.  The past is knocking on a lot of people’s doors at the moment in the form of memories, dreams, old emotions you haven’t felt in a long time, aspects you thought you had long buried, and people you have long not had contact with. Whenever the past (or anything really!) knocks like this, there is a reason although the reason is never usually what it seems to be on the surface.

The emotions being triggered can leave us feeling like someone has dragged us backward into some murky time that we really would rather not visit again, yet it is very beneficial to just bite the bullet and confront this energy, as otherwise it can make us feel like we’re going to implode mentally and/or emotionally, and even affect our state of health physically.

Have a seat with any inner aspect that’s been concerning you, and imagine it as a personality (be it an intense emotion you’ve been feeling, or a health symptom or an energy influence) and try one of the following: Journal with it, asking it some questions or meditate and do the same, trust the dialogue that comes from this; get out your crayons or paints and draw whatever comes to you; or have a conversation with a conscious friend to help give you clarity if you need extra support.

Much of our current process is connected to the Divine Feminine awakening. We’re undergoing a correction regarding the ways in which we have perceived the feminine – including ourselves as women, the feminine aspects of ourselves regardless of gender (our feelings, intuition, creativity, inner child issues, our ability to nurture and nourish others and receive that for ourselves, along with receiving in general) and how both women and feminine energy is treated in society along with all so-called ‘minority groups’.

This week alone in Australia we’ve had story after story concerning completely unacceptable and disrespectful behaviour toward women. A couple of those stories were regarding our Prime Minister and one covered despicable allegations involving Army members. 

While the behaviour and attitudes of those who act like this, and think it’s okay, are not new, the response from the public, media and authorities is very new both in terms of exposure and a new level of consciousness calling for an end to these ways. It was unprecedented to see the Australian Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, address the Army with a powerful YouTube video that went viral. It is worth watching, and really addresses all bullies and those who seek to demean others.  One of many quotable quotes in his short 3 minute address is: “The standard you walk past, is the standard you accept.”

Many of us during our healing journey left behind old parts of ourselves we perceived as flawed. Only those wounded parts of us were not flawed – they were beautiful, wise, intelligent, loving aspects that were abused by others or misunderstood or devalued or disrespected. 

If we have felt shame about any former part of us, and still do on some level, and if lately you have been feeling a resurgence of old feelings in some way connected to old aspects of yourself, then it is well worth the time getting out your journal and helping this aspect transform so she/he can shift forward with you into the new cycle. 

As we move into our new cycle which is calling us to wholeness, we are also being called to retrieve all those parts of ourselves that we have abandoned or left behind. In their abandoned state they are manifesting as anger, frustration, depression, numbness, sadness, regret and resentment, like something about to explode or implode within you. Connect with these emotions to figure out what old part of you they are wanting to bring your attention to. More than likely you’ll find that Abandoned Anna has been waiting a long time to finally be acknowledged as Awesome Anna.

This isn’t about doing more digging. This is about consciously working with the energy waves that we are swimming in these days, and consciously SEEING what they are wanting to show us (which is more of our selves). The waves are taking us to new heights, and in the process we are having to plumb new depths, and more and more aspects of ourselves are being transformed.

This is happening with or without our conscious input. Our conscious input simply helps us move through the waves with greater understanding and thus ease, and helps the waves move through us with fewer restrictions. The irony is that consciousness goes hand in hand with increased sensitivity, so of course you will also FEEL things more acutely which is not easy – but understanding does make it more easeful.

Until next time, let our motto be: Waving not Drowning, and as Dory in Finding Nemo says: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013
Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, or for regular energy updates join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter. / link to original article

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