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More from the vault: vintage Sheldan Nidle ...DT the ET

Your First Contact By Sheldan Nidle

 (Excerpted from page 148-49)

This magnificent planet is home to a most fascinating situation: the loss and, finally, the regaining of full consciousness by a very special collection of physical Angels. These wondrous Beings originated in all parts of your galaxy. 

They represent a most marvelous cross-section of sentient physical life forms. The particular life form selected for this 'situation' is called 'Homo Sapiens' or Human Beings'. 

During the past eleven millennia, Human Beings have continuously incarnated into an environment that is detrimental to the overall well being of their planet and, especially, of themselves. 

You, dear Ones, currently exist in a limited state of consciousness with its associated amnesia. This lamentable condition has robbed you of any recognition of who your really are. In your present condition, you can be easily manipulated. Our divine project is to facilitate your transformation back into your truly spectacular selves. Earths physical Angels have a very important role to play in this galaxy. They are the key to a permanent galactic harmony.

Mother Earth's amazing diversity of life is one of the most extensive in the Milky Way Galaxy. Yes, in your present limited consciousness state, you are destroying this most precious jewel. Moreover, in your own misguided way, you are continually replacing nature Earth environments with artificial and highly toxic ones.
Your planetary society is filled with a vast pathology which includes hate, jealousy, avarice, and petty manipulations. Yet, Love, compassion, and a general caring for each other and for your planetary biosphere still manage to exist. This paradoxical state of affairs is due to the fact that your general amnesia does have some cracks in it. It is these few 'cracks' that we are employing to assist your rapid restoration to full consciousness.
When we began this chapter of your journey, we discussed the numerous special roles played by physical Angels to maintain their home world, its accompanying solar system, as well as all the physical Creation. In addition, they serve as Heaven's 'wayshowers' by freely giving to Heaven those experiences and the wisdom encountered while in physicality.
In the case of earth's humans, a most fascinating 'genetic situation' is underway. Remember, dear Ones, you are presently limited conscious Beings still possessing all the accouterments of fully-conscious Beings. These things are just lying about in you in a dormant state. This limited conscious RNA/DNA is being restored by us through a massive and continuous dose of pure, open Love, thereby helping to create a firm compassion in yourselves for your biosphere and your wondrously beautiful planet. This process is likewise causing your amnesia to rapidly dissipate and the truth of this ever-changing situation to become known to all. It permits each of your true Life purposes to be revealed to yourselves and to your society.
While this complex process is underway, another group of very special physical Angels—the Earth's cetaceans—has been filling in for you. These gentle denizens of the Earth's waters have been making use of their vast knowledge of earth's harmonies. That knowledge has allowed many species of animal and plant life to procreate in either the Northern or the Southern Hemispheres during each Spring season.
This operation is mainly carried out by two cetacean varieties—the Humpback and the Blue Whale. These gigantic creatures are really quite sentient and are completely committed to protecting the Earth's biosphere. Their firm commitment has led them into contact with humans who have caused the near-extinction of their species.
Cetaceans are highly sentient Beings whose physical origins are quite difficult to trace (ed. home planet Sirius B.). In any case, they are now residents of your planet and fully grasp the important role they are currently playing. 
Cetaceans sincerely understand their special responsibility as mediators between Heaven and Earth. 

They accept the fact that humans exist in the world in a weird, imbalanced state of reality that threatens their own. They also know that the histories, which they carry with them, are important for a restoration to full consciousness of the planet's other group of physical Angels—Earth humans.

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