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Alisheryia Of The Ascended Dragon Collective: Humanity

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dragons eraoflightdotcomWe are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We offer peace this day. When hatchlings are agitated we draw them close, just as we put our large wings around you. Wings are meant for flying but also for comforting and for creating a safe place, nestled in. It is never cold in the nook of a wing for love beats in that space of darkness and paternal / maternal warmth is felt as well. (I am seeing dragons in battle protecting their young or someone else who is within their circle of protection. I am seeing numerous colorful dragons in a circle with large wings outstretched looking like a beautiful colorful flower from above. I see children with this circle of protection. I ask them why human children and hatchlings are within their circle of protection.) 
We have also been rescuing human children from various places of your galaxy. We say ‘your’ for we are not contained by time space. We easily fly in between the galaxies and traverse the universes for we serve all sectors. We have been assisting your kind return unto itself. Many children, many human colonies that you are not aware of have been decimated. This war is not just on our land but on many lands, which is why it is a complex chess board. We are assisting with the rescue of humans. We are taking them for rehabilitation. Human children are with our children because they are friends. Humans and dragons have a long friendship history and so it will continue.

(I am seeing that scene they showed me in more detail. They are standing on a flat red-hued mesa. The terrain is rocky, there are no trees, it is a barren place. I see fire burning below. Those they are fighting are of the dark alliance who fly in small, oddly-shaped ships above them. I see some of them are humans and many are hybrid reptilians. I am seeing destroyed mining facilities and I don’t wish to look anymore.) 

An Update From Lee Carroll...

Grok Sum... 


Kryon’s Messages Reach Hundreds of Thousands Across the Globe
Greetings Dennis,

To the uninitiated, Kryon is a mystery. It’s no wonder! The actual word "Kryon" wasn’t even in our vocabulary until a remarkable event occurred more than 31 years ago between Lee Carroll and his destiny.
Just like you, Lee was born with several potentials for what he would do in this life. One of these potentials was to be a messenger for Kryon.

After being told by two different people, three years apart, "There’s a Magnetic Master called Kryon, trying to get a hold of you." Lee accepted his calling with free choice.

Gradually he started to connect with this entity who called itself Kryon. After four years from the initial contact back in 1989, this prominent connection reached the rest of the World.

Kryon's channelled messages are very honoring and often filled with profound information for all of humanity. They are always uplifting, empowering, and dripping with the love of God.
~ Kryon Masters Team

P.S. There is a third language present in all of Kryon’s channellings – an energy that communicates in a multidimensional way. Watch as Lee explains who Kryon is and shares some personal messages from his "partner."

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-29-21


Wait for it...we're almost'll know much, much More when all the Screens go Dark; Savvy?

German judge busted for doing his job correctly. ... go Sorcha, tell it like it is; Spaciba:

More Scamdemic Follies - the panicking [DS] medical nemesis is Up to new Lows; Discernment:

Three Witches ride again, just like yesterday, and the day before that...I'm sensing a Pattern Here:

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-27-21


Has Anybody Seen Our Wizard Lately?

Elon comes from the Red Planet anyways; now he’s recruiting a sovereign Workforce:
FYI...some new disclosure and a little old BS: surprisingly saucy for ol’Ben; might be worth a Look:

They sold-out America and not for a few lousy Crypto Yuan, Nosiree these bastards want the Bucks:

Old Potatohead gets panned as a low-functioning idiot (retard) by Aussies & Tucker agrees; kek Fest:

Ron don’t expect a straight answer from Chief Yogananda Pittman, he's a total C-A Clown Construct:

Lorrie Ladd relays this recent 'Message For Humanity' from the folks in Her rafters; 10 min. well Spent:

Here's another Theee Witches Bundle du Jour for your further reading pleasure; street-legal Stuff:

Creator, courtesy of Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner; grok Sum:

Shantideva's Greatest Aspiration

This comes highly recommended by HH The Dalai Lama;
it's one of his favorite quotes. 
Sarva Mangalam!

Generating Altruism


May the poor find wealth,
Those weak with sorrow find joy; 
May the forlorn find new hope,
Constant happiness and prosperity. 
May the frightened cease to be afraid
And those bound be free;
May the weak find power,
And may their hearts join in friendship.
Some backstory from Bob Thurman; worth a listen:

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap: Like Showering With A Crazed Street Preacher

Can You Handle The Truth 

Behind The Dr. Bronner's Label?  

If Your answer is a resounding Yes! then follow this link:

Saul: You Will Discover The Joy In Your Lives

 Via John Smallman On 4-23-21


Humanity’s awakening process continues to flow beautifully forward, exactly as divinely planned, while the MSM (main-stream-media) continues to direct your attention toward events that focus on dangers they claim are severely threatening your human existence.

Dangers that are presented in an unrealistic and threatening fashion to compound your fears so that you will believe in the authoritarian directives and instructions that your governments are issuing, and thus keep on abdicating your sovereign rights as free and divine beings, while accepting and following those directives and instructions.

If you will just do the necessary basic research you will see that those directives and instructions have no scientific basis, and that they are therefore being used solely to control, manipulate, and intimidate you.

They are not working!  More and more people worldwide are seeing through this scam that governments are using to increase their power, and, at the same time, persuading you to relinquish yours.  (Some people are becoming very sick, but this is truly not very different from what has happened in previous years’ ‘flu and colds seasons.)  However, you need to remember that you are very powerful beings, every one of you – and one of my duties is to keep on reminding you of this divine truth – you just need to claim that power by refusing to be manipulated or intimidated.

Your governments cannot force masses of unwilling citizens to conform to their dictates, because those in uniform, directed to control and intimidate you, are themselves humans with families and loved ones like you, and so will not do to you, in order to make you obey them, what they would not dream of doing to their own loved ones.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-25-21


Enjoy April’s Full Pink Moon

Monday, April 26, @ 11:33 P.M. EDT.

Enjoy this EcoAstrology Update: Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon April 26, 2021, from Stephanie Austin:

Old Sol's got some serious CME - Rock’N Roll a goin’ On!

When you get past the early chit-chat Sandra shares some great ‘takes” in this Interview:

KayRy from Era of Light shares some personal ascension deep-thoughts; may all beings Benefit:

Sister Ciara nails the US woke Left creep towards full-blown communism; ponder On:

Lovely Lisa Renee graces us with this punchy, spot-on newsletter for April; grok Sum: 

Here's another Three Witches Bundle courtesy of the kind folks over at GAoG; please ponder On:

Creator does the closing honors yet again; Molto Grazzie:

Sunday, April 25, 2021

More 'Dog Comms' For Faithful Anons...

Putin “Tiger” Promptly Eats “Tiny Pooch” Biden Ordered To Attack Russia; Czech-Mate:

The Arcturian Group Message For April 25, 2021


Via Marilyn Raffaele

Greetings, dear readers.

​Confusion and sadness continue to be a large part of daily living for many but it is important to not judge by appearances. The many current situations of violence and strife represent a surfacing of old and dense energies based in separation that have long lain buried and silent both personally and collectively.

The presence of high resonating Light now streaming to earth is exposing and allowing these old pockets of dense energy to reactivate. Those with a state of consciousness in alignment with these energies then feel encouraged and empowered to act them out.

Some of the violence now taking place is a result of the manipulation of information by those intent upon keeping mankind locked into the bondage and control that has allowed them to live rich and powerful lives.

​For many, problems and discord are necessary components of their awakening. Commonly-accepted ideas, practices, and beliefs that result in fear and trepidation for others are beginning to be seen in a new way by increasingly more individuals.

Previously closed minds are beginning to open to understand that there are better, higher ways of doing things and that many of the “old ways” are no longer acceptable. These insights represent a crack of Light in the dark that will eventually expand and become a part of the collective.

Trust that all is proceeding according to plan. Stand back and bear witness to reality in all circumstances through holding the truth of One Power and knowing that this One Power does not and cannot express as fear, anger, violence, suffering, war, etc., regardless of how scary or powerful the appearances may be. Remember always that One cannot war against ITself.

That One Power is who and what you are, not in your humanhood, but in the reality, true essence, soul of you. It is the reason spiritual masters throughout time have guided seekers to look within rather than continuing to look outside of themselves for solutions on all levels.

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Disclosure Digest 4-23-21


 Flight Lessons Are Available 

At AngelUplift.Com


Kat has done another masterful job of transcribing and decoding the latest from Juan O'Savin for Y'All:

Some bits 'n pieces of intel regarding CME's, BLM real estate buys and the Simon & Charlie Show

The Medical Tyranny Bundle - Nothing to see here, everything's quite normal, just roll up your Sleeve:

Git Sum Frankness for Crissakes, sayeth the Pillow-Man; you won’t be sorry you Did!

Please enjoy these three spot-on channelled messages from The Folks In The Rafters: 

Many thanks to Catherine Viel for some very apropos closing ruminations; ponder On;

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-20-21

 Fauci's Name Is All Over These Patents...

 Anthony's Been A Naughty Altar Boy

If it is patented, it’s not natural. It’s planned
He’s being set up for the public kill-shot which will take down the whole Medical Mafia; Andiamo!

The latest UTSAVA Video: New World-Alien Message-Trump BACK-Reset-Nesara-JFKjr VP;
we advise beginning at the 5 minute mark unless yer fond of donkeys...Git sum:
We call this large bundle The Biden Shit-Show Smorgasbord; grab some Knakkerbrodt and dig In: 

Monday, April 19, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-17-21

Amphibians Don't Do Death Jabs


Lead off today with the latest missive from Our Lady of Sedona, Sandra (just water for me) Walter:

Ahoy! Total Reset of Everything's dead ahead, Cap'n; Aaargh me Mateys the fun's just Beginning:

This 'Vatican' event's got to be a staged WH take-down pantomime; will they follow St. Fauci to Hell?

The Cabal dark minions are frantically trying to feed the ‘baby-eating Beast’ of old; Basta! Finito!

Profiles of Manchurian Shooters: so many False Flag attackers these days, so little Time:

We haven’t heard much from behind David’s pay-wall lately; KayRy dug this Up:

Here's another Scamdemic Follies Compilation to amuse and titillate my truth-starved Readership:

This bundle is for all of you 'closet high-vibers' out there still trying to act Normal; Fugeddaboutit:      

Can you guess Who gets the last words today? Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical Querrie:

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Discosure Digest 4-15-21


 Don't Forget That This Is 

A Divine Plan Working Out


Big Tech Can Make Sure BILLIONS of People Never See Dissenting Opinions; sound a bit Familiar?

Here's some therapeutic Bee Stings for ya; folks say they help reduce the brain Swelling:

Weaponized illegal immigration in U/S is raising many Red flags, while False Flags pop like Corn:

Enjoy today's Bloodsucker Bundle of mind-bending death-jab related mind-Droppings:

Behold the Let Them Self-Destruct on and grow in Wisdom:

I know this is getting really predictable yet, here's another Three Witches Bundle to close this one Out:

Saint Germain: Dark’s Control In The 3D Illusion


 Via James McConnell On 4-16-21


I am your Saint Germain.  I am here at this time, just as each time we come together, to continue this expression. This expression of love, this expression of oneness. This expression of the Violet Flame that has been re-gifted back to the consciousness of man once again.

For long ago, we all held this Violet Flame within us.  And we knew of its existence.  We knew of its connection to the all, to the all one consciousness.  But we lost that.  We, the ‘collective we’ of man here on this planet to experience this third-dimensional illusion.  We knew that connectedness.  And we purposefully let it go so that the game could be enacted, the game that is still going today.

But this game has lost its luster.  Or rather, those that controlled the game have lost control of it, even though you may not know it yet, for there are still so many things happening behind the scenes.

But all of those things that are happening behind the scenes now are bringing the changes to this planet, bringing you out of the illusion dropping the veil.  The veil that in essence, was never there to begin with.  It is only there in your thinking process, in your programmed process.

But as your programming changes, the veil will be gone more and more.  That is what you are heading toward right now, this moment.  You are coming to that new higher expression within yourself, and more and more feeling the higher vibrations within you, even beginning to understand what vibration is.  What higher existence is.  Because those memories are returning to you.  Maybe not at a conscious level, but certainly at an unconscious level, and at a subconscious level the memories are there.  And they are directing now your lives.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Hathors: Everything Is Entangled


Via Peggy Black & 'Team' On 4-15-21

We are here sending you our love and gratitude for the incredible service that you are doing for this reality. Remember that everything is entangled. Your awakened self is the beginning of the world reopening from its hibernation.

There is an incredible surge of collective awakening for the first time in the history of humankind.

You are an important part of the surge. You are a multidimensional being awakening to your mission. This global hibernation has offered you and others the invitation to raise your vibrations. It has reminded you that it is time to step up in your personal spiritual evolution.

Since the planet has been closed down to most normal activities, everyone has been pushed against the very edge of their comfort. It has been most difficult for many, being alone and away from all their normal distractions and busyness. It has forced individuals to face and encounter their many fears and insecurities. This long time lock down has given those the opportunity to begin to heal what has usually been avoided. 

You have had to sit with and face your inner demons, negative patterns and memories. We are pleased to acknowledge that you have truly transformed these energies. You are part of the awakened consciousness that is coming forth at this time.

Remember that you are an electromagnetic being emitting a frequency. You will call forth only those things and experiences that are on the same frequency that you are offering. Begin to pay attention to every single person, event or circumstance in your day because it is telling you what frequency you are vibrating. Everything is entangled.