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Disclosure Digest 4-20-21

 Fauci's Name Is All Over These Patents...

 Anthony's Been A Naughty Altar Boy

If it is patented, it’s not natural. It’s planned
He’s being set up for the public kill-shot which will take down the whole Medical Mafia; Andiamo!

The latest UTSAVA Video: New World-Alien Message-Trump BACK-Reset-Nesara-JFKjr VP;
we advise beginning at the 5 minute mark unless yer fond of donkeys...Git sum:
We call this large bundle The Biden Shit-Show Smorgasbord; grab some Knakkerbrodt and dig In: 

Monday, April 19, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-17-21

Amphibians Don't Do Death Jabs


Lead off today with the latest missive from Our Lady of Sedona, Sandra (just water for me) Walter:

Ahoy! Total Reset of Everything's dead ahead, Cap'n; Aaargh me Mateys the fun's just Beginning:

This 'Vatican' event's got to be a staged WH take-down pantomime; will they follow St. Fauci to Hell?

The Cabal dark minions are frantically trying to feed the ‘baby-eating Beast’ of old; Basta! Finito!

Profiles of Manchurian Shooters: so many False Flag attackers these days, so little Time:

We haven’t heard much from behind David’s pay-wall lately; KayRy dug this Up:

Here's another Scamdemic Follies Compilation to amuse and titillate my truth-starved Readership:

This bundle is for all of you 'closet high-vibers' out there still trying to act Normal; Fugeddaboutit:      

Can you guess Who gets the last words today? Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical Querrie:

Friday, April 16, 2021

Discosure Digest 4-15-21


 Don't Forget That This Is 

A Divine Plan Working Out


Big Tech Can Make Sure BILLIONS of People Never See Dissenting Opinions; sound a bit Familiar?

Here's some therapeutic Bee Stings for ya; folks say they help reduce the brain Swelling:

Weaponized illegal immigration in U/S is raising many Red flags, while False Flags pop like Corn:

Enjoy today's Bloodsucker Bundle of mind-bending death-jab related mind-Droppings:

Behold the Let Them Self-Destruct on and grow in Wisdom:

I know this is getting really predictable yet, here's another Three Witches Bundle to close this one Out:

Saint Germain: Dark’s Control In The 3D Illusion


 Via James McConnell On 4-16-21


I am your Saint Germain.  I am here at this time, just as each time we come together, to continue this expression. This expression of love, this expression of oneness. This expression of the Violet Flame that has been re-gifted back to the consciousness of man once again.

For long ago, we all held this Violet Flame within us.  And we knew of its existence.  We knew of its connection to the all, to the all one consciousness.  But we lost that.  We, the ‘collective we’ of man here on this planet to experience this third-dimensional illusion.  We knew that connectedness.  And we purposefully let it go so that the game could be enacted, the game that is still going today.

But this game has lost its luster.  Or rather, those that controlled the game have lost control of it, even though you may not know it yet, for there are still so many things happening behind the scenes.

But all of those things that are happening behind the scenes now are bringing the changes to this planet, bringing you out of the illusion dropping the veil.  The veil that in essence, was never there to begin with.  It is only there in your thinking process, in your programmed process.

But as your programming changes, the veil will be gone more and more.  That is what you are heading toward right now, this moment.  You are coming to that new higher expression within yourself, and more and more feeling the higher vibrations within you, even beginning to understand what vibration is.  What higher existence is.  Because those memories are returning to you.  Maybe not at a conscious level, but certainly at an unconscious level, and at a subconscious level the memories are there.  And they are directing now your lives.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Hathors: Everything Is Entangled


Via Peggy Black & 'Team' On 4-15-21

We are here sending you our love and gratitude for the incredible service that you are doing for this reality. Remember that everything is entangled. Your awakened self is the beginning of the world reopening from its hibernation.

There is an incredible surge of collective awakening for the first time in the history of humankind.

You are an important part of the surge. You are a multidimensional being awakening to your mission. This global hibernation has offered you and others the invitation to raise your vibrations. It has reminded you that it is time to step up in your personal spiritual evolution.

Since the planet has been closed down to most normal activities, everyone has been pushed against the very edge of their comfort. It has been most difficult for many, being alone and away from all their normal distractions and busyness. It has forced individuals to face and encounter their many fears and insecurities. This long time lock down has given those the opportunity to begin to heal what has usually been avoided. 

You have had to sit with and face your inner demons, negative patterns and memories. We are pleased to acknowledge that you have truly transformed these energies. You are part of the awakened consciousness that is coming forth at this time.

Remember that you are an electromagnetic being emitting a frequency. You will call forth only those things and experiences that are on the same frequency that you are offering. Begin to pay attention to every single person, event or circumstance in your day because it is telling you what frequency you are vibrating. Everything is entangled.

Disclosure Digest 4-14-21

We're Playing Russian Roulette With Our DNA


This Vax-Scam Bundle is full of real Red Flags, if personal survival is high on your To-Do List:

Tucker is the News now and 5 nights a week he gives the best Disclosure available on Basic Cable:

A Three Witches Bundle to illuminate your way through these difficult days ahead; it's Far from Over:

Creator has volunteered to, as the musicians say, Take us to the Bridge; git Sum:

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-13-21


Yup, He Still Flies On Air Force One,

And Always With His Escort...


It's getting more Biblical by the day, Pilgrims; Q+ is in AF1, JFK Jr pics released and Woodsy is Biden:

A disturbing look into how the ancient Satanic Cabal has rid humanity hard and sold off our Parts:

And we'll call it 'The Lighter Side of Peaceful Demonstrations Bundle'; clever, No?

Jared Rand gives an epic interview on the Divine Plan, Med-Beds, 3D/5D Split & Masks; Grok Sum:

This is the Classic lesson on generating healing Compassion for the Benefit of ourselves and Others: 

A warning from James Gilliland  regarding the dubious Dr. Greer and his clueless ilk; Caveat Emptor:

KayRy of Era of Light wrote a nice little 5D Op-Ed piece which I link to below; ponder On: 

Our closing act today comes to us directly from the exalted Angelic Realms; tune in, turn on, beam Out:

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-12-21


Vax-A-Topia Follies On Steroids


To Jab or not to Jab, that is the $64,000 question; are you really Jones-in for your Borg nano-tech Fix?

To quote a Q post -We are The News now and Team Tucker is Que Proof positive; Kekfest:

You are watching a pantomime designed to scare the living shit out of the Sheeple:

Nothing worth watching on the boob tube? Try some remedial red-pilling right Here:

More Cabal true intentions on display here; Carnival decides who lives, who Fries:

Germaphobia is a useful Commie Pinko tool; witness the Snowflakes all manic-in-a-panic for Sanitizer:

The RCMP acts like the Lizzy Queen is still alive and giving the orders: some seriously sick Mounties:

Galaxy Girl rings up another fine channelled message; these Dragon Family ones frequently Resonate:

Some comforting words of Wisdom regarding the ephemeral nature of that which we call Time:

Monday, April 12, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-11-21-


 Cheerful Aries New Moon Y'all!


Release the Sydney they’ve no defense against a righteous bitch tellin’ everyone God's honest Truth:

The Satanic Royal Soap Opera self-exposes the ancient monarchy insanity: Kekfest:

Insane flack fires flak at Fox News; they are over the Cabal target and Divinely Protected:

This notorious C-A created Sackler royal heroin family willingly sacrifices their own, it’s a Lizzy Thing:

May we offer some Bee Stings to brighten your undoubtedly stressful perusal of this blog? Alst u Blieft:

Those patriotic bar-flies in Burbank are showing us all the communal way out of Tyranny; Stand Up! 

The Three Witches do it again...and again...and Again; think Groundhog Day, if ya get my Drift:

Direct from the Highest Heavens into your Inbox yet another totally appropriate bit of Eternal Wisdom:

The Arcturian Group: Duality Consciousness


Via Marilyn Raffaele On 4-11-21 


​Dear readers, we along with many from the higher dimensions, are working to assist, remind, and help the people of earth understand that something profound is taking place that far exceeds appearances and the understanding of most.

Fear and separation will always be present in the third dimension regardless of how many “wars against” something take place because third dimensional energy consists of the belief in two powers which will always express as duality and separation. Remember, consciousness is the substance of form because consciousness is all that exists.

Personally and globally, mind automatically draws from consciousness to form the material. Mind is matter. Over time the masters have taught that the world is illusion but this has been not been correctly understood by most. The world is not illusion, it is a perfect spiritual expression of Source. It is the false hypnotized sense of the spiritual universe that constitutes the illusion.

You have outgrown third dimensional living. You would not be reading or even understanding these messages if you were still fully in third dimensional consciousness. This can make being around family, friends, employers, and so called experts who are fully enmeshed in third dimensional energy, difficult. There will be times when you must “play the game” but by silently holding the truth in every situation, you bring Light to it.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-10-21


Whoops, Here I Go Again

Becoming One With Everything...


Today's Stephanie Austin EcoAstrology Update is full of Aries New Moon goodies; Git Sum:

Good run-down of the ongoing Reval roll-out and the LSM, WH-scripted Awakening Pantomime:

BOM just declared open season on RINOS everywhere; as a species they’re rightfully Doomed:

The ET’s are coming, the ET’s Are Here - they've always been here, tending our DNA Garden; Ayup:

A smattering of news Designed to piss off every wage earner legally residing in America; Capisce? 

The slimy Pedo underbelly of the Financial world is exposing Itself to the public; won’t be long Now:
Rounding off today's spiritual smorgasbord are the Three Witches, stirring the cauldron; grok Sum:

Ashtar: Atlantis And Lemuria Will Rise Again!


Via James McConnell

On 4-10-21 

I am Ashtar. I come at this time to continue to assist you and help you in understanding the perspective that we have. Perspective that we want all of you to have as well.

As we look down and we see the Earth, we see life here on the planet. But we see it as it is meant to be. Not necessarily how it is now. We see the higher consciousness all across the planet, not those pockets of lower consciousness. Yes, of course, we are aware of the darkness.  We are aware of those dark ones that continue to do everything they can to hold back the ascension process, as they have known about this ascension process for thousands and thousands of years of this coming.  And they have done everything they can to hold it back.  But hold it back, no longer are they able to do.

For they are fighting against a rising tide, a rising tide of awakening, as this wave of awakening moves across the planet.  This is what they feared the most, that the population would awaken, and no longer need them.  They have felt like they were needed.  And their biggest fear is that no one will want or need them any longer.  That is the way it must be.

For as the population of this planet awakens more and more, it is doing so as a result of all these waves of energy that have been coming in–wave. after wave, after wave.  With each continuing wave becoming stronger and stronger.  And those on the planet being able to raise their vibrations and receive these higher vibrational frequencies coming in.  And in so doing, the awakening is happening now.  The ascension process is in full swing.

And you, those of you, the Lightworkers and Warriors, you are the ones that are awakening faster.  You are the ones that are fully in the ascension now, in which you have heard as the first wave of ascension.  No, you have not ascended fully yet, but are in that process now.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-9-21


Breaking News: Covid-19 Speaks!

Git-Sum Sympathy For The Devil


And now a word from that much maligned virus, Covid-19, recently interviewed by Jon Rappaport:

Git sum Pious Prions in a death-jab from your local Rockefeller death-cult health care Ghoul; Yuck:

Plug me into Sky Net so I can mine some Kryptos during my enforced ‘sleep periods’; seriously Sick:

Boycott new Apple products from Chinese slave-labor factories; there's lots of 'Used' ones Around:

The brilliant Dutchman who touched billions of lives with his inspired inventions; Goed Gedaan! 

And now pause for a moment to answer the Question du jour: Have you had Uranus x-rayed recently?

The Tulips are popping up & ISIS goons in Africa are back to be-headings; Spring sacrifices to Baal:

I dunno, doesn't being a Trans-parent involve some kinda artificial Insemination? Just sayin' Boss:

Get Ready for the New Multiverse

By Babe Krishna On 4-10-21


The entire universe is going through an evolution in consciousness. Mankind is at the threshold of a new dimension where we understand ourselves as an aspect of God. It’s the birth of a new era that world religions have been prophesying for millennia. We are at the end of all the yugas, the end of this time as we know it and about to enter a more enlightened age. The heliacal spiral of spirit is penetrating and informing the outer reaches of his own mind and calling us to our new home where the divine and human merge.

Everything the majority on earth thought they knew is about to be turned upside down as the tail wind of the green dragon turns and we are all drawn in another direction, closer to the heart of our creator. The false beliefs based on fear are about to be dissolved and a new matrix based on love, the fundamental principle of the universe, is about to take its place.

We are truly poised on the edge of the awakening. One by one we jump off this precipice and into our true selves: The journey from the ego or conditioned self and into the Atman or true soul. As the Oracle of Delphi said. “Know thyself.”

I invite you to consider that we live in a contemplative universe. The reality we perceive is merely a holographic projection of the soul mind. There is no such thing as matter, except as an extension of thought. Even Einstein once mused: “Reality is an illusion: albeit a very persistent one.” What this planet has experienced is a collective hallucination based on the idea that we are separate from the rest of the cosmos and universal spirit.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-8-21


Kudos To The Man Behind The Mask 

Go James!


Dig deep as Sorcha and friends in the Kremlin out Foul Fauci for his horrendous Betrayal of us All:

He's from good gene-pool and there's not a Grey hair on his head (think JFK); he's got my Vote:

The Lizzies and their spawn find this hysterical; better get to know the Transhumanist/Borg Agenda:

Mike accurately describes the CDC's long planned Gestapo tactics but the Galactics won’t allow It: 

I love hugging trees but do I really want to Be one? Nah, been there and done that long, long Ago: 

Let the Light in? As if we really have any choice in the matter; read the fine print in the Divine Plan:

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-7-21


Lose The Doritos, Pilgrim 

This Is Popcorn Country

We got Ghosts (Hunte Biden) talkin' 'bout Empties (smoking Parmasan cheese); weird on Steroids:

Some verdant Anons perfectly de-constructed the Reptilian algorithms that rigged/stole the Election:

Self-destruct mode for [DS] fear-porn merchants; BOM is often laughing loudly just off-stage; Honk:

Depressed and medicated Austin undergrads go Manchurian on their whole family; sound Familiar?

High above Cayuga’s waters there’s an awful smell, some say it’s Cayuga’s waters - we say it’s Cornell! Ivy League schools deserve to be indicted for Treason and closed for Crimes Against Humanity: Basta!

The Alliance clawed back $34,000,000,000,000,000.00 from the Payseur Black Nobility Family as per Charlie Ward, and he knows from groups of 0's. NESARA and QFS are currently over-funded; Kekfest:

A new Three Witches Bundle to soothe the disquiet caused by reading this blog roll to the very End:

WWCC of 9: Here Comes The Trifurcation Of Worlds

Many thanks to Suzanne Maresca at GAoG for the de-code and bullet points; this really is a  metaphysically dense download from The Nine. Git Sum!


By Magenta Pixie On 4-6-21


(This video can be found on 

Suzanne - My notes on this densely packed 21 minute video:

  • The vaccine agenda will become more heavily pushed, as part of it is to make us more compliant.
  • The dark ones want to create transhumanism: merging the organic Human with the artificially designed.
  • That experiment’s intended results were a reduction of Earth’s population.
  • Those opting out of the experiment are opting in to the new breed of Humanity.
  • They not only retain the core organic Human template but they create the blueprint for it.
  • They’ll be seen as outlaws and dissidents, those proponents of that which shall become New Earth, or 5D Gaia.
  • To one another, though, we are family.  We eventfully become the blueprint for Humanity.
  • Trashumanism failed before it even started.
  • Nature detected the subtleties of that program and adapted accordingly.
  • Nature itself and the physical manifestation of consciousness cannot be destroyed, but it may look as though that is what’s occurring.  That is never to be realized because of Lightworkers.
  • It was an attempt to create a false reality, and it’s been countered because of us.  We’re growing in numbers and the Great Awakening will accelerate.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-6-21


I Don't Care Who Your Father Is

This Is An Illegal Gathering

We begin with the absurd Canadian Easter Comedies then move on to a Q+ decode and Simon Parkes:

It's time to learn how the “Conspiracy Theory” label was conceived to derail the Truth Movement:C_A:

False flags be a bloomin' like Crocuses and Sorcha digs deep to shed some Light on the Shytefest:

Some recent Self-Destructs from woke politicians, corporations and professional sports franchises; Kek:

Brooklyn Chabad sex crimes starting to surface; would you like a Kosher 3-yr old or a Goyische?

In case you've been wondering what to Energetically expect in April, Natalia wrote this just for You:

Surprise, surprise - the ultimate Last-Word Being of course, gets the closing slot; thanks for Playing: