Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-13-21


Yup, He Still Flies On Air Force One,

And Always With His Escort...


It's getting more Biblical by the day, Pilgrims; Q+ is in AF1, JFK Jr pics released and Woodsy is Biden:

A disturbing look into how the ancient Satanic Cabal has rid humanity hard and sold off our Parts:

And we'll call it 'The Lighter Side of Peaceful Demonstrations Bundle'; clever, No?

Jared Rand gives an epic interview on the Divine Plan, Med-Beds, 3D/5D Split & Masks; Grok Sum:

This is the Classic lesson on generating healing Compassion for the Benefit of ourselves and Others: 

A warning from James Gilliland  regarding the dubious Dr. Greer and his clueless ilk; Caveat Emptor:

KayRy of Era of Light wrote a nice little 5D Op-Ed piece which I link to below; ponder On: 

Our closing act today comes to us directly from the exalted Angelic Realms; tune in, turn on, beam Out:

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