Thursday, April 1, 2021

A Reality Check For Impatient Anons

Published By We The Media On 2-28-21

To those asking “how long are we supposed to trust the plan” :

What do you think the alternative is? 

We can NOT and will NOT have a civil war - it would DESTROY our nation and that’s EXACTLY what they want. 

Our strength is in UNITY- not division. 

Innocent people live here. No one’s lives need to be destroyed by civil war in order to win. Brainwashed liberals are NOT our enemy. The DS is. 

So be patient. 
They haven’t taken our guns 
They haven’t imprisoned or convicted Trump of anything. 

As far as if you don’t understand why so many anons trust the plan and are looking for ways to understand what we understand - try actually reading all of the Q posts. There are 4,950+ of them and we can’t spell them all out for you. At some point you have to be responsible for your own knowledge and awareness by educating yourself 
, doing the work yourself, teaching yourself. This is how we got in to this position bc no one was willing to do the critical thinking on their own and instead relied upon others to spell it out for them. The answers are there and we have way more than we already know. 

We will guide you in the right direction. We will show you the proofs of patriots still being in control. We will give you our best educated guesses on what’s happening. But this is a military intelligence operation that only less than 10 fully know, three of which are non military. Therefore, No anon knows when it’s going down but if you think it’s NOT going down or it’s all fake it’s because you either haven’t read the Q posts for yourself, never really fully understood, or you already forgot them- who’s fault is that? 

I’m aware that this is extremely stressful on everyone. But don’t forget what we are fighting for. The prize is worth more than all of the inconveniences everyone is experiencing, combined, times 1,000,000.  

Some of us have been here for 4 years waiting on everyone to wake up. 
>>>>So get a hold of yourself. 

This is information WAR. This is a HOLY WAR. Put on your armor of God and pick yourself up by your bootstraps. Take responsibility for your mental health by educating yourself with the open source materials and answers to questions in the Q posts that anyone can find using the Internet. 

If you have anxiety, then pray. 
Or take a break, rejuvenate and come back. Or both. 

But war is not a option. 
Giving up is not an option. 
Going back to sleep is not an option. 
And you sitting around bitching about it, black pilling in every post and comment you make doesn’t help anyone. 

Be grateful you’re awake. 
You could be a sleeping liberal right now.

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