Wednesday, April 7, 2021

WWCC of 9: Here Comes The Trifurcation Of Worlds

Many thanks to Suzanne Maresca at GAoG for the de-code and bullet points; this really is a  metaphysically dense download from The Nine. Git Sum!


By Magenta Pixie On 4-6-21


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Suzanne - My notes on this densely packed 21 minute video:

  • The vaccine agenda will become more heavily pushed, as part of it is to make us more compliant.
  • The dark ones want to create transhumanism: merging the organic Human with the artificially designed.
  • That experiment’s intended results were a reduction of Earth’s population.
  • Those opting out of the experiment are opting in to the new breed of Humanity.
  • They not only retain the core organic Human template but they create the blueprint for it.
  • They’ll be seen as outlaws and dissidents, those proponents of that which shall become New Earth, or 5D Gaia.
  • To one another, though, we are family.  We eventfully become the blueprint for Humanity.
  • Trashumanism failed before it even started.
  • Nature detected the subtleties of that program and adapted accordingly.
  • Nature itself and the physical manifestation of consciousness cannot be destroyed, but it may look as though that is what’s occurring.  That is never to be realized because of Lightworkers.
  • It was an attempt to create a false reality, and it’s been countered because of us.  We’re growing in numbers and the Great Awakening will accelerate.
  • The dark masters are in a race against time, and they feel they have to be complete by a certain point. They are somewhat on track, but the numbers of Humanity under their influence is where their plans will fall short.  Their necessary critical mass will never be reached because of us.
  • So many feel that they aren’t contributing, but you are, just by holding awareness of truth.  We emanate the blueprint for the organic Human template.
  • Transhumanism aims to create and sustain the machine that is their ecosystem.  It’s the virtual reality that takes the place of the natural world, reflected in the system, and held up by the virtual reality network.
  • Nature detected the subtleties of the dark plan.  With preservation of Humanity at the core, Nature created and adapted, resulting in the blue-ray influx of souls: Masters holding the blueprint in their DNA, ensuring the survival of organic Humanity by using the threat itself ~ Artificial reality through the virtual.
  • Those who command the keyboard and the mouse weren’t accounted for by the dark masters.
  • Blue-ray encoded individuals were immune to the central control codes.
  • Virtual reality affects the pineal gland.
  • Digital soldiers are part of nature’s adaptogenic field.
  • New Earth is not just nature itself, it exists within the very system designed to master it.
  • New Earth codes are already initiated.  You can find it within cyberspace, expressed at genius level as the quantum world.
  • Three subsets of humanity will begin a trifurcation that begins now in April, 2021…and is complete in 2023:  a 3-world split…3 existing as one.
  • The negative trans-humanism system is encompassing all reality.  The natural world is seen as the push-back subculture, made up of indigos and crystals.
  • The bridge between the two (artificial and natural) is the blue-ray souls who create within cyberspace as Quantum Cyber Shamans.
  • The one person who shall lead these blue-rays, is our own DJT, Cyber Shaman.
  • He’s out of the apparent political scene but he hasn’t left the control room of virtual digital cyberspace.
  • The blue-rays will recognize New Earth and will know what to do.
  • Free will allowed creation to go anywhere.
  • New Earth…Quantum Earth, is coming up from the very system designed to control and enslave us.
  • The three factions in the trifurcation are: Transhumanism/borg, New Earth, and Quantum New Earth in cyberspace, and the battlefield is cyberspace.
  • The battle is spearheaded by DJT and a team of Arthurian knights.
  • Recognize the seed point of the trifurcation.
  • The dark masters are aware of this, but can’t calculate outcome.
  • The digital space is filled with blue-ray souls at critical mass.
  • Downloads to a receptive soul can take but a second, packets of sealed info are activated in DNA cellular memory.  These souls are immune from the traps laid to transform Humanity.

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