Saturday, April 10, 2021

Get Ready for the New Multiverse

By Babe Krishna On 4-10-21


The entire universe is going through an evolution in consciousness. Mankind is at the threshold of a new dimension where we understand ourselves as an aspect of God. It’s the birth of a new era that world religions have been prophesying for millennia. We are at the end of all the yugas, the end of this time as we know it and about to enter a more enlightened age. The heliacal spiral of spirit is penetrating and informing the outer reaches of his own mind and calling us to our new home where the divine and human merge.

Everything the majority on earth thought they knew is about to be turned upside down as the tail wind of the green dragon turns and we are all drawn in another direction, closer to the heart of our creator. The false beliefs based on fear are about to be dissolved and a new matrix based on love, the fundamental principle of the universe, is about to take its place.

We are truly poised on the edge of the awakening. One by one we jump off this precipice and into our true selves: The journey from the ego or conditioned self and into the Atman or true soul. As the Oracle of Delphi said. “Know thyself.”

I invite you to consider that we live in a contemplative universe. The reality we perceive is merely a holographic projection of the soul mind. There is no such thing as matter, except as an extension of thought. Even Einstein once mused: “Reality is an illusion: albeit a very persistent one.” What this planet has experienced is a collective hallucination based on the idea that we are separate from the rest of the cosmos and universal spirit.

Given free will, God has let us experience what it’s like to perceive ourselves as separate, lonely beings isolated from the fabric of the universe. The ones we perceive as “controlling” are equally in fear as the ones who are allowing themselves to be “controlled.” That is why they hoarded their gold and felt they never had enough, as they chose to believe they are not connected to source, which is limitless. The ones who have been controlled forgot their divine origins and their power as an immortal being connected to infinite spirit.

Mankind has been trapped on a prison of thought, a paradigm of fear whose skeins have informed every aspect of this matrix. The implicit contract at both ends of the paradigm is the same: Fear rather than faith is a disavowal of God. Hence, the seemingly endless iterations of suffering that have been created.

Consider that as the creator of your own thought universe, you can create love and joy, rather than stories of pain and suffering. Yoke yourself to God and realize that you have the power to reimagine a world of wonder in alignment with higher consciousness. This is the deep leaning for the planet. We are journeying not so much in a forward direction but rather closer to the truth of our fundamental selves.

I had a vision recently where I saw celestial beings surround the planet and throw up a white tent-like mantle and place a divine seal upon it. They proclaimed that the “House of David is here.” Consider we are facing the Goliath-like shadows we have placed upon our mind, which we can dispense with a single slingshot to our third eye, which is the inner eye of the Christ within us all.

We are no longer waiting for Jesus, Krishna, Mohammad, Buddha or any other ascended master to show us the path to our inner light. The resurrection was simply a demonstration that death is not real but merely a transition to another level of consciousness. We need to sit with the cross of our own perceived pain in order to transmute it to a higher level of understanding. In this way, we let go of our ego self and are reborn to our divine selves.

It’s about embodying the light of your inner flame and having a direct communion with the eternal omniscient spirit that informs all things. No longer are we the dreamt but realize ourselves as the dreamers. We are being invited to experience the Christ consciousness within us all. The divine alchemy – the marriage of the divine and the human soul.

In this vision there was a beautiful reservoir of water that cascaded down from the heavens. It was pure water that hadn’t been tainted by fearful thought forms. Water is the mirror of our souls. It shows the architecture of our thoughts (see the inspired photographs of Masaro Emoto if you want evidence). Conversely, divine water, can inform our consciousness.

This water contained the divine imprint and is now talking to the waterways of this planet. Water represents the yin which we’ve forgotten. How we’ve treated the water is representative of how we’ve treated the yin or the divine mother within us all. The water of this planet had got to a point that it forgot who it was and how to clean itself, so tainted has been the visions of man. It forgot it loves itself just as we have.

The new multiverse is reinterpreting itself as yin or the feminine aspect. The “yang”, male or mind aspect needs to be tempered through the yin or heart aspect in order to be in accordance with divine law. We are all yin in relationship to God. The mind is the servant of the heart and the hands are but instruments of the divine. When we understand this then life is in flow. The heart is the motherboard that connects us with the beating heart of the cosmos.

When I was beset by this vision, I saw all the interwoven cultural stories that are becoming increasingly madder by the minute. We are being invited to see all these stories of conflict and confusion as a mirror. Walk through the mirror and you will meet your divinity. All the illusions of separation are just a projection of a mind divided against itself. Realize it’s a projection and you can start creating a new divinely inspired narrative based on oneness, rather than duality.

We are all part of the mind of God. When we realize this, we see that we are all sacred. No one is better than the other. All are equal in the eyes of spirit. We are all “the chosen” and there is no need for conflict only cooperation. I once asked spirit: ‘Why all the upsetness on this planet?’ and he said: “Because the journey from dark to light is the song of the universe.”

The polarities of dark and light coming together create the nuclear fission for the ascension into the next dimension. As challenging as looking into the darkness is, consider that it has helped us find and move toward the light. It is helpful to see what is happening on the planet against from a cosmic perspective in order to help us remain centred in faith as we usher in the new age.

Also consider that we are all complicit. Everybody had a hand creating this matrix and it’s our collective lesson. We can no longer afford as a culture to deflect our conscience onto others so we can be good, while they are bad: or blame outside entities for our transgressions. Placing blame is the essence of polarity consciousness. It blocks us from healing the rifts in our community. It feeds the illusion of separation, the “dis-ease” that got humankind here in the first place.

The ones of us who are conscious that we create our universe have a responsibility to curate our thoughts. We need to weed the garden of our own mind. When we don’t see anything but that of our own planting then we can truly be the masters of ourselves. The more we resonate with the new love-based reality and act as channels for divine energy, the smoother the transition for humanity. Let’s metaphysically hold hands and meditate on the wonders of the new multiverse, where Man and God are one.

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