Sunday, April 11, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-10-21


Whoops, Here I Go Again

Becoming One With Everything...


Today's Stephanie Austin EcoAstrology Update is full of Aries New Moon goodies; Git Sum:

Good run-down of the ongoing Reval roll-out and the LSM, WH-scripted Awakening Pantomime:

BOM just declared open season on RINOS everywhere; as a species they’re rightfully Doomed:

The ET’s are coming, the ET’s Are Here - they've always been here, tending our DNA Garden; Ayup:

A smattering of news Designed to piss off every wage earner legally residing in America; Capisce? 

The slimy Pedo underbelly of the Financial world is exposing Itself to the public; won’t be long Now:
Rounding off today's spiritual smorgasbord are the Three Witches, stirring the cauldron; grok Sum:

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