Friday, April 9, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-8-21


Kudos To The Man Behind The Mask 

Go James!


Dig deep as Sorcha and friends in the Kremlin out Foul Fauci for his horrendous Betrayal of us All:

He's from good gene-pool and there's not a Grey hair on his head (think JFK); he's got my Vote:

The Lizzies and their spawn find this hysterical; better get to know the Transhumanist/Borg Agenda:

Mike accurately describes the CDC's long planned Gestapo tactics but the Galactics won’t allow It: 

I love hugging trees but do I really want to Be one? Nah, been there and done that long, long Ago: 

Let the Light in? As if we really have any choice in the matter; read the fine print in the Divine Plan:

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