Friday, April 30, 2021

An Update From Lee Carroll...

Grok Sum... 


Kryon’s Messages Reach Hundreds of Thousands Across the Globe
Greetings Dennis,

To the uninitiated, Kryon is a mystery. It’s no wonder! The actual word "Kryon" wasn’t even in our vocabulary until a remarkable event occurred more than 31 years ago between Lee Carroll and his destiny.
Just like you, Lee was born with several potentials for what he would do in this life. One of these potentials was to be a messenger for Kryon.

After being told by two different people, three years apart, "There’s a Magnetic Master called Kryon, trying to get a hold of you." Lee accepted his calling with free choice.

Gradually he started to connect with this entity who called itself Kryon. After four years from the initial contact back in 1989, this prominent connection reached the rest of the World.

Kryon's channelled messages are very honoring and often filled with profound information for all of humanity. They are always uplifting, empowering, and dripping with the love of God.
~ Kryon Masters Team

P.S. There is a third language present in all of Kryon’s channellings – an energy that communicates in a multidimensional way. Watch as Lee explains who Kryon is and shares some personal messages from his "partner."

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