Thursday, April 1, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-1-21


Cheerful Saint Fauci Day Y'All!

It's so sad that the Day of Remembrance for St. April O’Fool got reduced to a Day Of Pranks; Kek:

His Unholy Redness wants to know what’s up with the glitching Saint Fauci; Kekworthy:

This Follies Updates covers a wide range of manifest insanity, Kremlin insights & Hogwarts Hogwash:

Demi’s reminding of my Freshman college dorm-mates; please enjoy this gender Dysphoria Bundle:\

Like I said, last of the last of Manchurians are a goin’ off like old Christmas Tree lights; Ayup:

Human/animal hybrid super chimp soldier/Orcs who only sign in Mandarin; mega-kek fear Popcorn:

The White Hats are skillfully using Covid BS to quicken the fall of the cancerous Ancient Cabal:

Every move ‘the Biden Golem’ makes is designed to expose the Cabal Death Cult; it's popcorn time:

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