Monday, April 19, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-17-21

Amphibians Don't Do Death Jabs


Lead off today with the latest missive from Our Lady of Sedona, Sandra (just water for me) Walter:

Ahoy! Total Reset of Everything's dead ahead, Cap'n; Aaargh me Mateys the fun's just Beginning:

This 'Vatican' event's got to be a staged WH take-down pantomime; will they follow St. Fauci to Hell?

The Cabal dark minions are frantically trying to feed the ‘baby-eating Beast’ of old; Basta! Finito!

Profiles of Manchurian Shooters: so many False Flag attackers these days, so little Time:

We haven’t heard much from behind David’s pay-wall lately; KayRy dug this Up:

Here's another Scamdemic Follies Compilation to amuse and titillate my truth-starved Readership:

This bundle is for all of you 'closet high-vibers' out there still trying to act Normal; Fugeddaboutit:      

Can you guess Who gets the last words today? Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical Querrie:

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