Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-7-21


Lose The Doritos, Pilgrim 

This Is Popcorn Country

We got Ghosts (Hunte Biden) talkin' 'bout Empties (smoking Parmasan cheese); weird on Steroids:

Some verdant Anons perfectly de-constructed the Reptilian algorithms that rigged/stole the Election:

Self-destruct mode for [DS] fear-porn merchants; BOM is often laughing loudly just off-stage; Honk:

Depressed and medicated Austin undergrads go Manchurian on their whole family; sound Familiar?

High above Cayuga’s waters there’s an awful smell, some say it’s Cayuga’s waters - we say it’s Cornell! Ivy League schools deserve to be indicted for Treason and closed for Crimes Against Humanity: Basta!

The Alliance clawed back $34,000,000,000,000,000.00 from the Payseur Black Nobility Family as per Charlie Ward, and he knows from groups of 0's. NESARA and QFS are currently over-funded; Kekfest:

A new Three Witches Bundle to soothe the disquiet caused by reading this blog roll to the very End:

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