Saturday, April 10, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-9-21


Breaking News: Covid-19 Speaks!

Git-Sum Sympathy For The Devil


And now a word from that much maligned virus, Covid-19, recently interviewed by Jon Rappaport:

Git sum Pious Prions in a death-jab from your local Rockefeller death-cult health care Ghoul; Yuck:

Plug me into Sky Net so I can mine some Kryptos during my enforced ‘sleep periods’; seriously Sick:

Boycott new Apple products from Chinese slave-labor factories; there's lots of 'Used' ones Around:

The brilliant Dutchman who touched billions of lives with his inspired inventions; Goed Gedaan! 

And now pause for a moment to answer the Question du jour: Have you had Uranus x-rayed recently?

The Tulips are popping up & ISIS goons in Africa are back to be-headings; Spring sacrifices to Baal:

I dunno, doesn't being a Trans-parent involve some kinda artificial Insemination? Just sayin' Boss:

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