Monday, April 12, 2021

Disclosure Digest 4-11-21-


 Cheerful Aries New Moon Y'all!


Release the Sydney they’ve no defense against a righteous bitch tellin’ everyone God's honest Truth:

The Satanic Royal Soap Opera self-exposes the ancient monarchy insanity: Kekfest:

Insane flack fires flak at Fox News; they are over the Cabal target and Divinely Protected:

This notorious C-A created Sackler royal heroin family willingly sacrifices their own, it’s a Lizzy Thing:

May we offer some Bee Stings to brighten your undoubtedly stressful perusal of this blog? Alst u Blieft:

Those patriotic bar-flies in Burbank are showing us all the communal way out of Tyranny; Stand Up! 

The Three Witches do it again...and again...and Again; think Groundhog Day, if ya get my Drift:

Direct from the Highest Heavens into your Inbox yet another totally appropriate bit of Eternal Wisdom:

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