Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Disclosure Digest 5-30-17

Images Of Unity Consciousness

This piece has a clip from the Thrive documentary, which now has more than 100 million views worldwide. Taylor gamble is right-on in his assumptions as to why the circles are created:

Here's KP with the always sunny view from Old Lemuria, Aloha:

Recent false flag 'terrorist' attacks are increasingly transparent, for those with eyes to see:

 What kind of people are Cabal Zionists? Read on to find out:
The indigenous Water Warriors certainly stirred the up the corporate controllers-that-were:

 Sheldan's latest; more last minute delays in the roll-out of NESARA/GESARA governance:

It really isn't fair to judge the Swedes by the assembly instructions for IKEA furniture: 

If you are a parent or grandparent you need to read this article, for the kid's sake:

One of the few indigenous tribes on the planet not despoiled by 'white civilization':

Message From Matthew - 5/30/17

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Channelled By Suzy Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Irrational acts of terrorism and governments violently putting down citizen protests are inevitable as a third density civilization completes karmic experiencing so it can evolve. Please don’t focus on the sad aspects of such events, but rather steadfastly radiate your light, the mission you chose to help Earth’s peoples awaken spiritually and consciously and be inspired to transform their world into the Golden Age.

We have been asked how “just radiating light” can help Earth, and others have questioned how light absorbed by bodies’ cells promotes growth in spiritual and conscious awareness. Most simply stated, light is consciousness, the information in cells’ DNA, and DNA is what designs all life in this universe. Some years ago I spoke about this topic and I asked my mother to copy that part of the message.

Not only is the collective consciousness what caused the planet to descend into deep third density and kept it mired there for millennia, but more recently has been assisting it to ascend out of there. And, because Earth loves all her resident life forms, she is eager for souls to steadily radiate their light into the collective consciousness, where it can offer sleeping souls the “lift” into spiritual awareness and the cellular changes they need to physically move into the Golden Age.

I have been asked why these cellular changes are necessary, and I believe my reply will show why your help in creating that glorious Age is such a grand triumph. The absorption of light is restoring bodies’ DNA to its state prior to the dark forces’ altering Earth humankind’s cellular structure to “dumb them down” intellectually, spiritually and physically. If anything can be called a “sin,” it is interfering with the growth of a soul, and in violation of universal laws, that is exactly what the dark forces did to an entire civilization.

The Council - Ascension And The New World

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Channelled By Ron Head On 5-31-17

As you approach closer and closer to the frequencies that will allow the beginning of your rise into 'the new world' that you have been told to anticipate, and as your feelings of impending change increase, the worries of those who think almost entirely in terms of the physical world increase as well. We have been asked over and over what will happen to loved ones, family, pets, and friends. Will they be left behind? What will they think when I disappear? Let us try once more to lay those fears to rest, particularly since those fears are acting as anchors to your own energies.

We will make a statement here. There is not going to be a flash-bang incident during which you disappear. The energetic signature of a percentage of you is going to rise to the point, nearly here, that those sitting at the other dining tables in the room are going to be experiencing a different reality than you are. Now, let us ask you, is that so very different than your current situation? No, it is not.

In time, those who have not reached a compatible frequency level will have passed on and begun experiencing on a different dimension than you may be in. Does that not happen already? Yes, it does. But to borrow a line from a book, the meek will have inherited the earth.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The The Federation of Light Report For 5-29-17

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Via Blossom Goodchild

Blossom: Well, I feel nicely tuned in. Shall we give it a go?

Federation of Light: Welcome Blossom, to this conversation. May we suggest that you take a few deep breaths?

Sure. I am high in energy right now and maybe need to calm down a little … OK. Done?

That is more suitable. For your see, it takes many aspects to tie what we do together. Sometimes, as you know, there can be failure in communication which is down to all of these aspects being in alignment.

So, are you able to actually describe the process of channeling between us … or is it too complicated?

We can certainly attempt in words. Yet as you know … this fashion may not suffice.

Firstly, it is for YOU to be in the right space of heart and mind … in fact, your entire Energy to be in alignment with the correct frequency. If it is not always ‘tickety boo’ as you would say Blossom, then we are able to tweak it here and there to bring it up to scratch.

It is also imperative for you to KNOW that what you do is TRUTH. For many times over the years have you questioned your ability … Or … who WE are … Or … if you are making ‘us’ up etc. There have been many quandaries as to our relationship over the years has there not?

Gatekeeper Journal: Toggling Realities

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Sandra Walter on 5-30-17 

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe
Gratitude to the Unity Meditators, and to those who sent beautiful messages about the sensations and purity of SUNday’s meditations.
Personally, I have been experiencing a new level of embodiment since the last Gateway.

I could barely write last week. The ‘high’ sensation of this expanded consciousness is challenging to integrate; it is stronger than I have ever felt, which is its purpose. The consistent merge sequence of expand, level up, stabilize at the new level, expand again is familiar to most. However, this level feels significant to the timeline split.

Linear focus fades during these upgrade passages. We laugh at our brain-fog, loss of linear memory and toleration of linear sequence. We comprehend that embracing non-linear consciousness means losing the linear experience, but it is draining to toggle realities. Somehow we manage to walk between worlds for years (lifetimes?), however this passage has the feel of Divine destiny – the inevitable transition, the Source-grip of the higher timeline experience.

All the adjectives we use to convey this purification of the Over-Soul level; Divine Cosmic Mother, Solar, diamond, crystalline, golden, platinum, photonic rays … are accurate by concept; the visuals in the Ascension column and pineal reflect those realities. It is linear-friendly to receive that intel, and quite non-linear to witness our consciousness being altered into another state of Beingness.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Disclosure Digest 5-27-17

Disclosure Is Acellerating

This reports a Huge amount of W.T. disclosure being released this last week:
Tulsi is, like her namesake the Holy Basil herb, is an agent of profound societal healing:

here's another strong female voice of sanity...git sum:

Denial isn't just a rover in Egypt, it's also Ben Carson's lifestyle choice:

The oramge-haired wrecking ball is tearing the Powers That Were a new orifice:

Shoppers, all I can say is when you know, vote with your feet:

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Unifying In The Field Of Pure Consciousness

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

I hold all of you in my heart as we collectively integrate this next level of Embodiment. The leaps and bounds occurring with Ascension are magnanimous. The pieces of this puzzle truly come together seamlessly, I admire all of us as co-creators of this new experience. Stabilization is key as the CME impact boosts the recent upgrades of the last Gateway.

During this week’s cosmic trigger, another click in the cosmic combination lock, many a refined heart was launched into a new experience of unification. Embodiment, which is necessary to achieve in order to balance Gaia’s grid systems as well as the Human heart grid, stepped forth as the primary experience for many Wayshowers.

Global Unity Field Bridging the Timelines

Timeline choices become very apparent as the Gateways present this year. Remember that Gateway passages are cosmic alignments, amplified by interuniversal pathways of pure Source-encoded Light since the opening in April. I AM confident you don’t need to hear how strong the Light feels any longer, let us explore what to do with it.

Aligning with these new pathways can be very complimentary to our Ascension process. Last weekend we connected the cosmic stargate pathways with the Unity Meditation field, and the results were well-timed as always.

GaiaPortal: Flurries Of Higher Dimensionals Cover The Dry Grounds

Channelled By √ČirePort On 5-27-17

Flurries of Higher Dimensionals cover the dry grounds.

Expectations of the Nova Vernal* are found.

Prominents are undercut for the new soils.

Stellars recognize their time.

*Nova - new, Vernal - of, in, or appropriate to spring:

Friday, May 26, 2017

WWCC of 9: The Observer Phenomenon (The Toys Within The Game)


Magenta Pixie's Latest


(This video is available on

Stopped Fighting It

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By Steve Beckow On 5-26-17

When we think of Ascension symptoms, I can think of none more challenging for me than the progressive loss of my Third-Dimensional memory.

Archangel Michael discussed it in March of 2015:

Steve Beckow: I am having tremendous memory problems, really bad memory problems. What should I do about that?

Archangel Michael: Part of what you are experiencing is Ascension problems. This fogginess of memory and brain and mind is being experienced by many because it is part of the interdimensional reality until you are fully attuned. (1)

Rather than abating, memory loss has grown.

It’s coming up today because I join Sue Lie’s webinar in three hours and I realized that I cannot serve as a resource person on the air. I cannot remember what I heard the Arcturians say two days ago when I listened to their homework message. If interrupted, I can forget my train of thought.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Disclosure Digest 5-25-17

The  David Icke in Amsterdam Digest

Listening to his recent David Icke interview in Amsterdam is a half an hour well spent:

The sponsors of Fox News are shills for the Cabal and will advertise, even with No viewership:

Hannity knows a breaking mega-story when he sees one; git sum Sean:

Lame-stream media allegations go mainstream thanks to Brother Chomsky:
what we call 'Imagination' is considered 'Thinking' in Fifth Dimensional frequencies:

I think this soft disclosure will introduce the public to the Navy's Solar Warden Fleet:

Another glimpse of the nuts-and-bolts workings of creatively financing weapons of mass destruction:
"Other people, they're the worst." Jerry Seinfeld; and here's why they are also the best:

Remember, The Paris accords mask the global implementation of NESARA/GESARA governance:

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Disclosure Digest 5-23-17

Perp-Spotting The Media

It seems that Awakening Humanity is ruining Monsanto's sociopathic business model; So Be It:

This story is destined to blow off the 'deep covers' protecting the Clinton/Rockefeller crime family:

The only good thing about the Georgia Guidestones is that we now know Team Dark's agenda:

Speaking of upgrades, the WHO seems to be taking very good care of it's bureaucrats:

Mumbai beach cleanup removes 5.3 million Kg of trash and transforms the coastline:

This trend will reach food services all over the US; it just makes sense to eat a healthy diet:

Let's finish with Sheldan Nidle's latest report from the Ascended Masters and the Sirian fleet:

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Planetary Transformation: The Coming New Earth

 There have been many prophecies and visions of our future and the evolution of consciousness of our world. Dolores Cannon has been at the forefront of this investigation, researching what she calls the “lost knowledge”—the origins of life on Earth and throughout the universe. In this article she shares this information, which she admits is controversial: a view of planetary transformation that is both mind-bending and awe-inspiring. 

By Dolores Cannon On 5-23-16 


Dolores-Cannon-AwakenMy research in the field of hypnosis has taken me on unimaginable journeys through time and space to explore the history of the past and the possibilities of the future. When I first began my investigations through past life therapy, I thought I would only find people remembering lives on Earth, because naturally that was all we knew about.

My belief system has really been stretched and extended over the past thirty years. As my work progressed, I was given a great deal of information about the beginning of life on Earth. I was told that this is the time for this knowledge to come forth. We are moving into a new world, a new dimension, where this information will be appreciated and applied.

During my work, I have heard much about everything being composed of energy; the shape and form is only determined by the frequency and vibration. Energy never dies; it only changes. I have been told that the Earth is changing its vibration and frequency and preparing to rise into a new dimension. There are countless dimensions surrounding us all the time. We cannot see them because as the vibrations speed up, they are invisible to our eyes. It is important for us to know more about this shift to a new dimension because it is coming soon.
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The Arcturian Group: You Are Here At This Most Powerful Time Because You Choose To Be Here

Via Marilyn Raffaele On 5-21-17

Dear ones, with love and understanding we seek to assist you in your journey out of the miasma of dense illusion and into reality. Life has become a time of tremendous struggle and confusion in a world accustomed to living according to the rules and beliefs of third dimensional consciousness.

You have been taught incorrectly through lifetimes and thus still carry cellular memory from many experiences serving to validate duality and separation. Life lived within the third dimensional belief system was necessary in order to awaken out of it, much as a small child falls many times before learning to walk. These experiences have now served their purpose, you have learned to walk and are now ready to run.

The Divine Self of every individual continually seeks to be recognized and known. This is why so many continually seek their good in the outer because they do not yet know that everything they seek is already present within. Evolution is the journey out of illusion and into a living breathing consciousness of Reality. Once this state of consciousness has been attained, the burdens and struggles within the illusion, as well as all the seeking and yearning, cease.

In order to understand that the attainment of material concepts of good (power, objects, money, beauty, etc.) do not and never can bring about real fulfillment, individuals must first experience the seeking, then attaining, and finally the disappointment that comes with the realization that their life may now be more comfortable by human standards, but the yearning is still there, and will remain until found where it is, within. (1)

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Disclosure Digest 5-22-17

The Cosmic Ah-Ha! Moment

Here's an 'all-of-the-above' view of the currently manifesting Ascension Energies from Morag:

We're double-dipping Morag with this piece on 444 Lightworker Activation Upgrades:

 Brenda Hoffman is spot on this week, as is her wont:

Gregg sounds like he's expecting a visit from Quantum Santa, real soon:

And last, but never least, Blossom Goodchild and the Voices in her head:

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Who Are The Galactics?

Part One

Billy Meier meets Semjase the Pleiadian
Disclosure is said to be linked to the Reval.  Apparently, it’ll be a “group disclosure.”
I’d like to repost this series from 2012, introducing our star family to whet our appetites.
I didn’t find any passages that I’d change.

Apparently, the higher-dimensional galactic beings around the planet at the present time are not strangers to us. InLight Radio recently produced a video introducing them as “our galactic family.” (1)

They’re enlightened beings from distant star systems who originally seeded the Earth and are here now to reunite with their progeny. It is they who disarmed the military-industrial complex which controlled our planet and created advanced weapons systems with an eye to ensuring their dominance.

In this the galactics worked with Earth’s own spiritual hierarchy, as the Arcturians explain:

“The beloved members of the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda and Antares, as well as the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, the Angelic Kingdom, the Ascended Masters, and the awakened members of Earth have all joined together to assist Gaia in the fulfillment of Her transformation.” (2)

What transformation is this? It’s the Ascension or shift in consciousness that we described in the last chapter.

These advanced ancestors of the human race are human like us, appear like us, although others who are also here do not look like us.  All are ascended spiritual beings who are only here to assist us with our Ascension, which is in progress.

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GaiaPortal: Stampedes Of Hue-Forces Greet The Commoner

Channelled By √ČirePort On 5-21-17

Stampedes of Hue-forces greet the commoner.

Awakenings rapidify.

Storms are brief, and cleanse the remnants.

Illuminations come.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Disclosure Digest 5-20-17

 Guess Who's Coming 

To The Feast Of Gaia's Ascension?

 We're in a spin-cycle Sacred Weekend Portal, according to Our Lady of Mt. Shasta...Git Sum:

 Our societal ignorance was carefully fomented by Team Dark, as these CIA documents show:
The Donald is doing a bang-up job of ruffling a flock of carrion-fowl feathers in The Swamp: 
The age-old battle for the Stargates continues in the cradle of Anunaki Earth-jacking schemes:

And lastly, Jesus/Sananda chimes in with a very informative op-ed channelling:

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Disclosure Digest 5-19-17


 Congratulations to Sandra for 5 years of selfless service to the Light at the Mt. Shasta Portal:


Rapacious corporations rejected by consumers are scrambling for lost revenues:

Big Pharma can't handle the truth, yet the truth of their misdeeds will out:

Let's do what we can to make their Earthwalk a fruitful one:

Disclosure of the Nazi roots of the  CIA horror show:

Morag highlights the 11:11 Portal from her point of view:

This will finally take down the Clinton/Rockefeller crime family:

The Common Law Courts are convened and convicting...git sum:

Another fine example of Darwinian Selection down South:

And last but not least The Full-Frontal Fulford report for this week:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Message From The 'Team' - Amazing Network Of Light

Channelled Via Peggy Black On 5-17-17

We are here, offering you our acknowledgment and gratitude. We are extending our support and encouragement as we remind you again of your personal power and magnificence. We are observing the energy of chaos and intensity that is being offered by the collective consciousness.

Remember, you truly chose to be present during these times. You are here to anchor a new reality; you are here in this dimension to call it forth. You are here in physical form to transmute and transform all the dysfunction that you are witnessing. You are not powerless. 

As a divine being of love and light you are truly powerful beyond measure. You are not alone in this endeavor. We want you to realize that there is a network of energy being anchored by you and others who are remembering who they are and why they are here. We understand your concern about the welfare of your loved ones and your beloved planet. That is the passion and the key that is being called forth as you remember who you are and why you are here.

It does not matter your financial situation, your status or your age. You are here to anchor a higher state of consciousness and transform the mis-qualified/negative emotions and vibrations that are being broadcast by those who are unaware, scared and feeling powerless.

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Disclosure Digest 5-17-17

Witness An Entire Civilization In Recovery


 First off, let's balance out the old chakric system before the new one comes online:

Now that you're clicking on all cylinders try a dose of Akash:

Big Pharma's still out to get you if you don't stay informed:

Creating artificial scarcity is a pillar of the Babylonian Debt Slavery system here on Earth:

I love Assange! He works the world like a Motley Fool on retreat:

Look closely and you'll discover where a bunch of our tax dollars went:

Actions speak louder than excuses at the Veterans Administration and the DOD:

Deep throat was right; 'follow the money' into the heart of darkness:

And lastly, some more 'silver lining' stuff from The Donald:

Energy Report Update - High Gamma Rays Coming In

By Tiffany Stiles On 5-16-17

Over the next three days, (5/15- 5/18) we will experience high gamma rays coming in. These oscillate​ all within, and turn one’s thinking around, inside out and upside down to gain higher perspectives through the higher self.

Understand that through these high vibrational frequencies change occurs; emotionally, physically, spiritually, through DNA rewiring and connections. You can expect things in your life to “change” through this energy signature; residential moves, relationships, your job or career may take a different form and shape in your coming days. Be open to the new as gamma rays oscillate in and through, they allow you and assist you in releasing density. A feeling of lack will change to a feeling of abundance as the connection​s keep taking place for you, and the dots will keep connecting.

During this time, downloads and upgrades happen rapidly! Through meditation you gain great insights, and may experience downloaded information, and messages from the Akashic Records and the spirit realms. During dream state, you obtain answers to past lives and karmic clearings.

Gamma ray frequencies relax you and allow you to ponder with clarity vs. scattered thinking. Gamma Ray frequencies also allow one to manifest blessings into their lives. So it is very important to remain positive as these auspicious changes take place for your highest good.

Focus on your here and now…. BE present. Don’t look so far into your future that you miss the bliss of your todays. Remain open to all the Divine Blessings the universe has in store for you. It shall soon be revealed, if you quiet your mind and listen. Close your two eyes and focus with your 3rd.

Sending much love on your continued journey,

Metaphysical Life Coach/Starseed/Guide/Intuitive Psychic Empath

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ecstasy And The Heart (A Hathor Channeling)


Channelled By Tom Kenyon

We wish to speak with you in this section concerning the generation of ecstasy through focusing on the heart. We do not speak of the heart chakra in this instance, but rather we refer to the physical heart, the heart muscle itself.

This technique involves your focus, or attention, joined with the emotion of gratitude, or appreciation—which ever you prefer to use.

As soon as you focus your attention on the heart, you may notice a flow of subtle energy.

From our perspective, your focus of attention operates much like the central point of an energy vortex. This is especially true within your physical body and the field surrounding your body—your energy field—what the ancients called the aura.

Your ability to create a focus of attention is not just a cerebral, or brain, activity. It is an activity on many levels of consciousness. Wherever you place you attention within your body, or within the energy field of your body, there is an immediate flow of subtle energy to that point, or area, which has an enlivening effect upon the cells of your body, and/or the luminous light fibers that comprise your energy body.

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