Saturday, May 6, 2017

Disclosure Digest 5-5-17

 The Bear Is Not Amused

 IMHO Lavrov is a Lightworker demonstrating divine patience in dealing with the USA Corp:

To illustrate, we spotlight FBI Director Comey going 'full-meshugganuts' on Russia:

What are they squawking about? Polluted water is good enough for the livestock and sheeple:

Kryon said years ago that when the Ascension crunch comes, the sons and daughters of the Illuminati will will reject the insanity of the Service-To-Self agenda...And So It Is:

Correction - This canyon has been continually inhabited for at least 35,000years (per DT):

Here is Valerie Donner's latest newsletter from San Francisco with a channelling from 
Mira of The Pleiadian High Council...git sum Lightships over Telegraph Hill:

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