Monday, May 15, 2017

Disclosure Digest 5-15-17

Lot's Of Good News, For A Monday...

Witness Cousin Vlad giving sage advice in his role as the Adult On Duty (AOD) for Planet Earth:

Fierce Goddess Energy is alive and well on the Res:

IMHO this was a shoot down of a Team Dark craft (aka crashed meteor) trying to leave the surface and run the benevolent blockade policed by the Sirians and the Pleiadians (the ships seen in video.):

Maybe the Galactics shot down (after beaming the occupants into detention cells) a Northrop-Grumman craft, built by human slave labor on Mars, paid for by our tax dollars, flown by a Team Dark, Secret Space Program and transporting a fleeing Dick Cheney to his place on Mars.  Just sayin':

Why am I not surprised that Italian Maffia dudes working with Catholic priests to scam the sheeple:

We're watching the demise of the weaponized junk food industry, one a-ha moment at a time:

And while we're re-inventing human society let's re-mission all our empty commercial spaces into viable, free, living accommodations for those that needs 'em:

Yup, Napoleon Hill was a big-time Lightworker and proponent of creating true Abundance:

Here's the May Energy Report from the Lightbringers via Nancy Van Domelen - git sum:

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