Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Council: Call It Your Bow Wave

Channelled By Ron Head On 5-4-17

Today we will make a detour from our normal subjects to bring your attention something you may be coping with without even being aware of it. Because once you are aware of it, you will find that you are already quite prepared to deal with it.

There have recently been some rather more than normal fluctuations in the energies that you are immersed in. Some of you see those, some feel them, and many are only aware of them because we speak of them so often. Do not fret over this, as it will and is changing.

There may be a problem in this for some of you. Oddly enough, the more sensitive you are, the more of a problem it may be. It might be causing you to lose focus and intention at times of less intensity. This may bring about ‘accidents’ that you would not ordinarily be subject to.

Now, the solution to this is quite simple. Whatever you already do to keep yourselves in a higher vibrational state, be more aware and intentional in the doing of it. You may place protection around yourselves and your loved ones, you may have a daily meditation practice – as we said – whatever you do. Some of you call upon protective forces in the spiritual realms. You will find us ready and willing to help. But do it with focus and intention. And stay aware throughout your day.

You are actually running into the resistance that your collective rise in vibration is causing. Call it your bow wave. Simply put, equal and opposite reactions are not just physical things in your universe. And since stopping your progress would not seem to be desirable, re-doubling your effort would seem to be the solution.

May the blessings and unconditional love of Creator be yours in abundance.

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