Saturday, May 13, 2017

Disclosure Digest 5-13-17

A Saturday Surprise

 PCR gets most of it right; just wrongly projecting a fear based outcome which will no longer be permitted to occur. Not his fault that he didn't read AAM's memo on this phase of the Divine Plan for the Ascension of Terra Gaia and all Her children, he was caught up in curmudgeonry:

This latest from Blossom Goodchild's 'upstairs neighbors' is quite upbeat and not too long:

 A long and informative interview of Sheldan Nidle by Alexandra Meadors on the coming Changes:

I contrast to most of Europe Holland remains a humane and empowering country. Hup Holland Hup:

Bro Beckow groks the skinny on Mother/Father God and generously shares it with us:

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