Saturday, May 13, 2017

AA Gabriel Daily Message For 5-12-17


Channelled Via Shelley Young

When you have gone through a period of intensity, be it energetic or otherwise, it can be difficult to focus on anything other than how uncomfortable you are. But there are key elements that do help minimize your discomfort and help you move through the challenging time with the greatest amount of speed, support, grace, and ease possible. Those elements are surrender, faith, flow, trust, acceptance, allowing and gratitude.

We understand you may not feel like practicing any of those elements when times seem hard, but that is the very time they can help you the most. If you are stuck in a phase that is seeming to persist, we highly recommend examining each of the essential elements and asking yourself how you can start to implement the use of them again.

Any of the elements of surrender, faith, flow, trust, acceptance, allowing, or gratitude, utilized by themselves, will help in their own distinct way. But using them together, just like a code or a combination, (which is why we refer to them as the Divine Combination), is the power move many of you are missing.

There is a magic, or an alchemy, if you will, that only activates by using them all together, and that is the formula you seek, especially in harder times, to move you beyond any blockages into the higher vibrational solutions your soul knows must exist but is having trouble to find. ~Archangel Gabriel

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